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Jeu de Paume

Jeu de Paume

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Creative Inspiration: Process & Materials Today’s dose of creative inspiration comes from the latest exhibit over in Gallery 543 at the Navy Yard. The title, “Finished exploration of process and material to find special finishes and fixtures for future projects,” is a bit of a mouthful – but it sums up the array of materials and patterns that grace the walls as we walk to our cafeteria each day. I can’t get enough of all the different textures and patterns in this exhibit , which is the work of the UO Store Design Build & Environment teams. From the paint spattered table to the plywood god’s eyes, it’s a fascinating way to look at materials we see every day in a new way. YVON LAMBERT Opening on Friday March 14th, 2014 No Drones March 14th – April 19th

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Linn Olofsdotter She was born in Sweden, worked in Brazil and is now settled in the Portland area. The prolific illustrator and mixed-media artist Linn Olofsdotter is a global citizen of the most interesting kind. Her own life in different locales gives her many sources of inspiration and most likely helps her flex her illustration muscle to meet the needs of a vast variety of clients. Accueil - Bibliographie 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

Arne Quinze ONE WORLD by The People of Tomorrow Arne Quinze, Tomorrowland & De Schorre are building a state-of-the-art, permanent public artwork and invite the whole world to help. Follow the making of here! My Secret Garden / Rockstrangers Book Arne Quinze invited author Saskia de Coster for a unique project that will enlargen the scope of both the Rock Strangers project (Ostend) and the Secret Garden exhibition (Rotterdam). Carpenters Workshop Gallery Established in 2005 by Parisian entrepreneurs and art devotees Loic Le Gaillard and Julien Lombrail, Carpenters Workshop Gallery is known for its discovery of bold and iconic design-art. Like many of the artists it fosters, the gallery takes a young, fresh and dynamic approach, primarily following its own aesthetic. They exhibit unique and limited edition works both by emerging and established artists, and designers.

La Luna Electrica justement: UranusRelated just got back from Montreal and my car has the diameter of Uranus kilometres on it (top that for nedleyness) (via cinoh-deactivated20120915) (Source : b-asik, via kikisloane)

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