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The Right Way to Ask, ‘Can I Pick Your Brain?’ Why Every Successful Person Thrives on Negative Feedback. Have you ever made a mistake that could have been avoided if only you’d listened to someone else?

Why Every Successful Person Thrives on Negative Feedback

We’ve all done it. Even large corporations mess up from time to time. Take the cautionary tale of Facebook Home. Launched in April 2013, Facebook Home was billed as an application that would change the “look and feel” of a user’s phone. Specifically, it was designed as an app that would transform a user’s default phone screen into a Facebook wrapper. Unfortunately, the app’s creators didn’t recognise that Android phones make extensive use of folders, widgets, and other components that the Facebook team overlooked.

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Career Advice

All rights reserved. is a part of the network of sites. Powered by VIP Email address or Password is incorrect. How to Figure Out What to Do With Your Life. How to Ace Your New Job in the First 90 Days. The New Etiquette Rules For Quitting Your Job. More American workers are leaving their jobs than ever before, according to a 2014 report from the U.S.

The New Etiquette Rules For Quitting Your Job

Department of Labor. According to their findings, 2.8 million workers quit their jobs last September—the highest number since April 2008. Another 1.6 million left their jobs due to layoffs and terminations. Whether you leave your job on your own accord or not, career counselors say there are certain etiquette rules to follow when moving on. Follow these rules to maintain a positive, polished, and professional exit. Give Enough Notice "Although it’s not always practical, try to give two weeks’ notice for a professional job and one month for a leadership role," says Michele Gorman, managing director of Leveraged Potential Consulting.

10 Questions to Ask Before You Quit. A couple of friends of mine recently quit their jobs.

10 Questions to Ask Before You Quit

5 Habits Of People Who Always Get Promoted. Most of us have had that coworker that seemed to be a perfect fit for the company or team.

5 Habits Of People Who Always Get Promoted

She always had the right answers. He seemed to know what needed to be done before the company leaders even did. And that "sixth sense" and insight was rewarded with responsibility, autonomy, accolades, and advancement. "When employees bring those qualities, they’re perceived as leaders in the company, no matter what position they hold," says Katharine Halpin, CEO and founding principal of The Halpin Companies, Inc., a leadership consultancy in Phoenix, Arizona.

Welcome to Forbes. Some Quick Sage Advice for Young Employees Early in Their Careers. My wife & I have a close friend who recently entered the workforce for his first-ever job. On his first day of work my wife was kind enough to write down words of wisdom from her years on the job. If I Were 22. 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My First Job.

Now is the time that college seniors usually spend breaking out in stress acne, exhausting the "apply now" button on LinkedIn, and binge eating donuts.

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My First Job

These things, for the record, are completely normal, or at least things that consumed my second semester senior year. I was determined to graduate with a full-time position to kickstart my professional career. But I graduated unemployed, and I crafted during those two weeks between my graduation and my formal offer. I crafted a lot. But, here I am almost a year later in a first big kid job. When starting a new mid/senior-level role, what should be one's focus, priorities, important dos/don'ts in first week and first month? How to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work. Career advice: 12 professionals explain how to make it in energy. You probably know that today's energy sector faces disruption.

Career advice: 12 professionals explain how to make it in energy

Technologies such as rooftop solar, energy storage and microgrids get most of the attention, but the workforce that keeps utilities running is changing as well. Aging employees are retiring, and a talent shortage may be left in their place. As the industry's veterans leave, it's important that the next generation tap into the institutional knowledge that's still here. We can't come into everyone's office and facilitate such chats, but we can ask the energy leaders and professionals on Utility Dive's Energy & Utilities Network LinkedIn group to share some career advice with you. (And we did.) If you're out there looking for your dream job in energy and utilities, we have good news.

So whether you're new to the energy industry or are looking to switch jobs, we hope these 12 energy leaders' words of wisdom inspire you: Advice For Succeeding At Your First Job. "Your first job is not only about showing that you can get the job done," Thorin Klosowski writes at Lifehacker.

Advice For Succeeding At Your First Job

After the thrill of the hire and the trial of negotiation, the maiden voyage begins--one in which you'll need all the connections and tricks of the trade that you can develop from the beginning. Relish the gruntwork. Advice I Wish Someone Had Given Me for My First Job. What is some good general career advice? The best advice in business: 40 execs reveal their secrets to success. Co-chair—The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation It is hard for women who have families to juggle work and career and busy lives.

The best advice in business: 40 execs reveal their secrets to success

The Best Career Advice You Never Hear. Career Advice for College Grads from Reid Hoffman.