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Phrases to Improve Every Support Interaction. How To Ace a Job Interview: 7 Research-Backed Tips. 1) Be Similar to The Interviewer “Be yourself” can actually be a problem.

How To Ace a Job Interview: 7 Research-Backed Tips

If you want to know how to ace a job interview it’s important to note that study after study shows the key to being liked and being more influential is similarity. Research shows you can take advantage of this by researching the interviewer and coming across as similar to them: After carefully transcribing and analyzing her interviews and field notes from observations in the firm, Rivera determined that, by the time a candidate had made it through the relevant resume screenings and landed an interview, her evaluation was not necessarily based on “maximizing skill—finding the person who was absolutely best at the soft or the hard dimensions of the job,” as Rivera puts it. So You Have Excellent Communication Skills. By Hannah Morgan on April 13, 2010 We read this phrase and use it too often.

So You Have Excellent Communication Skills

"Excellent communication skills, written and oral". A Guide for International Students Travelling to Australia and Looking For Work Using Online Jobs Boards. Looking for work in Australia as an international student can be difficult and time consuming.

A Guide for International Students Travelling to Australia and Looking For Work Using Online Jobs Boards

Not only do you have to contend with trying to learn the customs and practices of another culture, you also have to deal with the difficulty of finding work in Australia that all Australians are faced with. The recruitment and selection practices in Australia are very similar to the recruitment and selection practices of the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Europe. If you are lucky enough to be selected to progress through to the next stage of recruitment, you can either expect to be interviewed on the phone, interviewed face-to-face or attend an assessment centre. Australian Job Boards. Learn to Code Now: How to Pick the Right Dev Boot Camp for You. You’ve decided that you’re ready to learn to code, and you can already see your career options swelling. But wait—how will you decide which coding school is right for you? There are more than 65 coding “boot camps” in the U.S. alone, each boasting different tuition models, language specialties, and teaching styles.

So, before you ceremoniously quit your job to be the next Zuck, ask yourself these six questions to guide your research. 1. Which Language Do I Want to Learn? Coding boot camps usually employ one “teaching language” when introducing students to the world of programming. 10 Companies That Are Hiring Like Crazy Right Now. If a career change is on your mind, we know it’s not the easiest thing in the world to find a company you can feel at home at—which is why The Muse is here to help!

10 Companies That Are Hiring Like Crazy Right Now

We’ve rounded up some great companies that are looking to hire like crazy this month. Check out the listings below to get a sense of why they’re awesome, and see how you might have the chance to work for them. 1. Peloton Cycle. Transforming Thinkers Into Creators. 6 Essential 21st Century Skills. CC Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons User D-M Commons With the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reporting the creation of a projected 20.5 million new jobs between 2010 and 2020, there’s never been a better time to brush up your skillset, dust off your resume, and find the perfect career.

6 Essential 21st Century Skills

But the unique needs of technology-driven commerce dictate that certain skills will naturally have greater value than others. If you focus your effort on the areas that promise the greatest dividends, you’ll likely be rewarded with a handsome payout. Education. Avoid these resume-writing clichés - INTHEBLACK. In a competitive job market, using clichés in a resume could send your application straight to the circular file.

Avoid these resume-writing clichés - INTHEBLACK

Employing overused or generic terms such as “motivated”, “effective” and “innovative” don’t do much to make an application stand out. According to a survey by LinkedIn, the most overused clichés found on the site’s profiles are: • extensive experience• results-oriented• dynamic• proven track record “Clichés are boring and can put recruiters off because it looks like people haven’t bothered to think for themselves,” says Aaron Dodd, owner of Mindset Group, a recruitment agency with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. Future proof your accounting career - INTHEBLACK. What is the future of the accounting profession?

Future proof your accounting career - INTHEBLACK

Depending on who you talk to, the future is either very bright for accounting professionals or extremely dim. "We are in a disruption right now," says John Symons CPA of the Finance Leaders Alliance. "In order to become lower cost and more efficient, [the financial services sector is] forcing flatter structures in leadership and enabling that through shared services. That means our finance teams are shrinking. " "A lot of the transactional type roles are heading offshore, at least for the bigger [companies]," adds Peter Antonius CPA, a senior business professional who spent more than seven years working within professional services.

"There is certainly a shift in the opportunities that exist. " Hard hit through factors that include flatter structures, offshoring and globalisation, supply far outstrips demand when it comes to many professional finance jobs. Job hunting for the unemployed - INTHEBLACK. Does your resume list these 5 top skills? - INTHEBLACK. Do you have these 8 core digital skills? - INTHEBLACK.

Skill gaps cost companies money and can be stressful for individuals.

Do you have these 8 core digital skills? - INTHEBLACK

August 2014: Our pick of the journals, blogs and e-resources - INTHEBLACK. 'Senior leaders need to understand that truth is required, rather than "spin", and leaders should praise rather than punish reporters who point out problems.' MIT Sloan Management Review Project status reporting and reality aren’t always as connected as they should be.

August 2014: Our pick of the journals, blogs and e-resources - INTHEBLACK

In fact, there’s a remarkably high level of error, misinformation and dissembling, say the authors of “The Pitfalls of Project Status Reporting” in the Spring 2014 issue of MIT Sloan Management Review (Volume 55, Number 3). To illustrate the gap between progress reports and final implementation, Mark Keil, Jeff Smith, Charalambos Iacovou and Ronald Thompson delve into the launch problems of the website in the US. Many of these problems can be addressed with a stiff dose of realism.