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Bondage 101: Two-Column Weave. This tutorial describes an easy and versatile two-column tie. A two-column tie is any tie that ties two parallel things together, such as two arms, or two legs, or an arm to a leg, or a leg to a post, or whatever. This particular two-column tie is very fast and simple, looks gorgeous, and requires no knots. While it looks complicated, this is actually a very easy tie to learn. You can learn to do it in about five minutes, and it only takes a minute or two to put on. You can also use this as a single-column tie, for example, on one arm or one leg. Making the tie This two-column tie starts, as most ties do, by finding the middle of the rope. For the purposes of this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to tie your partner's arms together with a no-knot two-column weave.

Fold the rope at the middle. The concept of a "loop" is important here, and one we'll keep coming back to. So. Don't pull the rope tight. You're just going to keep doing this over and over. And that's it. Going further. Hon Kikkou. Hon Kikkou Tortoise Shell Advanced Rope Lesson by Tatu (c) 2001, Revised 2007 Model - "yumi" Photos by Quietmstr (c) 2005 Tatu Publications This is probably one of the loveliest designs to learn. It is my favorite to tie. Notice the design between the breasts. It is called a "Hon Kikkou". "Hon" simply means "original" and "kikkou" is the Japanese word for "tortoise" which describes a 6 sided pattern as seen on the shell of a tortoise. Please Note: Unfortunately the word "kikkou" has been misused in the west to describe diamond shaped patterns on the body which would more accurately be called a "hishi".

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