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8 Top Resume Mistakes to Avoid. At many companies, your resume has to be read by a computer before it'll ever be read by a human.

8 Top Resume Mistakes to Avoid

And computers aren't particularly good at making out fancy graphics treatments, banners, wingbats, or other attempts at illustrations. Some resume scanners will even reject your resume outright if it's too elaborate. So stick to 10 to 12 point type in easy-to-read, straightforward fonts. Similarly, many companies use software to scan resumes for certain keywords, so make sure you include them. You'll find those keywords in the job description itself, so make sure your resume echoes at least some of the language in the job description. Click here to learn what happens when you put your personality front and center Image courtesy flickr user buyalex. What's Better Than a Big Fat Paycheck? Last Updated Sep 30, 2011 2:09 PM EDT.

What's Better Than a Big Fat Paycheck?

The John Maxwell Company. Soul Focus - Christian Leadership Alliance. Making Jesus the centerpiece of your ministry can be a moving experience.

Soul Focus - Christian Leadership Alliance

Ken Blanchard Twenty years ago, I turned my life over to the Lord. What excited me most was the abundant life Jesus promised. With Jesus as my partner, the sky was the limit, because I took him at his word: "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me" (Phil. 4:13, NASB). I wanted to know all the things Jesus did, so I turned to the Gospels and began reading the red print, all of the things Jesus said. From my standpoint, Jesus is the greatest leadership role model of all time. What Drives Entrepreneurs? Ask entrepreneurs about their companies, and they answer with alacrity and specificity.

What Drives Entrepreneurs?

The Five Personalities of Innovators: Which One Are You? How to Create a LinkedIn Profile That Really Connects. Last Updated Jul 6, 2011 5:46 PM EDT LinkedIn is the social media platform of choice for many entrepreneurs and business owners.

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile That Really Connects

Too bad most of their LinkedIn profiles, and in particular their "summaries," do little to create those business connections. I definitely fall into that category. I set up my profile long ago and haven't touched it since. That's why I asked Matt Scherer of Sherer Communications for advice on creating a great LinkedIn summary. Why focus on the summary instead of the full bio? According to Matt, most LinkedIn profiles fall into four basic types: Stealth: The name, rank, and serial number approach. Here's how you can transform your LinkedIn summary into a tool that effectively represents your business and make new connections: Step 1: Think of your summary as an elevator pitch. Step 2: Think first person.

Step 3: Write it yourself. Step 4: Think keywords. 3 Ways to Make the Most of LinkedIn. YouTube Gets Even More Social, and Stories You May Have Missed. Businesses should already be channeling YouTube as a key part of their social media marketing strategy.

YouTube Gets Even More Social, and Stories You May Have Missed

But this has been the week of major YouTube makeovers and the results are not only impressive, they reconfirm the importance of using video to tell compelling business stories that are worthy of sharing and recommendation. The changes started earlier in the week with the announcement of the new YouTube Analytics, replacing Insight as the metrics tool for those uploading videos. Now businesses creating the videos have access to more data about who’s watching, which websites, searches and platforms are sending viewers to the videos, and which ones are generating the most shares and comments.

As Splash Media social media manager Matt Anderson told the SplashCube blog this week, “The impact it will have on businesses that use YouTube for marketing purposes is tremendous. What are your thoughts about the new YouTube? Bloggers: Mean What You Write, Write What You Mean. 5 Best Free Blog Hosting Websites to Make Your Free Blog Site. What exactly a blog is? The word blog is a short form of “ “. That means a blog is a website/ journal or a dairy which is indented to present/publish information/personal ideas regularly.

In this modern age of internet, blogging is the best way to make your online presence and taking experience how actually the internet information cycle is working. Many free blog hoisting websites/platforms are out there which will give you enough advantages to make your free blog and blogging related services and support. But when we are looking for best blog making platforms or services then we need to care about how much I will get industry standard support. Blogger Home page. Is It Really Necessary to “Brand” Yourself? Look to weaknesses to find your leadership strengths. Steve Jobs, General Patton, and Mother Teresa.

Look to weaknesses to find your leadership strengths

They were leaders who broke the mold, using their uniqueness to do what no one else could do. What they had in common was that they were unique. You have unique potential as a leader, and finding it is the key to doing remarkable things. There are situations that are crafted for you to lead. If you're able identify them and sell other people on you as the person to lead, you will command a premium -- in money, prestige and future opportunities. The question of what makes a good leader is like asking what makes someone a good artist. Motivation.