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Internships – Internship Search and Intern Jobs is the world’s largest internship marketplace bringing students, employers and higher education institutions together in one centralized location. We specialize in helping students and young professionals find the right internship to kick start their career. It’s no secret that internships are the most effective way for students to gain work experience before graduation. In fact, studies show that 7 out of 10 internships turn into full-time jobs. Luckily, starting your internship search is easy. Simply tell us your college major and preferred location and you can connect with thousands of companies that are hiring interns now.

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Featured Article. Ken Barnes: What skills Employers Look For! by Ken Barnes As internship and career specialists, we’re trained to prepare you for your job search (finding, applying, and interviewing, for opportunities.); but we are also charged with preparing you for the actual job. In doing so, it is helpful to identify not only the characteristics and traits employers look for in hiring, but also the characteristics and traits that will help you advance throughout your position and career. Below are the skills and traits employers have identified that will significantly help you throughout your career. If you haven’t already started developing these skills, talk to us and we’ll help you assess the best way to develop them for your dream job.

Guide to MA Program in Peace and Conflict Resolution and Related Fields - PCDN : PCDN Dear Colleagues Many individuals around the world are interested in doing graduate work in Peace and Conflict Resolution at the MA or Ph.D. level. This guide is for MA level programs. Hidden Secrets of a Scholarship Winner Just when you thought your college process was over, the financial aid aspect popped up. While the price tag attached to tuition costs can seem shocking, there is a bright side—scholarships! If you’re still on the fence about applying, I can tell you from experience it’s worth it! Why? Because last year I was named a Nordstrom TEN4U National Scholarship winner, and managed to earn a nice chunk of change to help me pay for college. While every student’s approach is different, I can give you a few personal tips of my own to help you master the scholarship process.

How to Get the Best out of College? Your Questions Answered We recently solicited your questions for Peter D. Feaver, Sue Wasiolek, and Anne Crossman, the authors of Getting the Best Out of College. Your questions ran the gamut and so do their replies. Thanks to all for participating. And feel free to check out our podcast on the value of a college education, “Freakonomics Goes to College” (Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and together as an hour-long special). List of the Top 10 Skills Employers Want What Do Employers Want? Whether you are a graduating senior or you still have a few years left in college, being aware of what employers look for in their job candidates is extremely important for all job seekers to know. So you’ve maintained a high GPA, made the Dean’s List all 8 semesters, participated in several community service projects in your community, and were elected as President of the Student Government Association and Captain of your basketball team, you may still be wondering if all of this is going to be enough to get you hired in today’s competitive job market? What Students Can Do To Prepare

Peacemakers Trust - Education Directory: conflict resolution and peaceworker education and training Peacemakers Trust has created these links for research purposes only, and cannot take responsibility for content of third party web sites. Inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement of or association with Peacemakers Trust. Links are selected based on relevance and research or educational value of site contents. University-Based Conflict and Peace Research and Educational Programs

Finding and Applying for Scholarships Scholarships are gifts. They don't need to be repaid. There are thousands of them, offered by schools, employers, individuals, private companies, nonprofits, communities, religious groups, and professional and social organizations. What kinds of scholarships are available?How do I find scholarships?When do I apply for scholarships? Maximizing Your Aid Eligibility This page presents a list of strategies for maximizing your eligibility for need-based student financial aid. These strategies are based on loopholes in the need analysis methodology and are completely legal. Parents should be aware of these strategies to avoid several common mistakes that can negatively impact eligibility for financial aid. The decision to add this section to the FinAid Page was a difficult one.

Intern Queen Inc., Find Interns, Get Internships. All with a Personal Touch Ade Echeverri | North Carolina State University Akshata Bailkeri | Boston College Akshita Verma | Rutgers University City University of New York Dispute Resolution Center The following is a compilation of mediation, negotiation, facilitation, dispute resolution, nonviolent communication and related training initiatives plus webinars, blog talk radio, apprenticeships, and support groups available in the NYC metropolitan area that are posted on the NYC-DR listserv. Our apologies for missed or mistyped trainings…. please email with any corrections or additions. If the links do not work, copy the URL and enter on your Web browser’s address line. City University of New York Dispute Resolution Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice January 2013 – December 2013

The UnCollege Gap Year Program A Gap Year of Learning, Living Abroad, and Doing Work that Matters The Gap Year Program will take place not just in San Francisco, but anywhere in the world – it’s up to you. “We are lending money we don’t have to kids who can’t pay it back to train them for jobs that no longer exist. That’s nuts.” Home-Schooled Applicant Guidelines : Stanford University Over the last decade, an increasing number of families have chosen home schooling for varying reasons. Home-schooled applicants, like all other students seeking undergraduate admission at Stanford, must complete the Common Application and the Stanford Writing Supplement and submit both forms by the appropriate deadline to apply for admission. Academic Record Primarily, we expect that you have successfully undertaken a serious, rigorous course of study distributed across the humanities, sciences, math, social studies and languages. An obvious difficulty you may face in the admission process is the lack of a conventional high school transcript. As a result, you should provide a detailed description of your curriculum, but it is not necessary to follow a prescribed or approved home-schooling program.

Student FAQ - InternX We reviewed more than 2500 internships worldwide – and we keep growing that list. Every internship has been considered against a list of research based criteria: What the best students look for in an opportunity. So provided you are a talented person, we evaluate the internships the same way you would. And then we remove everything that is not good enough so you don’t have to sit and read through it. (and if you were wondering – yes, trust us, there’s a lot of bad internships out there. A lot.) Craig Zelizer's Blog Top Sites for Finding Academic Jobs in Conflict Resolution, Development and Related Fields Dear Colleagues I frequently receive inquiries regarding what are the best methods for finding teaching jobs related to peace and conflict resolution. Below please find some suggestions and please feel free to add others