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United Nations Volunteers: Home

United Nations Volunteers: Home
World Health Day 2014 07 April 2014 Bonn, Germany: World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7 to mark the importance of health for people to be productive and happy. The day, which marks the founding of the World Health Organization, provides an occasion to draw worldwide attention each year to a subject of major importance to global health. Read about some of the UN Volunteers who are carrying out assignments in the health sector, helping achieve Millennium Development Goals to reduce child mortality, improve maternal health and combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, and addressing many other health issues around the world. Visit site

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M.S.W. - VCU School of Social Work Where the next step awaits As social workers, we so often concern ourselves with the “next step” — for our clients, for our organizations, for our communities. But what about for ourselves? How can we continue to meet our calling in the face of new challenges? VSO International VSO's work revolves around four development areas, linked to the priorities of our partners, international development targets and our areas of expertise. These are health, HIV and AIDS, participation and governance, secure livelihoods and education. We're committed to gender equality in all our work so that men and women have equal opportunities to realise their potential. Our strategy

Social Work and Public Administration | UNC School of Social Work Program Description The dual degree program in social work and public administration prepares students for public service leadership roles in human services. The MSW/MPA can be earned in 3 years. Students apply first to the School of Social Work and later to the Department of Public Administration. Admission to one program does not necessarily mean that admission will be granted to the other. Requirements

3-Year Winston-Salem Distance Education MSW Program | UNC School of Social Work Information Sessions in Winston-Salem September 16 6pm-8pm November 18 6pm-8pm January 9 10am-12pm These sessions are held in Winston Salem at Forsyth County Department of Social Services. Please contact Tina Souders to RSVP for a session.

College Of Health and Social Services – Master’s International Leah Kirby in Liberia 2014 The College of Health and Social Services (CHSS) is proud to welcome the Master’s International Program to New Mexico State University. This unique program offers students the opportunity to earn their Master’s Degree while serving in the United States Peace Corps. The CHSS is dedicated to providing academic programs that address issues affecting the quality of life in a rapidly changing society and prepares our graduates with the knowledge they need to make an impact in local, national, and international communities. Degrees Offered

University of Denver — Graduate School of Social Work | Coverdell Fellows Program Type: Coverdell Fellows Department: Social Work | Master of Social Work Degree : Saint Louis University Graduate School At Saint Louis University School of Social Work, students earn a degree in the distinguished fields of social work or applied behavior analysis, fields that empower people to use their knowledge to touch the lives of others. Deeply rooted in a mission of social justice, the School of Social Work is a leader in integrating social work practice and education. There are a variety of ways to suit your goals: Graduate-level day and evening coursesDual-degree programs in social work and public health, pastoral studies, law, and public administrationEarn a specialization in school social work, clinical practice with families, community mental health, Non Profit Administration or gerontology. *Priority Deadline: Applicants who submit a completed application for admission by this deadline will be eligible to apply for Saint Louis University graduate assistantships.

Dual Degree in Social Work and Conflict Analysis and Resolution Dual Degree Description The Department of Social Work is partnering with George Mason’s nationally recognized the School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution (S-CAR) to bring you a 3-year dual degree program. You can earn both an MSW and a Masters in Conflict Analysis & Resolution while taking advantage of the diversity of the D.C. metropolitan area and the university’s proximity to the nation’s capital. The degree programs in Social Work and Conflict Analysis & Resolution complement each other.

Admissions information for international students, Master of Social Work (Qualifying), Monash University Entry requirements International entry requirements Prior to admission to the MSW(Q), applicants must have successfully completed an undergraduate degree at a recognised university, including two full semester units in the study of society (as required by the Australian Association of Social Workers). Units fulfilling the prerequisite studies of society are broadly assessed and include, for example, studies in sociology, social science, social psychology, human development, anthropology, philosophy, history, gender, law, politics, media, the arts, technology, and multicultural society. Past academic standing is also a significant factor in selection. Students are selected on academic merit and the completion of two broad studies of society.

The Congregational Social Work Education Initiative (CSWEI) | Department of Social Work CSWEI event CSWEI students LeftRight The 10-Minute Exercise That Will Help You Decide What To Do With Your Life I hated Manhattan when I came home. It seemed a desk job purgatory. I had just spent two years riding a bicycle around Eurasia and working as a journalist, and even the most glamorous jobs the town had to offer seemed boring. The thought of working in a midtown tower made me depressed. The insane focus and ambition with which my friends hurled themselves into those office buildings made me even more depressed. I looked at my future with half-closed eyes, feeling that nothing I could do would ever be as exciting or fulfilling as what I had just done.