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The big list of 100 tools, tips and tricks to work more efficiently online

The big list of 100 tools, tips and tricks to work more efficiently online
7.2K Flares 7.2K Flares × What does it take to be productive? It’s a question I often ask myself and to be honest I don’t have a great answer for it yet. One key discovery I’ve made over the past year or so is that I need to have great habits in place. That’s why I’m working on a solid running routine and on a set wake-up time and sleep time. One other realization I had is that, as I now spend so much of my day working online, there are a heap of new apps being created all the time to help us all become more productive. That’s why I thought of compiling a full list of 100 tools, tips and tricks for you to reflect a bit on your own productivity. Of course, a sure fire way to fail might be to try and use all 100, which Joel pointed out to me when we discussed this post! 10 awesome music sites to get into your zone When Leo recently wrote about Multitasking, one of the most interesting aspects was that music doesn’t actually contribute to us being distracted when we work. 1. 4. Related:  OrganizeOnline tools

Use Tech to Get Organized: The 100 Best Tools, Websites, Apps and More This post is #3 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category. Total items listed: 100. Time to compile: 8+ hours. Follow @DailyTekk on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a week! As an IT Director, I can personally appreciate how hard it can be to stay organized in today’s world. Fortunately, I’ve been able to find and utilize some incredibly helpful technology to keep my life in order. Also read: 100 Incredible Infographic Tools and Resources (Categorized) I think different people will use these tools in different ways. Make sure to check out ... There’s more to this article!

10 Google products you (probably) never knew existed I don’t know about you, but it feels like Google launches a new product every time I turn my laptop on. And these new products tend to fit into two distinct categories: Incredibly usefulIncredibly bizarre Fortunately, most of these products are free so we’re really not in a position to complain! After some lengthy research, I was surprised by how many tools Google has either developed or acquired over the years. So much so, that I thought it was a good idea to compile a list of the secrets of the Google product empire. Google Takeout – No, this is not Google’s food delivery service (although that’d be handy), this is a tool which allows you to download an archive of your data from things like your +1′s, Google+ Circles, Contacts and Picasa Web albums.Google Mars – While you’re probably familiar with Google Earth, Google Mars is a little less well known. So, how many of those did you know about? Also read: olly via shutterstock

Best Sites For Good Free Stock Images - Blogging Sueblimely I have spent considerable time researching the best sites to find online free images/stock images, along with their copyright/ Creative Commons licences. Some of these sites will probably already be familiar to you but others new, as they were to me. I hope you find this of use, as it makes the time spent all worthwhile. Sites are listed in alphabetical order. Free Images BurningWell – a repository for public domain (free for any use) images. Waterlillies – Fiji Flickr Usage: image pages display their Creative Commons licencesFree Digital Photos Dot Net – Royalty free images Usage: commercial and non-commercial.Free Photos Bank Usage: see termsFree Public Domain Photos You may use these images for any purpose, including commercial Morning Glory Freerange Stock free stock photos – Freerange is an advertising revenue supported photographic community – photographers get paid when users click on the ads that appear next to their submissions. Kave Wall – Free Stock Photos, Images and Textures.

Geeks are the New Guardians of Our Civil Liberties A decade-plus of anthropological fieldwork among hackers and like-minded geeks has led me to the firm conviction that these people are building one of the most vibrant civil liberties movements we’ve ever seen. It is a culture committed to freeing information, insisting on privacy, and fighting censorship, which in turn propels wide-ranging political activity. In the last year alone, hackers have been behind some of the most powerful political currents out there. Before I elaborate, a brief word on the term “hacker” is probably in order. Despite their differences, there are certain websites and conferences that bring the various hacker clans together. Take, for instance, the reaction to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), a far-reaching copyright bill meant to curtail piracy online. The linchpin was a “Blackout Day”—a Web-based protest of unprecedented scale. The victory hinged on its broad base of support cultivated by hackers and geeks.

20+ Powerful Online Presentation Tools Online presentations are considered as one of the effective marketing and communication tools. Publishing value-added content on variety of presentation websites can help you in keeping your clients informed, updated, and aware of information that is important to them. It also provides a platform to reach out to your target audience by increasing brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.. With more long-distance meetings going on due to increasing travel costs and decreasing expense accounts, you need to be able to show your work to clients and co-workers so they can easily see your point. Everyone loves online presentations. They offer easily digestible snippets of content that break down communication problems and understanding. when done right, they can provide an extra level of excitement and interactivity to a talk, or clarity to a concept. Advertisement 2. 280 Slides 280 Slides is a free tool with a clean user interface. 3. 4. iPresent 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Productive Web Apps | Web Apps to help you at work and play Escape your search engine Filter Bubble! DuckDuckGo does not collect or share personal information. That is our privacy policy in a nutshell. The rest of this page tries to explain why you should care. Last updated on 04/11/12. Removed ", which gets sent to my personal email." in last paragraph as our feedback is now handled by multiple team members via Why You Should Care Search Leakage [top] At other search engines, when you do a search and then click on a link, your search terms are sent to that site you clicked on (in the HTTP referrer header). For example, when you search for something private, you are sharing that private search not only with your search engine, but also with all the sites that you clicked on (for that search). In addition, when you visit any site, your computer automatically sends information about it to that site (including your User agent and IP address). So when you do that private search, not only can those other sites know your search terms, but they can also know that you searched it. Other

Detroit redémarre en mode DIY Le webdocumentaire "Detroit, je t'aime" raconte le quotidien des habitants d'une grande ville à l'abandon. Entre créativité, échanges de ressources et de savoirs, potagers urbains, DIY et récupération de matériaux, Detroit vit un renouveau qui préfigure peut-être la société de demain. Detroit n’est pas la ville des rêves, c’est la ville des réalités. – Grace Lee Boggs, 96 ans, activiste et habitante de Detroit Imagination Station (à droite) fait face à la Michigan Central Station (à gauche), géante gare abandonnée, symbole du déclin de Détroit. Déclarée plusieurs fois en faillite depuis 2011, Detroit est une ville à l’abandon, vidée de sa population, de la plupart de ses commerces et entreprises. Dans leur webdocumentaire Detroit Je T’aime, les journalistes françaises Nora Mandray et Hélène Bienvenu, s’intéressent aux bouleversements du monde post-industriel et post-communiste. Comment est construit votre webdocumentaire ? Sarah a mené le premier atelier mécano de Fender Bender. Au Mt.

A Must Have App Evaluation Rubric for Teachers The choice of which apps to use with your students in the classroom is not an easy one. It ,in fact , calls for a lot of attention from the part of the teacher. You are responsible for your students learning and this responsibility grows riskier when learning becomes digitally based.This is particularly the case when integrating apps into your teaching. It is true that one simple Google search will generate tons of apps for you to choose from , but does it stop just here ? How about after you find the apps, do you know how to evaluate their pedagogic implications ? These and many other questions are things you need to consider whenever you are selecting apps to use in your classroom. Click here to download and print it.