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Vinyl Records, SACDs, DVD Audio, Audiophile Equipment

Vinyl Records, SACDs, DVD Audio, Audiophile Equipment

LP Gear,turntable stylus,turntable needle stylus,turntable belts,turntable cartridge needle stylus,phono cartridge,headphones,record cleaning machines,record to digital Hellride Music Doom Metal, Stoner Rock, and more Vinyl Heaven 2 - Cartridges & Setting Up - Alignment, Protractors, Tracking Force, Phono Pre Amps etc Vinyl Heaven 2 - CARTRIDGES AND SETTING UP THE TURNTABLE There still are many good cartridges available on the market that will suit the precision close tolerance, low-medium mass arm of the Technics SL-1200 very well. Some of the top cartridge manufacturers include Audio Technica, Goldring, Ortofon, and Shure. Remember to completely avoid cartridges intended for DJ use - particularly those with spherical stylus tips that have very high tracking weights of over 3 grams. For hi-fi use only cartridges that employ elliptical, or the more expensive fine-line, tips should really be considered. The cartridge I use is the Audio Technica AT120E which provides really superb performance at reasonable cost. Another fine cartridge choice could well be one of the excellent Ortofon Super OM series (reported as discontinued) or the newer Ortofon 2M range such as the 2M Red. The great advantage of turntables, such as the Technics SL-1210, is that its arm has a removable headshell. Pedant Protractor .

Classic Records (remember the sound...) Tonearms Graham Phantom II Tonearm The Phantom Model B-44, recepient of the "Editor's Choice" Award from Harry Pearson (October 2006 issue of TAS) a Class "A" rating in 2005 from Michael Fremer and runner-up for both Analog Source Component AND the 2006 Product of the Year award in Stereophile In designing their newest tonearm, the Phantom II, Bob Graham knew it had to be far superior to his earlier efforts. The Graham 1.5, introduced in the early 1990s, was recognized as the first uni-pivot tonearm to realize the full potential of a single-point bearing design. The 1.5 evolved into the 1.5t with Tungsten sideweights and then the 1.5tc including a Ceramic armwand. Next came the Graham 2.0 followed by the 2.2. Having brought his original design to its utmost realization, Bob Graham began with a "blank sheet of paper" to design his next tonearm, dubbed the Phantom. The original Phantom was the result of over two years of research into design theory, materials analysis, and extensive testing. 1. 2. 3.

List of upgrade accessories for Rega turntables Model APLT - USD130.00 Model ALSP1- USD150.00 *Also available: Model ALSPB with larger diameter to slow down the TT speed a little - USD150.00 Model MP1(50Hz) - USD35.00 Model MP2(60Hz) - USD35.00 * Pulley puller available Model MPS2(60Hz) - USD42.00 Model DP1(50Hz) - USD38.00 Model DP2(60Hz) - USD38.00 Model DPS1 (50Hz) - USD45.00 Model DPS2 (60Hz) - USD45.00 Model DP1M(50Hz) - USD48.00 Model DP2M(60Hz) - USD48.00 Model SB1 - USD20.00 Model IB22 - USD100.00 Model TB1 - USD12.95 Model CWT- USD100.00 (with flexible add-on thumb screw weights options... check out for details ....) *Check out on ALL stainless steel look ..... i) Counter-weight w/o end-stub - USD75.00 ii) End-stub only - USD31.00 1.9mm VTA spacer(model SP0) - USD17.502.3mm VTA spacer(model SP1) - USD19.50 2.8mm VTA spacer(model SP2) - USD22.50 3.8mm VTA spacer(model SP3) - USD25.90 RETROFIT your existing Rega rubber feet as shown (easy installation) Model AF-3 - USD48.00 per set of 3 pcs * rubber feet in picture not included. 13. a. 14. 17. 18. 1.

Serrated 3-point VTA Spacer for Rega Tonearms (RB700/RB900/RB1000) Serrated three-point VTA spacers 1.9mm VTA spacer(model SP0) - USD17.50 2.3mm VTA spacer(model SP1) - USD19.50 2.8mm VTA spacer(model SP2) - USD22.50 3.8 mm VTA spacer(model SP3) - USD25.90 Since for three-point VTA spacers, most of the requirements are more than 2 mm and less than 4 mm, our three-point VTA spacers come in three sizes : 2.3 mm, 2.8 mm and 3.8 mm. It's also unique because it is serrated ! You may be puzzled to see from the picture below that the spacer is serrated at the end of the three legs ! Top view This is because these serrated parts, combined with the jagged edges serve to enhance the anti-resonance property of the spacers (or adjusters). bottom view This 3-point spacer also has the advantage over regular spacers in that the three points are designed for minimum contact area with plinth(picture above), hence better isolation from vibration. What about using these spacers with RB250,RB300 and RB600 tonearms? Step by step to install a VTA spacer ( e.g. on Planar 3): 1. 2.

Vinyl Records | Vinyl Record Albums | Vinyl LP Records - SoundStage Direct Phono Stage/Headphone Amp/Hi-Fi Amp/DAC Intro | Graham Slee Boogiebobs Records - Vinyl Record Store - Home Vinyl Revinyl: New and Used Records, Vinyl & LPs Où acheter des disques vinyles à Paris [part. 2] : Bimbo Tower, Vinyl Office, Born Bad et le Silence de la rue Zone 2 : Bastille Résumé du Chapitre 1 : après avoir passé la matinée vers Châtelet pour trouver des disques, on décide de passer l’après-midi dans le quartier le plus hype de la capitale où, nous dit-on, se trouvent les "meilleurs disquaires de Paris". Les meilleurs ? OK, allons vérifier ça. Pour commencer, nous sommes ravis de trouver des disquaires ouverts, car si notre matinée à Châtelet s’est avérée fructueuse, il faut avouer qu’attendre 11h du matin (au plus tôt) pour qu’un disquaire ouvre ses portes à de quoi décourager les matinaux. Bimbo Tower Dans un petit passage de l’avenue Ledru Rollin, coincé entre un hammam et le célèbre bar branché Le Motel, se trouve Bimbo Tower. Vinyl Office Toujours dans le quartier Ledru Rollin, Vinyl Office est un nouveau-né parmi tous disquaires parisiens. Vinyl Office 9, rue trousseau 75011 Paris Métro Ledru Rollin Ouvert du mercredi au samedi de 14 h à 20 h Born Bad On débarque rue Keller et on change d’ambiance. Le Silence de la rue

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