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ALI CLE - Online CLE - Immigration Hearings 101: A Complete Tool Kit for Representing Children in Immigration Court- Part 1. Immigration Hearings 101: A Complete Tool Kit for Representing Children in Immigration Court- Part 1 (Video) This online video program was originally presented on October 21, 2011, as part of the program, "ABA General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division 2011 National Solo & Small Firm Conference" . Speakers: Christina Fiflis, Diana Castaneda, Kristin Petri, Katie Glynn, Hon. Mimi Tsankov Topics include: Immigration Hearings 101: A Complete Tool Kit for Representing Children in Immigration Court- Part 1 This course is divided into segments. Total CLE: 60 minute hour - 1 | 50 minute hour - 1.2 Ethics: 60 minute hour - 0 | 50 minute hour - 0 Course Brochure Preview $0.00 This online video course has been approved for MCLE credit in: AK, CA, CO, IL, ME, MO, MT, NM, NY, OK, PR, RI, SC, VT, VI AZ*, DE*, HI*, NJ*, ND*, OR*, WV*

The Rise of Two-Tier Law. The New Normal thesis is: 1) That law is in the process of becoming more "normal", i.e., more like other complex activities that go on in sophisticated organizations. 2) That this will be enabled by technology and process improvements. 3) That this will be led by general counsel.

The Rise of Two-Tier Law

Much of this change will be beneficial, but certainly not all of it. And I continue to be surprised at how many lawyers are denying the handwriting on the wall instead of actively managing the change consistent with their professional values. (See this blog post by Legal Services Institute director Stephen Mayson: "Law firm partnership: the Grand Delusion. ") It is increasingly looking like we’re right on No. 1, but only partially right on Nos. 2 and 3—the most dramatic catalyst for the New Normal may be an abrupt shift in the legal labor market. Call it the rise of two-tier law. There are four background trends. First, individual lawyer billing rates are mispriced. Corporate Social Responsibility. You don't need to purchase the Vault guide to get back on track.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Just search our site or use the links above. © 2014 Inc. Browse > Connect with Vault Please contact for assistance to configure your Vault account correctly for jobs-related functionality. Original text. Why the Absence of a Proper Cover Letter Can Severely Damage Your Candidacy, Recent Articles.

The Human Tendency to Infer the Worst: Why the Absence of a Proper Cover Letter Can Severely Damage Your Candidacy One of the most important lessons I learned as a legal headhunter was taught to me just a few weeks into my career.

Why the Absence of a Proper Cover Letter Can Severely Damage Your Candidacy, Recent Articles

I was meeting with the recruiting manager of a large firm and she was mentioning her firm's high number of applicants and the challenges posed in terms of ''weeding'' out candidates to a manageable number for interviews. Seems pretty normal, right? However, she then made a comment that really shocked and struck a chord with me. This comment was so powerful that it has directly influenced my recruiting practice and compelled me, years later, to write an article about it. 1. A Great Way To Market Yourself If You Are Looking For Or Will Ever Look For A Job. A few days ago I received an email from a first year law student, Justin, and he posed a very interesting question.

A Great Way To Market Yourself If You Are Looking For Or Will Ever Look For A Job

His email read; “What is your personal opinion of law students having their own resume-styled website? I tried to do some research and could not find many that existed. Having an undergrad degree in Graphic Design, I've built my own. How Can I Break Free from the 9-to-5 Lifestyle?


iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers. "iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers provides what the title says and is a helpful resource for a lawyer looking for an overview of useful apps.

iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers

"--iPhone J.D. "Lawyers with iPads quickly find that there are thousands of iPad apps out there. The process of sifting through apps to find the ones that might work best for you can be daunting, at best, and overwhelming, at worst. Fortunately, Tom Mighell has scouted the territory and done all the heavy lifting for you. An Introvert's Guide to Networking - Lisa Petrilli. By Lisa Petrilli | 9:15 AM January 25, 2012 I learned the critical importance of networking, and discovered my natural aversion to it, early in my career.

An Introvert's Guide to Networking - Lisa Petrilli

Cloud Computing for Lawyers. What's Your "Obsession"? Think you could find a job you love as much as coffee?

What's Your "Obsession"?

Yesterday we wrote about tapping into the things you're passionate about for finding a job you love--but of course, that's not excluding those who already have a job they like. Not that he needed the money or anything, but filmmaker David Lynch turned his passion for coffee shaped itself into a new, very different career—which he writes about in this morning's Huffington Post "Obsessed" essay: "Coffee became tied to what I called "The Art Life," he writes. "I loved to go to diners and drink coffee and try to catch ideas for the work.

Coffee has always seemed to facilitate thinking and catching ideas. " Beyond Any Bar Group News. Among the alumni ranks of the University of Texas—Austin's School of Law are cartoonists, service dog trainers, and wind farm employees, which might explain why it has a Non-Practicing Advisory Council within its alumni association.

Beyond Any Bar Group News

"We have a significant percentage (some think maybe up to one third) of alumni in nontraditional careers," says Tim Kubatzky, the school's executive director of development. "There is no single path that takes them there, and many have spent at least some part of their careers in law firms or practicing solo or serving as corporate counsel. " According to Kubatzky, the movement amongst J.D.s toward nontraditional jobs is not a new development. "The current economic situation has prompted more law school graduates to be creative in using their legal educations," he says. [See U.S. But according to a recent post by Staci Zaretsky, an editor of Above the Law, morale in law school career services offices is at an "all-time low. " [Read about U.S. Lee Hecht Harrison - Austin / San Antonio Client & Alumni Group Group News. 5 Ways to Increase Your Communication Credibility.

Self Help

What You Wish You'd Known Before Your Job Interview [Infographic] 46 Ways To Start A Business With No Money. Most people who want to start their own business don’t have a ton of money laying around and it’s probably one the most common questions I get emailed about: How can I get started without a lot of cash?

46 Ways To Start A Business With No Money

Well I’ve put together a list below of the best ideas I’ve heard and personally used. I hope you find it useful! The three basic strategies to starting a business without much money are: Delay the normal “business starting” activities like incorporating, hiring, renting office or retail space, etc until AFTER your business has started earning money. This is known as bootstrapping.Doing everything yourself and spending your personal time instead of hiring an expert. Start With The Easy Stuff: Eliminate Expenses Don’t rent an office! Legal Stuff and Incorporating. Rules.