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Real time world statistics

World Population: has reached 7 billion on October 31, 2011 is projected to reach 8 billion by 2024 has doubled in 40 years from 1959 (3 billion) to 1999 (6 billion) is currently growing at a rate of around 1.14 % per year growth rate reached its peak in the late 1960s, when it was at 2% growth rate is currently declining and is projected to continue to decline in the coming years average annual population change is currently estimated at over 80 million world population will nearly stabilize at just above 10 billion persons after 2062 a tremendous change occurred with the industrial revolution: whereas it had taken all of human history up to the year 1800 for world population to reach 1 billion, the second billion was achieved in only 130 years (1930), the third billion in less than 30 years (1959), the fourth billion in 15 years (1974), the fifth billion in 13 years (1987), the sixth billion in 12 years (1999) and the seventh billion in 12 years (2011).

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Companies & Organizations Forward, 26° FORWARD is an enterprise creating a positive future for our planet. We work exclusively on projects that synergise vibrant communities, a healthy environment, and a strong economy. Our concentrations include business development, project management, performance optimisation, and communications. Through our unique focus, we bring our clients unparalled expertise and truly ... Company in Design, Education, Energy Saving, Environment & Wildlife, Green energy, Media, Philosophy & Religion Revolutions: data science by Sherri RoseAssistant Professor of Health Care PolicyHarvard Medical School Targeted learning methods build machine-learning-based estimators of parameters defined as features of the probability distribution of the data, while also providing influence-curve or bootstrap-based confidence internals. The theory offers a general template for creating targeted maximum likelihood estimators for a data structure, nonparametric or semiparametric statistical model, and parameter mapping.

Free Download Click on an icon below for a free download of either of the following files. Real Statistics Resource Pack: contains a variety of supplemental functions and data analysis tools not provided by Excel. These complement the standard Excel capabilities and make it easier for you to perform the statistical analyses described in the rest of this website. Real Statistics Examples Workbooks: four Excel workbooks can be downloaded for free, which contain worksheets that implement the various tests and analyses described in the rest of this website. 100+ Ways to Learn Anything on the Internet Learn Anything... Thanks to this amazing collection of educational websites you can become a master in anything from home renovations to rocket science, maths to photography, art to computer programming. What are you going to master today? TED Talks TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world.

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Unexpectedly Widespread Permafrost Melting Could Set Off A Greenhouse Gas Timebomb Beneath much of the Arctic resides vast stores of greenhouse gases, locked up for millennia in icy soils. With this in mind, a pair of studies provides a double whammy of bad news: Not only are these frozen reservoirs thawing out more extensively than previously thought, but at this stage, there’s little that can be done about it. Carbon dioxide and methane are indubitably the two most potent greenhouse gases. Vast reservoirs of both exist within the world’s permafrost, which is hydrated soil that has remained below the freezing point for two or more years. Remarkably, these permafrost soils hold almost twice as much carbon than that found in the atmosphere – and one study, published in Nature Geoscience, shows them thawing all across the northern hemisphere.

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