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Photographer Erik Johansson

Photographer Erik Johansson

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William Wegman William Wegman is all about his dogs, the Weimaraners. That's one of reasons why he based his photographer's work on his favorites pets. One of his dogs appears in the New Order's video for the song "Blue Monday". The Internet is Killing America's Free Press and Why It Mat By popular demand, here is the complete version of my little weekend magnum opus on the future of the American press with all four of the related posts in one place.  If you read it in parts, I made a few minor revisions and corrected some misspelled words.  Thanks for reading and caring. JB There is a wonderful scene in State of Play, Kevin McDonald's flawed, but thought-provoking, political thriller, when Cal McAffrey, the grizzled, oddly uncynical investigative reporter played skillfully by Russell Crowe, explains to the young gossip blogger from his newspaper's online group why he spends so much time checking and re-checking leads, working his sources, and making sure he has all the verifiable and double-sourced facts available before he lets go of a story: "I still think they (readers) know the difference between real news and bullshit," he says.

Blog Wordpress Myrtissa The Little Boy – D.R. Spooning Couple – D.R. Exhibition of sculptor Ron Mueck – Fondation Cartier, 261, Bd Raspail, Paris 14e – Fondation Cartier, Paris, du 16 avril au 27 octobre 2013. Fondation Proa, Buenos Aires du 16 novembre 2013 au 23 février 2014. Musée d’Art moderne, Rio de Janeiro du 19 mars au 1 juin 2014. We do not know if we should be taken fright or touched by the naked or dressed in fiberglass and silicone Ron Mueck’s bodies.

Hugh Kretschmer’s Surreal and humorous ad campaigns Native Los Angeleno Hugh Kretschmer is one of those rare photographers who has the ability to completely transform a commercial ad campaign or editorial piece into a magical story that will move you. Using metaphor and hand crafted trick-the-eye elements he transports us to surreal narratives full of humor and intriguing mystery where anything can happen. Reinventing Gonzo Journalism in a digital age Part 1 - Rock the Drawing by the great Thomas Hawke Hunter S Thompson is a hero of many. The writer of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the most honest book about the Hell’s Angels appeals to thousands of young journalists.

Principles behind the Agile Manifesto We follow these principles: Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. Welcome changing requirements, even late in development. Agile processes harness change for the customer's competitive advantage. Deliver working software frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the shorter timescale.

PURPLE.FR "Yes, to do iPhone pictures! Self-portraits. There’s one photograph in the ICA show. I got so excited about it. But I really discovered the possibilities of digital photography while I was shooting food created by the chef Antonio Guida for a book for the Il Pellicano hotel. I couldn’t get close enough, and I was dissatisfied with what my camera could achieve. The Long Tail - Wired Blogs Jon Lund, the head of the Danish Internet Advertising Bureau, and I had dinner in Norway last week and he told me the chilling story of the crazy free newspaper war in Denmark that almost killed everyone involved. I thought it was an important cautionary tale of Free gone wrong, and I encouraged him to write it up on his blog. He did, and it is indeed grim reading. I’ve excerpted (and lightly edited) the basic story below, but it’s worth going straight to the source to get Jon’s analysis, along with a lot of links to other reports on this disaster.

OffiSync integrates Google Docs with Microsoft Office VentureBe A tiny Seattle startup has done what two giant companies haven’t done: get Google Docs to work well with Microsoft’s Office software. OffiSync, a self-funded startup run by entrepreneur Oudi Antebi, has created an Office add-on that integrates Google Docs, Google Apps and Google search into Microsoft office. When you open up Microsoft Word, for instance, you can see the Google functions on the menu, as if they were a Google toolbar. The software will be available as a beta download today. Microsoft is slowly moving in this direction. NightTline: Twitter and ABC Launch a Tweetable News Show Twitter has rapidly become an invaluable tool for news outlets: news anchors are using Twitter constantly to ask questions and gather feedback from their audience, while CNN's Breaking News account is the #2 most followed user on Twitter. But what ABC and Twitter are about to do tops our list for the boldest use of Twitter within traditional media. So what's ABC conjouring up?