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Independent Generation of Research (IGoR) - Igor. How to Design a Co-working Space Aimed at Collaboration and Creativity. For years, Austin has been known as the "Live Music Capital of the World.

How to Design a Co-working Space Aimed at Collaboration and Creativity

" Willie Nelson statues adorn the streets, over 2,000 bands perform at the annual SXSW Music Festival, and local musicians serenade you while you’re in downward dog. While this motto absolutely represents the Texas capital, some of us are working to establish a second global identity: one that symbolizes entrepreneurship, purpose, and creativity. Enter the new Austin: the "Social Innovation Capital of the World. " This self-dubbed designation was born from conversations at Center61: Austin’s first and only co-working space specifically designed for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs.

Co-working is a cost-efficient, shared office space model that provides its members with access to traditional office amenities and connection to like-minded individuals. Make It Beautiful & Functional The visual elements in your space will greatly influence your members’ behavior and emotional state. Put Community First. How the 'Failure' Culture of Startups Is Killing Innovation. Image: Influx Productions / Getty Images Far from being the measure of disgrace it once was, failure now seems to be a sort of badge of honor.

How the 'Failure' Culture of Startups Is Killing Innovation

But underlying many popular Silicon Valley failure clichés is entrepreneurs’ belief that “starting companies these days is akin to doing research in the past” — as if we don’t need research when the opportunity to fail is so readily available. Somewhere along the way, it got to be uncool to reduce one’s risk of failure. Institute - Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. The Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin was founded in 1981.

Institute - Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin

The purpose of the Kolleg is to offer scholars and scientists the opportunity to concentrate on projects of their own choice for one academic year, free from administrative duties. The Kolleg makes a point of creating a balanced mixture of both distinguished senior scholars and promising younger researchers, drawn from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. The Rector and his staff aspire to provide optimal working conditions so that Fellows may devote themselves completely to their research and profit from the unforeseeable stimulation, and even creative provocation, that a diverse community of scholars can offer.

Funding & Charters Donors & Friends Principles. Why I'm Starting a Creative Makerspace in Kisumu, Kenya. Where I live in western Kenya, we process the sisal plant for fiber whenever we need some extra money.

Why I'm Starting a Creative Makerspace in Kisumu, Kenya

There is a good market for sisal: we use it in Kenya for ropes and carpets, and some of it gets exported. It grows everywhere, but it isn’t planted in fields. Is America's 1st Nationwide Open-Access Public Workshop. Mayoral Candidates See Cincinnati as a Model for New York Schools. Andrew Spear for The New York Times Courthney Calvin, right, of the OneSight Vision Center at the Oyler School, a "community learning center" in Cincinnati.

Mayoral Candidates See Cincinnati as a Model for New York Schools

They are told stories of schools that escaped years of dysfunction by becoming “community learning centers,” replete with dental clinics, mental health therapists and mentors from local banks and churches. Osteria Francescana - L'osteria di Massimo Bottura. Editorial Intern - Food52 - food community, recipe search and cookbook contests. The Next Stage Program - Long Wharf Theatre. Long Wharf Theatre has a long history of launching the careers of young artists through its Next Stage program, the theatre’s early career development program.

The Next Stage Program - Long Wharf Theatre

The Next Stage program is dedicated to engaging and employing a new generation of diverse theatre artists, administrators and leaders. The Next Stage Program is divided into two groups: Residents and Interns. Both groups work among professionals to learn from hands-on experience. NOTE: The deadline for resident applications for the 2014-15 season is March 10, 2014. Atelier Food. Bernard B. Jacobs Internship Program. Red Bull Theater - Redbull Theater Education. At Red Bull Theater, we believe that practical experience with Shakespeare and the art of dramatic story-telling are critical components of any education, and that exploring classical theater and experiencing the power of heightened theatrical language is of particular importance to the imaginative lives of the next generation.

Red Bull Theater - Redbull Theater Education

The inclusion of dramatic story-telling, theatrical exercises and heightened poetic text in classroom curricula increases literacy opportunities, expands social understanding, allows imaginative growth, teaches collaborative problem-solving and promotes self-confidence and personal presence in young people. The Red Bull Theater Direct Address program encourages exactly this kind of development. The program takes its name from a compelling theatrical device, frequently employed in Shakespeare and the classical theater, in which a character directly addresses the audience. Good food jobs. FAIR: Fellowships, Internships & More. Assisting the next generation of theatre practitioner FAIR is a professional development program that provides participants with an advanced fellowship, assistantship, internship, or resident opportunity to learn best practices across all administration, artistic, design, & production disciplines within a Tony Award winning theater environment.

FAIR: Fellowships, Internships & More

Internships. The La Jolla Playhouse Internship Program offers an exciting opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to gain professional experience by working side-by-side with extraordinary artists, administrators and technicians.


Both full-time and part-time internships are available throughout the year. Applications for the La Jolla Playhouse Internship Program are accepted on a rolling basis. Please submit an application online by using the link below. An application, cover letter, resume and two letters of recommendation must be received prior to consideration. Detailed submission instructions are provided in the application. You may also mail your application materials to: La Jolla Playhouse Attn: Internship Program P.O. Please note that La Jolla Playhouse does not offer any stipend or housing as a part of the Internship Program.

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