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Create a Fake Resume to Hone in On Tangible Career Goals. Career_coaching_on_the_rise_among_recent_grads_and_young_professionals. Zoom Five years ago, Gwen Elliot had a dream: Getting a job at the Oprah Winfrey Network. When she graduated from Ryerson University in 2010, armed with lots of ambition and a degree in radio and television, she headed off to California. Elliot had landed an internship at MTV in its series development department — not too shabby for a new grad — and quickly got the chance to interview at OWN, Oprah’s blossoming channel.

It was a dream come true. Almost. Elliot didn’t get the job and couldn’t keep living in California, so she moved back home with her parents. “I went from OWN in Los Angeles to Beaverton, Ontario, with no idea what to do,” Elliot recalls. Four years later, with her producing and marketing career in Toronto hitting its stride, Elliot decided to hire a career coach. “I really wanted to start my own thing — I couldn’t even articulate what it was — but I knew I wanted to start something new,” the 26-year-old says over the phone from her King St. Answer Each Interview Question by Connecting Your Skills with the Job. Image uploaded by @poida. 6 Rules That Should Be Guiding Your Career | TIME.'s Jack Ma Reveals Secrets of Success in Life and Business. Via VulcanPost | Billionaire Jack Ma, the founder and ex-CEO of Alibaba Group, as well as one of the most successful Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, shares his wealth of experiences.

Jack Ma: The mistake I regretted the most In 2001, I made a mistake. I told 18 of my fellow comrades whom embarked on the entrepreneurship journey with me that the highest positions they could go was a managerial role. To fill all our Vice President and Senior Executive positions, we would have to hire from external parties. Years later, those I hired were gone, but those whom I doubted their abilities became Vice Presidents or Directors. I believe in two principles: Your attitude is more important than your capabilities. Jack Ma: You cannot unify everyone’s thoughts, but you can unify everyone through a common goal.

Don’t even trust that you are able to unify what everyone is thinking; it is impossible.30% of all people will never believe you. Jack Ma: What does a leader have that an employee doesn’t? These are the degrees that have the best rate of return, Workopolis says. If you want to improve your odds of getting a high-paying job after finishing your education, forget that English degree. A new report by Workopolis suggests that nursing and pharmacy students are most likely to land employment in their field after graduation. The study, which analyzed more than seven million resumes on the job search website, found that 97 per cent of those who studied nursing, whether it was at the bachelor, masters or PhD level, are working in jobs related to their education. Other degrees that showed the highest return included pharmacy (94 per cent); computer science (91 per cent); engineering (90 per cent) and human resources (88 per cent).

Although health care jobs may be the most plentiful, the study also looked at data from Statistics Canada and found that engineering jobs were the highest-paying. "It's an awareness," Talbot says. "With engineering, math and the financial field, those degrees tend to have a much more direct link to a career path. " 5 Job-Hunting Survival Tips For Recent Grads. There’s no doubt the job market is different from what it was 15, or even 10 years ago.

With the rapid adoption of social media for the job search and a recovering economy, college grads are likely wondering what their next move should be in this often daunting process. So how can this generation of grads navigate these murky waters? Here are five simple, yet effective, tips for those who are about to enter this constantly evolving job market: 1.

The word networking gets thrown around a lot. Reach out to friends and family. In today’s competitive market, don't be timid. 2. Social media isn’t only about posting photos of you and your friends at the beach—it’s become an extension of your job application. Take full advantage of social media: Join alumni groups and other organizations in your desired field on LinkedIn, and participate in group discussions to show your skills and expertise. 3. 4. 5. Focus on the job or company best suited for you and your career goals. 3 Lessons I Have Learned Since Graduating | Julia Neumer. Transitioning from student life to the world of full-time work is no easy feat. The graduating student often has more worries than there is time to worry about, weighing him or her down with new responsibilities and obligations. Thinking back on this transition with the benefit of nearly four years of work behind me, I have come up with a few answers that I wish I knew at graduation, which I hope will help others as they find their way after school. 1.

