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Ulule - 1er site de financement participatif européen

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Privacy Badger Skip to main content Email updates on news, actions, and events in your area. Join EFF Lists Electronic Frontier Foundation Business Card Templates Business Cards by Canva We might live in a digital world but business cards are still very much relevant in today's professional landscape. Business cards are part of your very own professional branding and are handy self-advertising tools you can use to make genuine connections. Use them to make a lasting and tangible form of a "first impression" you can leave with a prospective lead, client or business partner. Your business card speaks for you so it's important to have a memorable, attractive and professional one.

Timebank by e-flux LINEA: Katie Holten and Mariateresa Sartori Curated by Kathy Battista April 27 – May 31, 2014 Opening Reception: Sunday, April 27, 6-9 pm Public walk with the artists: Thursday, May 1, 4pm BOSI Contemporary is pleased to announce Linea, an exhibition of new work by Katie Holten and Mariateresa Sartori curated by Kathy Battista. The exhibition will consider the potential of drawing through works on paper, canvas, and cardboard, as well as video, found objects, and a series of walks.

5 Green Cities of the Future Follow Eco Preservation Society on FaceBook and Twitter Videos and Articles on Costa Rica Eco Travel Plan your Costa Rica Travel Adventure / Volunteer Application Form More Sustainabe Technologies News by Maria Colenso Single-car drivers commuting in fossil-fuel burning cars, smog , pollution, crime -- what other ur ban scourges can you think of? Half of the world's population currently live s in urban areas; yet these urban areas make up only 2 percent of the world's land and spend three-quarters of the world's resources [source: MIT]. That's a lot of people in a very small space consuming a great deal. Between now and the year 2050, urban growth will only continue to rise: 89 million homes and 190 billion square feet (about 17.5 billion square meters) of retail and other nonresidential space will be built in the United States alone [source: National Resources Defense Council].

8 Startups That Are Changing the World From life-changing technologies that reduce poverty and disease to online volunteerism for busy professionals, the Startups For Good Challenge contestants proved they had more than just a great business idea: They also are working to make a positive impact on the world. We're thrilled to announce the eight finalists for the Startups For Good Challenge. These finalists will compete on stage during the Social Good Summit on September 22 for a chance to win $10,000 for their company.

Martijn van Strien launches Post-Couture Collective Dutch Design Week 2015: Dutch designer Martijn van Strien has launched a fashion company that allows consumers to download, customise, produce and self-assemble clothing designs. The Post-Couture Collective site launched with six pieces taken from the One Off collection by van Strien's own experimental fashion label mphvs. Each of the items can be personalised to the buyer's individual measurements, and then either downloaded and further customised before being produced at a local Makerspace, or delivered as a kit.

The Tim Ferriss Hack to Become a Niche Expert in Four Weeks Sometimes, I think we niche marketers all feel like total frauds at what we do. Even in our day jobs that we’ve been doing for the last 10+ years… there’s just those days where we feel like our incompetence is going to be suddenly discovered and we’ll be yelled at and fired on the spot. It’s a totally irrational fear, for sure, but that doesn’t stop it from haunting us and totally consuming us on our bad days. But even when you feel smart enough to do your day job in your sleep, the fear of not being smart enough to be perceived as an "expert" in something else so you can quit that draining day job keeps you chained to your cubicle, month after month. You could study more on the subject, sure. I think we’ve all heard of the 10,000 hour rule in some shape or form.

PROJECTS EFQUEL participates actively in European projects both as an initiator as well as an active project partner. EFQUEL is mainly involved in projects that focus on innovation, open access and quality assurance within various educational models and sectors. EFQUEL supports the process of developing and implementing quality frameworks and tools, assists in research and content development, sets up peer review processes and other quality assurance processes and disseminates results among its network. EFQUEL aims to make project outcomes sustainable and develop them in tools that can be used by the EFQUEL network and partners for assuring the quality of their learning provision and institutional quality assurance schemes.

PersonalBrain - Supercharge Your Mind Know more. Map your mind. There's a lot of connections in your head, but unfortunately sometimes they don't last. With TheBrain, your digital Brain captures all that intelligence for playback just when you need it. Find anything. What is a B Corp? B Lab is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves a global movement of entrepreneurs using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. B Lab serves these entrepreneurs through three interrelated initiatives that provide them the legal infrastructure and help them attract the customers, talent, and capital to scale. Certified B Corporations B Corp certification is to sustainable business what LEED certification is to green building or Fair Trade certification is to coffee. B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Today, there is a growing community of more than 800 Certified B Corps from 27 countries and 60 industries working together toward 1 unifying goal: to redefine success in business.

Couple Couple is a more intimate way to share your life and the best way to stay in touch with your favorite person: it’s free, it’s fun, and it’s completely private! Couple, the app for two! Over 3.5 million downloads and a Google Play Staff Pick can’t be wrong! The 4-Hour Workweek Tools STEP I: D IS FOR DEFINITION Chapter 1 – Cautions and Comparisons: How to Burn $1,000,000 a Night Chapter 2 – Rules That Change the Rules: Everything Popular is Wrong Chapter 3 – Dodging Bullets: Fear-setting and Escaping ParalysisChapter 4 – System Reset: Being Unreasonable and Unambiguous STEP II: E IS FOR ELIMINATIONChapter 5 – The End of Time Management: Illusions and ItaliansChapter 6 – The Low-Information Diet: Cultivating Selective IgnoranceChapter 7 – Interrupting Interruption and the Art of Refusal STEP III: A IS FOR AUTOMATIONChapter 8 – Outsourcing Life: Offloading the Rest and a Taste of GeoarbitrageChapter 9 – Income Autopilot I: Finding the MuseChapter 10 – Income Autopilot II: Testing the MuseChapter 11 – Income Autopilot III: MBA—Management By Absence Chapter 4 – System Reset: Being Unreasonable and Unambiguous Back to the list of chaptersBuy The 4-Hour Workweek, #1 New York Times bestseller, for $12 Chapter 5 – The End of Time Management: Illusions and Italians

How (not) to organize a community [This post first appeared in October of 2010 and met with a mixed reaction. Some people found it painful to hear that resilience and sustainability are often little more than middle-class hobbies, while the overwhelming trend throughout the world is toward a different kind of steady state, one characterized by something called durable disorder. However painful, the point stands.] The undesirable element is forced to decamp to a less desirable neighborhood nearby. There, it has no choice but to suffer with high levels of crime, but is typically afraid to ask the police for help, having learned from experience that the police are more likely to harass them then to help them, to arrest them for minor offenses and to round them up and deport them if they happen to be illegal immigrants.

Spiritual Darwinism : an apology of generosity « Creative Evolution Image via Wikipedia Rating = ♥♥♥ ( three heart spices, no equation !) This is the first creative blog, as such it is intended to unleash and share creativity from the contemplations that emerges in our lives. It will be much more opinionated than the enquiry blogs. If it is a bit borderline crazy I ask for forgiveness ! I am simply dropping the serious hat here, but not the hat of passion !

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