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StatCrunch - Data analysis on the Web

StatCrunch - Data analysis on the Web
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Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine Homepage Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages ניתוח נתונים בענן Online statistics tables provide are accurate and user-friendly - a welcome change from traditional statistics tables buried in appendices of introductory statistics texts. Take the Drudgery Out of Statistical Tabless Finding probabilities from statistics tables has never been easier. This site features online statistics tables for each of the following nine distributions: binomial, chi-square, f distribution, hypergeometric, multinomial, negative binomial (and geometric), normal, Poisson, and t distribution. Or you can link to the online statistics tables from the Stat Tables tab, which appears in the header of every Stat Trek web page. Each online tool features clear instructions, answers to frequently-asked questions, and sample problems with solutions; so you won't lose time getting up to speed. A Brief History of Statistical Tables Back in the 20th century, researchers relied on dense, hard-to-read tables to find probabilities associated with different sampling distributions.

colwiz: Free reference manager & research groups manager ADLS - Administrative Data Liaison Service RStats Resources - RStats Institute Statistics Tutoring Undergraduate students who need assistance with statistics homework can receive one-on-one tutoring through Missouri State University's Bear CLAW (Center for Learning and Writing). Click here to access Bear CLAW Statistics Tutoring. Instructional Videos Tables and Calculators Click here to access: Normal Distribution TableT Distribution TableCritical Pearson's r ValuesF Distribution TableChi Square Distribution Table and CalculatorCohen's D Effect Size Calculator Notes from Previous RStats Workshops Information About RStats

Academic Research: 25 Tools and Resources to Help You Write a Good Paper | $8/page: Custom Research Papers for Sale Bakers make bread. Fiction writers create characters. Bloggers generate content. Students do science. They use writing as a key language skill in college: they write academic papers of all types, developing literacy, critical and analytical thinking, understanding of different subject areas, and getting ready to become a significant part of modern society where writing is called “a threshold skill” for hiring and promoting employees (according to the report of National Commission). Academic research is the integral part of education process, and it is a common struggle among students. The problem appears when students start looking for good tools and resources, figuring out what the best of them are: different versions, programs, applications, software, platforms, prices – they are can drive you crazy and take much time from you. It would be great if someone did this job for you, wouldn’t it? Gathering data: LibX – a toolbar to help you search databases. Data analysis: