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Changer la taille d'une image sans perte de qualité

Changer la taille d'une image sans perte de qualité

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10 Totally Free and Amazing Christmas and Winter-Inspired Tutorials - Tuts+ Design & Illustration Article The holidays are almost here! While many of you are making plans to spend the next few days with family and friends, we also know that many of you are also hard at work creating designs for the winter season. In this article, we will present a list of 10 of some of our favorite Christmas and winter-inspired tutorials. Let's take a look! 40 Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Photo Manipulation « JinSpiration Since our last Photoshop tutorial, Photoshop Tutorials: Compilation of some stunning text effects, we got so much positive feedback that we decided to put together another collection of tutorials concentrating on photo manipulation. In this post, you’ll find everything from Pencil Sketching Effect to Creating A Slow Motion Bullet Shot Effect in Photoshop. Now the hard part will be deciding which of these amazing tutorials you will use in your next creations. Hope you enjoy!

Troubleshoot installation problems (Adobe Creative Suite 2.x on Windows) What's covered Beginning troubleshooting Intermediate troubleshooting Advanced troubleshooting This document can help you resolve problems that interrupt the installer for Adobe Creative Suite 2. x . Great Collection of Glass Text Photoshop Tutorials Resources / Tutorials , June 1st, 2012 If you ever wonder how you can create glass effect in Photoshop this list will probably give you the answer. I have gathered for you the best Photoshop tutorials that teaches you how to make a realistic glass effect from scratch using layer styles.

Blog / Photo Tutorial — Splash High Speed Photography There are many fun photos of commercially inspired splash images on 500px and we wanted to share the secrets behind this technique with you. Patric Bergkvist was generous to volunteer and talk about his personal experience with splash photography. In this article Patric reveals the step-by-step process behind “Coffee with milk” photo giving away his home studio tricks. Introduction Initially I was planning to shoot in the pool outside, but it was taken up by the kids.

Photoshop Creative - Photoshop Tutorials, Galleries, Reviews & Advice How to make a movie poster in Photoshop, part 1 Posted in: Tips & Tutorials, by The Photoshop Creative Team Learn how to manipulate a dramatic, spooky movie poster using blending techniques in Photoshop How to create a comic book effect in Photoshop Posted in: Tips & Tutorials, by The Photoshop Creative Team Add a comic book effect to your artwork with Photoshop’s Stroke styles and halftone filters How to add a stylish photo effect to an image in Photoshop Elements Posted in: Tips & Tutorials, by The Photoshop Creative Team The good thing about Photoshop Elements is that it comes with lots of effects that you can apply at the click of a button. How to turn a photo into a sketch in Photoshop, part 1 Posted in: Tips & Tutorials, by The Photoshop Creative Team Create a pencil sketch effect from a photo, using a custom brush and several of Photoshop’s editing tools for making this effect

Ultimate List of Avatar Yourself Tutorials Yes I’m still raving about Avatar, because of the very cool graphics. Forgive me for that. On another happy note, I was so honored to have my post Fabulous Avatar (2009) Fan Art to be linked on the Official Avatar blog for their post Awesome AVATAR Fan Art. ^_^ Photoshop Creative - Photoshop Tutorials, Galleries, Reviews & Advice 1. Go see-through layer Open your subject.

Manage all your content from a single WordPress install How would you like to be able to publish to as many different WordPress sites as you liked from a single install? So you only need one configured install of editflow and one set of plugins (listed below) together with one place to login and manage your content. Welcome to the WordPress Content Hub – a solution for push syndicating content to any WordPress install, be it multisite or on… let’s get publishing! Hub and Spokes All content management systems, from the simplest blogging platforms to the most complicated enterprise-level applications perform two major tasks: content management, providing the tools to create, review and ultimately publish content; and, content delivery, actually putting that content into the hands of users. The Content Hub splits out those two functions using a “hub and spoke” model.

TutorialsPage 5 Details Last Updated on Friday, 05 September 2014 01:23 Photoshop's text and layer tools can be used to create some really awesome effects. 5 Incredible Methods to Enhance Your Designs with Light For a designer that is just starting out, understanding the concept and benefit of using light in your artwork can be a bit daunting. Light can create depth and add a touch of realism to your work. IT can also set a mood or tone for your piece. Make your image look awesome with a few light effects We will ad some more sparkles later. Now I want to make something new here. Make a new folder, name it Big Cirles and in this folder we will create a new layers. Make a selection like mine using the Eliiptical Marquee Tool. “Fringe” ( tv show ) wallpaper tutorial, using Photoshop CS5 extended - PART1 Make this settings to the 3D panel depth: 0,3 scale: 0,9 High:3 width: 3, and set the reference point down center. Then load the metal materials you download from the adobe site, and after that chose “Metal gold 3” like I did.