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Tutoriels GIMP (plus de 1000) - Filtres de GIMP (plus de 1000 images) - GIMPons

Tutoriels GIMP (plus de 1000) - Filtres de GIMP (plus de 1000 images) - GIMPons

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Gimp Tutorial: Experiment on 3D Text Effect in Gimp Before u do this tutorial: What u need is a set of 3D text, i use illustrator to make the 3D text (i've made a tutorial how to made the 3D text in illustrator.Click HERE to read it) or maybe u can use Blender or Cinema4D if u have them..If u don't have any of these don't worry because i've included the 3D text file for you to download.Click HERE. UPDATE!Another download link for the 3D text if you have problem with rapidshare. Click HERE. 1.Create a new document.then drag the 3d text file into the document.

Gimp Scripts This page explains the basics of GIMP scripts, what they can do, where to find them and how to install them. What this page does not do is explain how to write them. That is HUGE subject and one I am not qualified to write on. Color Palette Generator Color Palette Generator #ffeeff #ffccdd #eeaaaa dull Tutorials GIMP News Docs Tutorials More Tutorials Beginner¶ GIMP Quickies Use GIMP for simple graphics needs without having to learn advanced image manipulation methods. Simple Floating Logo This tutorial walks through some basic image and layer manipulation techniques. Making a Circle-Shaped Image How to create a circular-shaped image. 60+ Best GIMP Tutorials of 2010 The Gimp is a fantastic and free piece of software that can run on all major operating systems and can do nearly any graphic related task! I have been using GIMP for over two years now and really appreciated the many tutorials I had at hand for when I was starting out. Since the early days I have produced my own tutorials in an effort to give back to the open source community and so the purpose of this post is to share and acknowledge the hard work that people have put in into making these great tutorials of 2010! Best GIMP Tutorials of 2010 Photo Manipulations

1000+ FREE High Resolution GIMP Brushes Last week we published our first GIMP post “30+ Exceptional GIMP Tutorials and Resources” and saw a great appreciation from our readers. So this week, i would like to share with you 1000+ high-Resolution GIMP brushes that will be perfect for any project you may happen to be working on. Also you will find some useful tutorial to teach you how to create your first GIMP brush-set and how to convert Photoshop brushes into GIMP brushes and more. Please note that Photoshop Brushes are now Fully Compatible with Gimp 2.4 and up. So you can now use any PS brush in your GIMP software. For another huge collection of Photoshop brushes, you might find some really stunning brushes over here.

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