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Radio 4 The Listening Project - Home
Related:  audio/video Rhod Gilbert's Best Bits Podcasts and Downloads - The Listening Project Third Coast International Audio Festival :: COMPETITIONS :: ShortDocs :: 2015 Here's your chance to take part in an international audio mega-project, whether you've been making radio for decades, or have always longed to utter "Testing 1, 2" into a microphone. The ShortDocs Challenge is for everyone! UPDATE: the ShortDocs are in, over 150 *studly* specimens! The 2015 ShortDocs Challenge: STUDS RULES As always, ShortDocs comes with a set of rules inspired by a creative partner. Terkel's work spanned an impressive variety of topics and figures - but his recordings have been largely inaccesible to the public. We hope you'll be energized by Terkel's interview style, spirit, and wild curiousity - and then head in any direction you see fit. studs rules...rules Your radio story must: - be two to three minutes in length - be titled with a question that begins with one of the five Ws (who, what, when, where or why) - contain the question "And what happened then?" The deadline for submitting your ShortDoc is 11:59pm CT on Tue, April 14th. MORE ON the rules studs says: Questions?

Stop/Start - Radio 4 Sitcom Radio 4 sitcom about love, marriage and tolerating each other. Written by and starring Jack Docherty Genre: Sitcom Broadcast: 2012 - 2013 (BBC Radio 4) Episodes: 7 (pilot + 1 series) Starring: Jack Docherty, Kerry Godliman, Fiona Allen, Charlie Higson, Steve Edge, Katherine Parkinson Writers: Jack Docherty Production: British Broadcasting Corporation Stop/Start is a sitcom about love, marriage and tolerating each other, written by and starring Jack Docherty. Cathy and Barney have been married for ages. Stop/Start follows the story of these three couples as they try to make the best of things.

British Library-BBC ‘Listening Project’ conversations go online | The Oral History Noticeboard This week the BBC are uploading the first 355 Listening Project conversations to the British Library Sounds website at It’s an exciting moment because it means that for the first time these recordings will be available in their entirety for anyone to listen to from anywhere in the world. The Listening Project is a collaborative project between the BBC and the British Library, modelled on the US StoryCorps project. Producers from regional and national BBC radio stations have, since the beginning of 2012, been recording people talking to each other about a topic of their choice, often something that they have been wanting to discuss but never found the time to sit down and really talk about. There is a great variety in participants and topics of conversation. The oldest speaker is Anne Howie, aged 95, who talks to her grandson Andrew about her memories of growing up in Glasgow during the Second World War. Like this: Like Loading...

Lutheran Minister Preaches A Gospel Of Love To Junkies, Drag Queens And Outsiders Lutheran Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber says that all are welcome at her Denver church, The House for All Sinners and Saints. Courtney Perry hide caption itoggle caption Courtney Perry Lutheran Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber says that all are welcome at her Denver church, The House for All Sinners and Saints. Courtney Perry Lutheran pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber admits that she does not look — or act — like a typical church leader. But she was drawn to Lutheran theology, and when a group of friends asked her to give a eulogy for another friend who had committed suicide, Bolz-Weber discovered her calling. Bolz-Weber tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross that while addressing the crowd of "academics and queers and comics and recovering alcoholics" at the funeral, she realized: "These people don't have a pastor, and maybe that's what I'm supposed to do." After going to seminary, Bolz-Weber founded a church in Denver called The House for All Sinners and Saints. Interview Highlights Nobody ever meets me and guesses.

Caerleon writer's radio play tells story of Red Star Newport Caerleon writer's radio play tells story of Red Star Newport 8:00am Saturday 10th August 2013 in News RADIO DRAMA: Caerleon writer Paul Jenkins A CAERLEON-BORN writer has penned his first radio drama about an imaginary football team in Newport. Paul Jenkins, 42, who has written scripts for the popular television soap EastEnders, heard Red Star Newport for the first time on Radio 4 yesterday. Mr Jenkins, a runner-up in the BBC/National Theatre Wales drama award in 2012, has been writing for theatre and television for the past 15 years. The drama, which features Matthew Gravelle from the ITV hit series Broadchurch, is about a bankrupt football club from Newport which takes the pioneering decision to run itself as a socialist co-operative in a desperate bid to reverse its fortunes and battle for promotion to the Premiership. Mr Jenkins, who is a football fan, said it is loosely based on Newport County. "The lovely thing about writing for radio is that you have no constraints.

PodOmatic | Podcast - Luke's ENGLISH Podcast She's 19, She's Saudi, She's Keeping A Diary: Corna Flix, Karate, Lab Science And Love : Goats and Soda Majd kept a journal about a time in her life when she was torn between getting married or going to school. Courtesy of Madj hide caption toggle caption Courtesy of Madj Majd kept a journal about a time in her life when she was torn between getting married or going to school. Courtesy of Madj Majd Abdulghani is a young woman from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, who dreams of becoming a scientist — while her parents hope to arrange her marriage. Meet The Abdulghanis Hello. Ring ring ring! That's my alarm. It's 6:45. Ichi, Ni, San, Shi... OK, I'm done. I'm going to introduce my family to you, and you to my family. Knock knock. "Hi Mohammed. "Work is great," he says. I have four brothers. Now I'm passing the family sitting room. "What are you eating? He nods. My mom is here. My mom says her first instinct was to tell her, "No, my daughter is too young." I tell my mom: "Listen, Mom. Ugh, I'm going to be late. I'm putting on my abaya, which I put on before I leave the house. My Brother, The Wali "You?" "Now?

Le masque et la plume Sonidos y Listenings en Ingles ¿Quieres más Ejercicios de Audio en Inglés?. Te ofrecemos otras opciones igualmente gratuitas. · Más ejercicios de audio agrupados por niveles (Básico / Intermedio / Avanzado) con distintos acentos en inglés y con preguntas de comprensión, las respuestas a las preguntas y la trascripción del texto que podrás visualizar o imprimir. Las actividades que acompañan a los listenings están desarrolladas y enfocadas para mejorar tu comprensión en inglés. · Lecturas cortas con audio. · Mensualmente en nuestros Cuadernos de inglés publicamos gratuitamente nuevos DIÁLOGOS EN INGLÉS por niveles con ejercicios de comprensión y las respuestas correctas al ejercicio o actividad propuesta basada en audio. · De forma continua publicamos en nuestro canal de Facebook actividades en audio para practicar y mejorar tu inglés (todos los niveles).

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