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Versailles 3d

Versailles 3d

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France Facts for Kids: Facts about France and the French Interesting Facts for Kids Here are some interesting France Facts which were chosen and researched by kids especially for kids. • Population: more than 65.7 million people live in the country (2012) • Capital: Paris, with 2,2 million inhabitants The Palace - Palace of Versailles The Hall of Mirrors, the King’s Grand Apartments, the Museum of the History of France. The Château de Versailles, the seat of power until 1789, has continued to unfurl its splendour over the course of centuries. At first it was just a humble hunting lodge built by Louis XIII.

Bisou This post was inspired by a question from a friend of mine who was asking about the differences between the French words used to say “kiss”. I thought it would be appropriate to help define them here for my readers as there are several words and their meanings or connotations are not all exactly the same. Le Baiser by Auguste Toulmouche There are a few nouns in French for the word kiss : Un baiser : is the word for what we would call a kiss on the lips.

10 of the best pâtisseries in Paris Without a doubt, world-famous pastry chef Pierre Hermé can be credited for revolutionising the art of French pâtisserie. Over the past decade, shrugging off the weight of tradition, he has created super-modern confections that rely on new ideas, techniques and flavour combinations, and his success has inspired a generation of pastry chefs. At the opposite end of the spectrum, a new wave of chefs is pursuing another idea entirely: what they want to do is to recapture childhood emotions by revisiting the classics of French pastry and applying their contemporary knowledge to create modern versions of traditional dishes.

L'école en France Bonjour bonjour ! In France, a quarter of the population is in the education system ; public instruction is compulsory and free of charge up until 16 years old, and heavily subsidized for higher education. But it doesn’t mean it has to make sense, though… When French children go to school, they go through « CM2 », end up in « Terminale » at 18, after four years in « le collège ». Let’s try to figure out what this all means. La chanson de Henri Dès sur l’école : « Les bêtises » Une autre chanson très connue sur l’école, par France Gall : Sacré Charlemagne

Opera Atelier’s Armide a triumph in Versailles May 11, 2012 VERSAILLES, FRANCE—They clapped, they cheered, then they clapped in rhythm. And when all of that hadn’t exhausted the enthusiasm of the opening night audience for the Opera Atelier production of at the Royal Opera House in Versailles, they stamped their feet on the antique wooden floors.

Time-travelling 3D tour shows birth of Eiffel Tower Sandrine Ceurstemont, editor, New Scientist TV Imagine visiting the World's Fair of 1889 in Paris, France, and seeing the Eiffel Tower just after it was built. Now thanks to an ultra-accurate 3D reconstruction, you can travel back in time to see it. Created by Mehdi Tayoubi from French company Dassault Systèmes and colleagues, the buildings in the video are represented exactly to scale, down to minute details such as the flags on the main pavilion. LeWeb 2012: A Paris Restaurant Guide from Social Media Crowdsourcing Source: Derriere Resto If you will be in Paris next week for LeWeb, there are plenty of delicious foods to enjoy with the new contacts you make during the day. From experience, I know it can be tricky to decide on a dinner destination when you have a choice of 8,502 restaurant recommendations on Tripadvisor, 369,362 results on Yelp and over 36 pages on Viamichelin! It gets even more complicated when you’re looking for a restaurant for more than 10 people that same evening. So, I turned to Twitter. Within an hour, I had more than 15 great restaurant tips from my friends, followers, and colleagues.

Maps of France On this page, you'll find various information maps about France, showing the country, regions departments and other useful themes to help you discover more about the land and people. Political maps The maps listed below are ideal for school homework and projects, they are very simple and can easily be printed or used in your projects. If you use these maps please respect our work. Contour and outline map Regions, coloured and outline and with names and capitals Departments, coloured, outline and with names and numbers How to draw a map of France ?