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1.htm. ◆ a brief description of how the work experience met the other criteria (practical experience, management of engineering, communication skills and social implications of engineering); and ◆ the name, title, address, signature of your supervisor (use P.Eng. title and licence/registration number where applicable) and the date he or she signed the form.


You must complete one pregraduation experience form for each position and have your supervisor sign the completed form. You may download the Pregraduation Experience Record Form from PEO’s website ( as a Word form and complete it electronically, or you may download it in PDF format and complete it by hand. Acceptable engineering experience Forty-eight months of acceptable engineering experience is required for licensing. Although it is preferable that your pregraduation experience be supervised by a professional engineer, it is not mandatory. Provide you an opportunity to be licensed in less than the four years usually Application of Theory. Excerpts from an Example Log Book. Student FAQ - InternX. We reviewed more than 2500 internships worldwide – and we keep growing that list.

Student FAQ - InternX

Every internship has been considered against a list of research based criteria: What the best students look for in an opportunity. So provided you are a talented person, we evaluate the internships the same way you would. And then we remove everything that is not good enough so you don’t have to sit and read through it. (and if you were wondering – yes, trust us, there’s a lot of bad internships out there.

A lot.) The more you tell us about yourself, the better your matches will be. The companies using the InternX platform will reach out to their top candidates with opportunities, information, application procedures and meet-and-greets, giving you plenty of opportunities to show off, get to know them and secure your dream internship. A lot of the great opportunities on InternX are opportunities reoccurring yearly, or even several times per year. Yes, of course you can!

AAVC's Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program. Intern Queen Inc., Find Interns, Get Internships. All with a Personal Touch. Ade Echeverri | North Carolina State University Akshata Bailkeri | Boston College Akshita Verma | Rutgers University Alexa Orr | Colorado State University Alexis Vaughn | University of Illinois Allanah Dykes | Fairfield University Amanda Ballenger | Fordham University Amanda Dews | UNC at Charlotte Amanda Feather | The University of Tennessee.

Intern Queen Inc., Find Interns, Get Internships. All with a Personal Touch

List of the Top 10 Skills Employers Want. What Do Employers Want?

List of the Top 10 Skills Employers Want

Whether you are a graduating senior or you still have a few years left in college, being aware of what employers look for in their job candidates is extremely important for all job seekers to know. So you’ve maintained a high GPA, made the Dean’s List all 8 semesters, participated in several community service projects in your community, and were elected as President of the Student Government Association and Captain of your basketball team, you may still be wondering if all of this is going to be enough to get you hired in today’s competitive job market? What Students Can Do To Prepare I’ve recently done some research and compared what many employers out there are saying about what they look for in their entry-level candidates. Although employers do look for job candidates who have the necessary skills to do the job, there are other transferable or "soft" skills that employers look for in their job applicants.

Featured Article. Ken Barnes: What skills Employers Look For! By Ken Barnes As internship and career specialists, we’re trained to prepare you for your job search (finding, applying, and interviewing, for opportunities.); but we are also charged with preparing you for the actual job.

Featured Article. Ken Barnes: What skills Employers Look For!

In doing so, it is helpful to identify not only the characteristics and traits employers look for in hiring, but also the characteristics and traits that will help you advance throughout your position and career. Below are the skills and traits employers have identified that will significantly help you throughout your career. If you haven’t already started developing these skills, talk to us and we’ll help you assess the best way to develop them for your dream job. Personal Values Employers Seek in Employees Here is a list of the most important personal characteristics and values employers seek. Hopefully this article has given you something to think about. Ken Barnes, Program Coordinator Internship and Career Center Articles by Ken Barnes.

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