Don't jump at the first job offer. After graduation, you will most likely be applying for all kinds of positions. 2. Only you can decide what you need to earn to live comfortably. 3. Having years of experience is certainly valuable to an employer, but a lack of experience doesn't mean that you cannot contribute to your new organization's success. Leaving school for the real world can be a daunting prospect, and for good reason. Yes, A College Degree Still Worth It, Says Yet Another Report. NEW YORK (AP) — Some comforting news for recent college graduates facing a tough job market and years of student loan payments: That college degree is still worth it.

Those with bachelor's or associate's degrees earn more money over their lifetime than those who skip college, even after factoring in the cost of higher education, according to a report released Tuesday by The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The study, by economists Jaison R. Abel and Richard Deitz, also found that a degree is still a good investment for college grads whose jobs don't require college. About a third of all college graduates remain underemployed for most of their careers.

A person with a bachelor's degree can expect to earn about $1.2 million more, from ages 22 to 64, than someone with just a high school diploma, the report said. After subtracting tax benefits and average financial aid awards, the researchers said a bachelor's degree cost about $122,000 in 2013, while an associate's degree cost $43,700. What Are The Most Popular Companies To Work At? As technology becomes more pervasive and television shows like HBO’s Silicon Valley highlight the perks (and frustrations) of working in technology, more and more people are finding themselves drawn to a job at the companies whose products and services they use every day.

Professional social networking site LinkedIn analyzed billions of interactions between companies on LinkedIn and 109 million Canadian and American members to see which companies those users most wanted to work for. Of the 10 most popular companies, six were in the technology field, with Google, Apple and Amazon topping the list. See Also: The Best Jobs Of 2014: Lots Of Math, Data And Code Though it’s not really surprising that people would be so drawn to technology, especially considering the numerous work perks companies like Google offer employees—catered lunches, a set amount of time to devote to personal projects, and some of the highest salaries around.

Want To Land Your Dream Job? Is your boss out to get you? Is your boss out to get you? You don’t want to be paranoid, but you’re beginning to think your boss has you in his or her cross hairs. Whether or not you always had a great relationship with your supervisor, it’s troubling at the least and extremely stressful at the worst when you think your boss may be out to get you. What are some signs that you may want to start looking for a new job? You lose privileges. If you’ve always been able to work from home or come in early and leave late and all of the sudden, things change, you may begin to wonder why you’ve lost favor. Are you failing at your job? The boss pits you against your co-workers. You get a transfer to an undesirable location. You receive a new set of duties that are beneath your skill set and experience. The boss looks the other way when co-workers are abusive or mistreat you. It’s difficult for you to take vacation or sick leave. You can’t get permission for professional development.

The best assignments go to others. Facebook. What Did You Learn From Your First Crappy Job That Helped Your Career? Lifehacker. Need cash and a career? Be a ‘micro entrepreneur’ Like many young people, Sara Aly found herself grappling with unemployment last spring after graduating with an advanced diploma in human resources from Sheridan College in Oakville, Ont. “After you graduate it takes a while to find a job, and in the process – it happens to everybody – you get frustrated,” said the 23-year old.

Ms. Aly began looking for a job when a friend introduced her to Ask for Task, an online marketplace that allows “askers” to solicit “taskers” to do work, at a negotiated price, ranging from data entry to editing to household tasks or child care. While searching for a full-time job, Ms. Aly spent two months completing tasks such as proofreading reports and essays and picking up groceries for her neighbours, earning about $900 in the process. Ms. “Collaboration is as old as humanity,” said Natalie Foster, executive director of Peers, a San Francisco-based non-government organization aimed at building the sharing economy.

Mr. Ms. Special to The Globe and Mail. Lifehacker. 7 Things Your Body Language Is Telling Your Boss. Thinking about wearing that red tie to a meeting with the managing director today? You might want to think again. Body language and nonverbal communication can have a big impact on your professional life and can ultimately make or break a deal, business relationship or even your financial success, according to a legion of body language books. "In business, one of the most important things is the impression you give people," Eliot Hoppe, an author and expert on body language, told CNBC. Body language encompasses body movements, facial expressions and gestures as well as the tone of your voice. Here are Hoppe's top tips to optimize your chances of business success. Recent Articles From CNBC 1) Posture: People make up their minds about others in just the first four seconds, Hoppe said.

