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Cultural Diplomacy Platform. European Youth - Are you aged 18-35? Would you like to... Moscow, Russia - Embassy of the United States. Follow us: Русский Contact Us Moscow, Russia - Embassy of the United States Tue Nov 29 2016 16:28:31 GMT+0100 (CET)

Moscow, Russia - Embassy of the United States

Traineeships for vocational education, apprenticeships, and recent graduates. Overview Erasmus+ supports traineeships (work placements or study periods abroad) for students currently enrolled in vocational education and training (VET).

Traineeships for vocational education, apprenticeships, and recent graduates

These opportunities are also open to company-based apprentices and to recent graduates. You will be hosted either in a workplace or in another VET institution with periods of work-based learning as part of your studies. For traineeships lasting over 1 month, access to Online Linguistic Support will help you learn the language used at your workplace or in your studies. Duration Traineeships may last between 2 weeks and 12 months. Conditions Before you start as a trainee, you, your institution or organisation and the receiving organisation make a Learning Agreement and sign a Quality Commitment.

Your organisation or institution and the receving organisation must be established in Erasmus+ Programme countries. To receive Erasmus+ support as recent graduate, your traineeship must occur within 1 year of graduation. Международное агентство "Активный возраст" - тел. +7 (473) 294-64-47, +7 (900) 299-60-60 - трудоустройство за границей, организация обучения и стажировка за рубежом, отдых и путешествия. Pushkin House. Pro Europe - European Foundation for Culture. Purpose/Activities The Foundation advances vitalised dialogue between the European countries and the culture exchange in Europe.

Pro Europe - European Foundation for Culture

Thereby the cultural diversity and the creative autonomy of the European states and religious is very important. For attainment of this aims the foundation is engaged in the following areas: European Cultural Foundation (ECF) Purpose/Activities Active in culture and the arts as well as the media, and with an impressive track record in education, the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) is Europe’s only independent, non-national and pan-European cultural foundation.

European Cultural Foundation (ECF)

Running its own programmes and awarding grants keep it close to the grassroots cultural sector, and make it a credible advocate of strong cultural policies for Europe. The European Cultural Foundation has been a staunch supporter of culture in Europe since 1954. Alliance Abroad - International Cultural Exchange. Council of International Programs USA. CENET Cultural Exchange Network - A Non-Profit Foundation - Home. Add a description meta tag to describe your site to social media and search engines Add a keywords meta tag specifying which keywords are related to your site Incorage your visitors in expressing their opinion in social media. CENET Cultural Exchange Network - A Non-Profit Foundation - Home

Spirit Cultural Exchange: International Student Exchange Website Redesign Using Drupal. Jump to navigation Market Size Company Size Annual Revenue Locations Measurable Results from Day One...

Spirit Cultural Exchange: International Student Exchange Website Redesign Using Drupal

Featured Services Website Planning. Working at Spirit Cultural Exchange. Home Page. 2016-2017 Scholarships in for Uk. Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarship and Leadership Programme at Oxford University University of OxfordMasters Degree Deadline: 6/20 Jan 2017* (annual) Study in: UK Course starts 2017 Last updated: 19 Sep 2016 | Reach Oxford Scholarships for Developing Country Students.

2016-2017 Scholarships in for Uk

Cultural Mobility Information Network. Home. EU European Business School - Campuses in Barcelona, Geneva, Munich and Montreux. Application procedure. Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program. Global Cultural Leadership Programme Call. Internships. MoMA Departments Below are brief descriptions of the departments at MoMA that may offer internships.


We do our best to match an intern’s experience and skill with departmental needs. However, as all departments do not offer internships during each term, and as available internships shift on a term-by-term basis, we are unable to inform you which departments are offering internships during specific terms. If you are accepted to the Internship Program, we will do our best to place you in one of the departments you list. Curatorial Affairs. Scholarships from other sources - UWE Bristol: Fees and funding. Organisations independent of UWE that provide scholarship opportunities to international students.

Scholarships from other sources - UWE Bristol: Fees and funding

British Chevening Scholarship The Chevening Scholarships are the UK government’s global scholarship programme, funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations. 2013 was the 30th anniversary of the Chevening programme, which was established in 1983, and has developed into a prestigious international scheme. Scholars come from 118 countries worldwide, and over 600 scholarships will be awarded this year. There are over 42,000 Chevening alumni around the world who together comprise an influential and highly regarded global network.

Scholars are personally selected by British Embassies and High Commissions throughout the world, sometimes in partnership with sponsoring organisations. Scholarships and financial support. The quality of British education is universally acknowledged: British universities and colleges frequently come out top of the list in global ratings of educational institutions.

Scholarships and financial support

Tuition fees in Britain are rather high; however, many universities and colleges have established their own scholarship programs for international students. The student can be granted either a flat sum (which is determined independently by every educational institution, according to the student’s chosen program) or a scholarship which covers from 50% to 100% of tuition fees. The number of recipients may be restricted, though some scholarships are available to all candidates who meet the requirements of the institution.

Some scholarships are only available for certain educational programs during a fixed period of time. There are also subject scholarships, for example, for outstanding performance in sports. University of the Arts London Scholarships See full information on the website. Events Management Courses – Major Events Management Short Course London. This course is designed to equip students with the skills to organise all aspects of indoor and outdoor music events, press conferences, charity or major sponsored events. It covers project management, strategic planning, budgeting, finance, promotions, marketing and sponsorship, operations and production, health and safety, and risk management.

Case studies are used to aid learning. Course Information Tutor Info. Short Courses. Search Results: Short Course - Culture, Society and the Making of Humanity: Introducing Anthropology, Goldsmiths, University of London. Why do we identify with some social groups more than others? How do every day activities such as shopping inform our sense of group belonging? Crossways in Cultural Narratives. UN Careers. Holland Scholarship — Учеба в Голландии/Nuffic Neso Russia. Стипендия Нидерландов для студентов из стран, не входящих в EEA. Для кого? Стипендия предоставляется студентам из стран, не входящих в Европейскую экономическую зону, которые хотят поступить на программы бакалавриата и магистратуры в Нидерландах.

Программа финансируется голландским Министерством образования, культуры и науки, научно-исследовательскими университетами и университетами прикладных наук Нидерландов. Размер стипендии Грант в размере 5000 Евро; выплачивается единожды в первый год обучения. Общие требования к претендентам: Log In. Chevening in Russia.

MA in Cultural Policy, Relations & Diplomacy, Goldsmiths, University of London. The discourses of contemporary “Leadership” and “Enterprise Theory” are, much like the wider discourse of Management Theory itself, in a state of critical transformation. The authority, validity, and appropriateness of that type of scientifically influenced or “positivist” thinking that informed so much of the early “Taylorist” and “Fordist” influenced work of the so-called “first age” (Snowden, 2005) of Management Theory has been thrown into disrepute, as have many of the premises of that more contextually aware and “constructively” influenced work that informed the so-called “second age.” Particular emphasis will also be placed on the “cross-cultural” significance of this work in relationship to both Gert Hoftstede (2001) and Richard E.

Estudiantes - Acción Internacional Humanitaria (NOHA)