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3 Vital Tools for a Salary Search. Whether you're looking for your next job or your next promotion, you have an idea of what you'd like to be paid.

3 Vital Tools for a Salary Search

But is the figure you're thinking of realistic? These tools will help you know exactly what you're worth, based on your experience, skills, and location. [See The Best Jobs of 2012.] Salary Calculators While they're not exact, salary calculators can give you an idea of what a particular role is paid in your city or another geographic area. Keep in mind that your actual pay depends on your specific skills, the geography, the role's responsibilities, what the company can afford to pay, and sometimes, how much the company values the role. is a popular tool that takes information about you (your job experience, where you graduated from college, etc) to determine a targeted salary range for the position you're provides a comprehensive list of any and every position in a field, as well as required skills and salary details.

GlassDoor Recruiters. Great Resume Examples by Occupation, Format, Problem Solved. How To Jumpstart Your Creative Career in a Bad Economy. Times are tough all over.

How To Jumpstart Your Creative Career in a Bad Economy

Maybe you were laid off by a company you devoted years of your life to. Maybe your best clients are canceling projects because you no longer fit in their budget. Maybe you graduated with a pile of student loans and no one willing to pay you to do the work you want to do. No one ever said being a creative was for the faint of heart, right? Even in times of un(der)employment, we must resist the temptation to languish on the sofa burning through our Netflix queues, and keep putting ourselves and our work out there.To jumpstart you, we’ve rounded up a shortlist of events and resources to help you start making connections and drive your career forward: 1. Handing out business cards is all well and good, but building a community of like-minded allies will help your career out more in the long run.

Creative Mornings: Created by Swiss Miss, CMs include a 20-minute talk by a leading creative followed by casual conversation over coffee. 2. 3. Great Resume Examples by Occupation, Format, Problem Solved. Susan Ireland's Resume Site. Chronological?

Susan Ireland's Resume Site

Functional? Combination? What do employers consider the top resume format and which one should you use? In real estate it's all about location. Susan Ireland's Resume Site. There are more than 50 letters in our collection of cover letter examples.

Susan Ireland's Resume Site

Client Services Representative. 5 Reasons Self-Promotion is Your Path to Career Demotion. “My boss tells me that I must self-promote to advance my career.”

5 Reasons Self-Promotion is Your Path to Career Demotion

The fact that a growing number of workers are talking like this is cause for concern. Everyone is looking for new ways to get noticed in these uncertain times, but self-promotion is not the answer. Self-promotion in the workplace disrupts productivity, employee engagement and trust. Self-promotion creates division in the workplace. Instead of focusing on improving business outcomes, workers are told to focus on their own self-confidence, their wardrobes, and other superficial factors. One thing is certain: the workplace is becoming more isolated and self-centered. Here are five reasons self-promotion is your path toward career demotion: 1.

When you focus only on yourself, you isolate yourself. This is why many companies are changing their organizational design to be flatter and less hierarchal. 2. INFOGRAPHIC: Can Facebook, Twitter And Linkedin Really Get You A Job? Why Witty Job Titles are All the Rage. 4inShare33 If you’re a blogger, don’t forget to join our new Run-Around.

Why Witty Job Titles are All the Rage

You write about this month’s topic — landing your first job — on your blog, and we link to your post here on Brazen, bringing new readers to your site. The deadline’s at the end of this month, so check out the details. How To Follow Your Passion When You’re Just Trying To Pay The Bills. During tough economic times, many people think they need to sacrifice passion and focus solely on earning money.

How To Follow Your Passion When You’re Just Trying To Pay The Bills

From a spiritual perspective, this is the exact opposite approach to generating real abundance. Yes, paying your bills takes practical action. But it also requires an internal belief system powered by inspiration and passion. Without an emphasis on passion, it’s likely that no matter how many actions you take, you’ll still wind up feeling stuck. Neglecting passion blocks creative flow. Creative Success, LLC Welcome to Creative Success, LLC with Gail McMeekin. Creative Employment Agencies - The Creative Group. What does a good cover letter look like? Note: Do not steal this letter.

What does a good cover letter look like?

Several hiring managers have emailed me when they spotted candidates using parts of it as their own — and yes, those candidates were rejected. This letter is here for inspiration, not copying. The Evil HR Lady, who I secretly worship, has shamed me into posting an example of a good cover letter. But first, let’s take a look at what I consider an example of how not to do a cover letter. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this letter — other than being an utterly wasted opportunity, and I’ll explain why: Dear Human Resources: Enclosed please find my resume for the position of staff writer. I currently work as a copy editor for Acme Company, where I am responsible for editing brochures, fact sheets, and Web content. I am seeking a position that that will utilize my writing skills with opportunity for growth. Karen Burns, Working Girl. Cover letters — Ask a Manager — Page 2. When I Grow Up - Creative Career Coach.

Apr102014 Grown Up Gigs: life coach & published author Andrea Owen!

When I Grow Up - Creative Career Coach

By Michelle Ward This is the recording that was initially shared with my Grown Up Gigs list in my 3 week long, mega-amazeballs event in March. I’ll be posting one weekly ’til I get all 10 of ‘em up. Such goodness in these interviews! Andrea Owen has one heckuva story. All she knew at a young age was that “I didn’t want to be told what to do”…but she relied on her go-getter-ness to secure what she thought was her dream job as an assistant buyer. Like so many of us, she learned the hard way that her dream job was actually a nightmare.

We take it from there to talk about: Click Play below to get a whole lot of goodness in under 30 minutes. Read the rest of this article >>