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7 talks to help you find the right job. The Case For Encouraging Short-Term Job Commitment. In a little over a decade, millennials are projected to make up roughly 75% of the global workforce.

The Case For Encouraging Short-Term Job Commitment

But for Nancy Lublin, who runs Do Something, a nonprofit organization that inspires young people to take social action, the future is already here. Eighty-four percent of her paid staff members are under the age of 30. While this means Do Something is blessed with its share of self-directed multitaskers, it creates challenges too. The cliché that millennials are uninterested in paying their dues is at least partially true. Strategies Quick Learners Use To Pick Up Anything. New Harvard Research Reveals A Fun Way To Be More Successful.

Act Like a Leader Before You Are One - Amy Gallo - Best Practices. If you want to become a leader, don’t wait for the fancy title or the corner office.

Act Like a Leader Before You Are One - Amy Gallo - Best Practices

You can begin to act, think, and communicate like a leader long before that promotion. Even if you’re still several levels down and someone else is calling all the shots, there are numerous ways to demonstrate your potential and carve your path to the role you want. What the Experts Say “It’s never foolish to begin preparing for a transition no matter how many years away it is or where you are in your career,” says Muriel Maignan Wilkins, coauthor of Own the Room: Discover Your Signature Voice to Master Your Leadership Presence.

Michael Watkins, the chairman of Genesis Advisers and author of The First 90 Days and Your Next Move, agrees. Not only does the planning help you develop the necessary skills and leadership presence, it also increases your chances of getting the promotion because people will already recognize you as a leader. Principles to Remember. What Makes an Entrepreneur? Four Letters: JFDI. This is part of my Startup Advice series.

What Makes an Entrepreneur? Four Letters: JFDI

I had a picture in the office of my first company with the logo above and the capital letters JFDI. (In case it’s not obvious it’s a play on the Nike slogan, “Just Do It.”) I believe that being successful as an entrepreneur requires you to get lots of things done. You are constantly faced with decisions and there is always incomplete information. This paralyzes most people. Entrepreneurs make fast decisions and move forward knowing that at best 70% of their decisions are going to be right.

I spent nearly a decade building software for large companies and then advising companies on the same. The technology team disagrees on direction and wants resolutions. What are the best practices for career growth? 5 Desirable Traits of Great Employees. There is much debate among employers as to whether or not college qualifies people for useful employment.

5 Desirable Traits of Great Employees

With the high cost of obtaining a degree, universities are anxious to prove their value in preparing graduates for the roles they'll play in the working world. Now 200 colleges have committed to offer a voluntary test called a Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+) in Spring 2014. You can see a sample test question here. The pros and cons of this approach are still up in the air, but it raises plenty of questions: Will good test-takers be able to demonstrate consistent behavior? Five signs of a WOW professional.

Spread the word: Does it truly matter to be a WOW professional?

Five signs of a WOW professional

I mean, isn’t it enough to be really, really good at what one does? Isn’t good enough… well, good enough? Actually it does matter; a LOT! Free Online Classes by The Muse. The (Not So Difficult) Trick To Get Your Emails Read. We spend hours sorting through the 150 billion or so emails that ricochet around the Internet every day.

The (Not So Difficult) Trick To Get Your Emails Read

So which ones get the click? Popular email clients like Gmail show the first 50 or so characters of the body copy in the inbox view. Fortune Management & Career Blog. FORTUNE -- Dear Annie: I'm graduating from college at the end of May and have already been interviewed by two companies that might want to hire me, with two more interviews (at different employers) scheduled in mid-March.

Fortune Management & Career Blog

I could really use some guidance from you and your readers on how to go forward after these meetings. For example, I sent thank-you notes by email to the hiring managers I've met so far, but a friend says a handwritten note would have made me stand out more. Writing%20that%20Works,%20HKS,%202012. 10 Jobs That No Longer Exist. Plenty of jobs exist today that didn’t exist 10, 20 or 30 years ago – social media analyst, app developer, etc. – but we’re not exactly awash in jobs, either.

10 Jobs That No Longer Exist

So what happened to all of those old jobs? This list of pictures will go over a few jobs that have gone the way of the dinosaur. The disappearance of the majority of these jobs can simply be attributed to technological advances. Modern bowling alleys have elaborate systems that collect balls and pins, so pinsetters are no longer necessary. With the spread of proper refrigeration, ice cutters became a thing of the past. What I Learned When I Got Fired (the First Time) Capital - Should I quit? - map of the Los Angeles startup community.