To ensure you go into business meetings as equals walk in with a good posture. One word of warning: Watch out for the "power play" that can take place. Also watch what the "free" hand does in a handshake. How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable. By Neena Newberry | shared from Texas Enterprise Last week I had an interesting lunch conversation with a successful female business leader here in Dallas.

We discussed how difficult it can be for some women to voice a difference of opinion in a way that will be well-received (i.e., not too assertive). On the other hand, saying nothing can have negative consequences of its own (i.e., being viewed as not assertive enough). So, if you’ve found yourself waffling back and forth about whether to speak up or bite your tongue, read on. Don’t be a derailer I want you to think back to a time when you sat in a meeting thinking to yourself, “I don’t agree with the direction we are heading in” and then you didn’t say a word.

Sometimes saving your disagreement for another time is indeed the best option. About the author: President & CEO, Newberry Executive Coaching & Consulting, LLC Neena Newberry, MBA ’92, is an executive coach and consultant with operations in Dallas and Houston. Do Psychopaths Get Promoted Faster? Ten Tips for Becoming a Connected Educator.

We all know that education budgets are getting cut more and more, and that meaningful professional-development opportunities have unfortunately become a bit of an oxymoron in education. Not only can being a "connected educator" help change that, but it can also provide you with ongoing inspiration and support. I'd even go as far to argue that being connected will be the most impactful thing you can do in your career. So with all of that said, I'd like to provide you with these ten tips on how you can get connected -- starting tomorrow. 1.

Embrace Making Mistakes I've been in so many meetings with educators who talk about the power of making mistakes. 2. When I teach others how to get started using social media for professional development, many request a manual of some sort -- a detailed step-by-step account that tells you exactly what you need to do. 3. I recently heard this playful metaphor of a puppy getting loose for the first time to describe how people should use social media. 4. 50 Top Sources Of Free eLearning Courses. Whether you are looking for a master’s degree program, computer science classes, a K-12 curriculum, or GED study program, this list gives you a look at 50 websites that promise education for free. From databases that organize over 1,000,000 students throughout 16 universities, to a small library of documents for those interested in history, the opportunities for free online learning continue to expand as the Internet becomes a crucial component in education. 1.

UMass Boston Open Courseware The UMass courseware offers a broad range of classes in areas like psychology, biology, early education, political science, history, mathematics, and others. There are no slides, videos, or lecture notes, which makes this open courseware inferior to other universities that offer extensive resources. 2. This website has a variety of video lessons for free. If you prefer reading to watching, this site may not be for you as the lessons are all video based. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Personal Branding: The Importance of First Impressions. 10 Secrets To Being Insanely Successful. Everyone has within them the desire and the means to make life a masterpiece, it maybe hidden in the recesses of their soul or buried amongst the pain of living an existence but it is there waiting to be discovered. The challenge for a lot of people is that they prefer security over the unknown and would rather be bored to death turning up each day to a job they hate and working with people they quite often dislike. The sad truth is that most people go to their grave without their song ever being sung. The reality is that you can create a life you dream and love if you have the courage to make some key decisions and take some initial steps on that journey. We also live in a world where you have the technology and the tools that can accelerate success by spreading your story and cause around the planet on the World Wide Web. So where does the fire start?

1. Relentless Passion 2. What is it that you want to achieve you need to be very clear on what the journey will look like. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Using Social Media For Your Job Search: A Definitive Guide. Social media isn't just for connecting with that high school friend you haven't seen in years, and sharing juicy updates on what's been going on in your life - you can actually leverage this online tool to help you get a job. The explosion of social media in the last few years has meant that many companies and recruitment managers have taken to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to source for fresh talent and improve their company profile and presence. In this post, we'll be giving you actionable information on how you can use social media to advance your career prospects. 1.

Build a Great Online Presence Before a company decides to send you that 'Congratulations, You've Been Hired! ' 2. Twitter's fluid nature means that things on this platform are dynamic and fast-moving. 3. Social media provides you with organic sources of content that will help you stay up-to-date on new developments in the job industry of your choice. 4. LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals. 5. 6.