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You Tube #University education channel. iTunes U. Free News, Magazines, Newspapers, Journals, Reference Articles and Classic Books. Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English. The Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English is designed for learners studying, or preparing to study, academic subjects on English-medium university courses.

Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English

It is the only learner's dictionary to focus exclusively on academic English. The dictionary is informed by the 85-million-word Oxford Corpus of Academic English, which includes a broad range of texts from 26 different disciplines within the subject areas of humanities, social sciences, life sciences and physical sciences. The dictionary shows how general English words are used in different ways across academic subject areas. The dictionary gives in-depth treatment to the academic English that is used across the disciplines. It includes detailed and focused treatment of the words that EAP students really need to know well in order to bring their own academic writing up to the standards required by their course.

The dictionary includes over 22,000 words, phrases and meanings, all of them with an academic focus. Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English App. Home Catalogue Dictionaries & Reference Monolingual Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English App Helps students learn the language they need to write academic English, whatever their chosen subject.

Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English App

New Shortlisted: ELTons Awards 2015 - Innovation in learner resources The Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English helps students learn the words and phrases used in academic writing, and how to use them in their own academic written work. Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English is the learner's dictionary that focuses exclusively on academic English.

Tab 1 22,000 words, phrases and meanings clearly explained, with the focus on their usage in academic writing Informed by the 85-million-word Oxford Corpus of Academic EnglishOver 50,000 corpus-based example sentences Word lists for four subject areas (physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences and humanities) that you can add to or editCreate and organize your own lists of favourite words 'Did you mean...? ' The A-List: Verbs to Live By. By Jim Burke We are all working hard to help our students succeed in school now and life later (or, as Carol Jago says, “to make a living and make a life” for themselves).

The A-List: Verbs to Live By

So much talk about academic vocabulary these days, some of it more useful and effective than others. We asked ourselves at my school what words are central to all subjects, common to all assignments and assessments, but also aligned with or referenced in the Common Core. Two Must Have Resources for Every Academic and Student Researchers. February 20 , 2014 The academic language employed in scholarly journals and scientific manuals is radically different from the casual variety you come across everyday in blog posts and newspaper articles.

Two Must Have Resources for Every Academic and Student Researchers

This difference is manifested in different stylistic and lexical aspects. This is probably why many sophomores taking their beginning research methodology course find it hard to compose in such a variety and most often it takes them a lot of practice and reading to acquire the new style. I have had many problems with it myself and I can still remember the painstaking trouble I went through to do my first literature review. And while learning to write in a solid academic style that gives vigor to your writing does require excessive readings of works written in academic language, there are, however, some practical tips that make this task way easier. Verbs are judgmental. Click on this link to access, download and print the original cheat sheet.

Here is what Luiz said about this list : Using English for Academic Purposes. English for Academic Purposes - from the Centre for Independent Language Learning, Hong Kong. - home. - eap toolkit. The EAP Toolkit The EAP Toolkit is a comprehensive set of interactive learning resources for developing the language and study skills of international students and students whose first language is not English, for higher or further education. - eap toolkit

It comprises over 100 items (80+ hours of study) and can be used by students for independent study or by teachers in the classroom. It is available for licence by institutions and can be delivered over the web to students at a particular institution or through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) such as Blackboard or Moodle. It has been licensed since 2004 and underwent a third refreshment in 2014. The EAP Toolkit consists of seven folders. Try some content from the EAP Toolkit Our Toolkits use HTML5 and therefore are accessible from PCs, laptops and tablets.

View summary of research into attitudes and uses by institutions, teachers and students: EAP Toolkit poster (pdf, 1237kb). What licensing institutions and teachers say: "Excellent materials. - online resources & courses. Some of our online resources and courses Elanguages produces a range of online educational courses and resources. - online resources & courses

These include resource sets which are free for students and teachers to use (e.g. Prepare for Success and the Digital Literacies Toolkit) or which can be licensed by institutions (e.g. the EAP Toolkit for International Students and the Study Skills Toolkit).