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OsmAnd - Offline Mobile Maps and Navigation

OsmAnd - Offline Mobile Maps and Navigation
- Global Mobile Map Viewing & Navigation for Offline and Online OSM Maps - OsmAnd (OSM Automated Navigation Directions) is a map and navigation application with access to the free, worldwide, and high-quality OpenStreetMap (OSM) data. All map data can be stored on your device's memory card for offline use. Via your device's GPS, OsmAnd offers routing, with optical and voice guidance, for car, bike, and pedestrian. All the main functionalities work both online and offline (no internet needed). Some of the main features:

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Thomas Knauf     SeaTalk Technical Reference Unidirectional SeaTalk => RS232 Interface This simple unidirectional interface circuit inverts the SeaTalk signal to make it readable by the PC serial port: Bidirectional SeaTalk <=> RS232 Interface For bidirectional communication the circuit has to be extended by a second transistor: A PC-board may be obtained from Frank Wallenwein. Skid Plate set LC 120 Complete set for Land Cruiser. Our under body skid plates gives you the best protection available for Engine, Gearbox, Transfer and Fueltank. We use low profile stainless steel screws to avoid "shaving" rocks and bumpers in the field. The complete skid plate set Fit and match precisely to your Land Cruiser, easy access to anchor point and towing, made of a 6mm 5052 aluminum, high quality finish and attractive design keeping with the outline of your Land cruiser. These heavy duty Land Cruiser skid plates are laser cut and CNC press formed.Replaces thin factory sheet metal with heavy duty steel from front bumper to rear .Includes air Intake for power steering cooler and oil drain holes.

The Marine Installer's Rant: Arduino weds Raspberry. The "Freeboard" project "If you imagine it's possible, someone else is already trying to doing it, or has already done it." The Installer. This was how I left my musing on the fictitious open source Celestronic M1 chart plotter system. I wasn't aware at the time how extensive the efforts were by an ever increasing cabal to build these types of systems. My screen display was photoshopped, the ones below are real. Boids (Flocks, Herds, and Schools: a Distributed Behavioral Model) In 1986 I made a computer model of coordinated animal motion such as bird flocks and fish schools. It was based on three dimensional computational geometry of the sort normally used in computer animation or computer aided design. I called the generic simulated flocking creatures boids. The basic flocking model consists of three simple steering behaviors which describe how an individual boid maneuvers based on the positions and velocities its nearby flockmates:

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NMEA Java library Introduction The Data Logger is an application to record and visualize ship data sent transfered via NMEA protocol. It currently supports the widely used NMEA 0183 protocol. Positions, headings and environmental data such a water depths or wind directions are displayed in different views based on OpenSeaMap data. How To Make The Super StratoVulcan Paper Airplane Fast, long range and versatile, the Super StratoVulcan is a simple but capable development of the StratoVulcan paper airplane. The Super StratoVulcan is designed to be able to better operate at higher angles than its predecessor, and has reconfigured leading edges like the comparable Turbo Vulcan and AeroVulcan. Being closely related to the StratoVulcan and being designed around the same time as the Turbo Vulcan and AeroVulcan, the Super StratoVulcan's development period was rather short due to its retention of most of its basis' configuration.

How To Use Google Maps As Android Offline Maps In OruxMaps RMaps is my favorite Android offline maps which allow download Google maps offline, this feature will benefit those who like to travel from getting lost and provide offline navigation. Unfortunately, this great navigation app already pulled down from Google Play Store, then i have use alternative android app called OruxMaps. I was quite happy and satisfied after used for some time, which allow make your own map by download online maps especially Google maps, as my android offline maps for offline use. By the way it’s also online map viewer let users to get positioning, record track, calculate land area and other advanced features. Latest Trick Save Offline Maps In Google Maps Without Type ‘ok maps’ As OruxMaps updated to 5.5.9 version, noticed that some online map sources already removed due to copyright issue, as stated at Play store What’s New description.

DIY - Brake Pad change (includes pics) WARNING: What follows is a basic HOW-TO guide, showing how to change the front and rear brake pads on a 120 series Prado. Just letting you know I am NOT a mechanic and won't be held responsible for any damage which may result from this procedure. I am just showing how I do it. If you don't believe you have the mechanical knowledge or confidence then I suggest you have the work carried out by a qualified mechanic or brake specialist.FRONT Brakes: Before starting, I removed the cap from the brake fluid reservoir, removed the filter / float and removed some brake fluid. Make sure you wipe any dirt and grime from the reservoir and lid BEFORE you open it. While changing the pads I leave the cap off but just place a clean rag over it to stop any dust or debris from falling in.

Let's Stop Focusing on Shiny Gadgets and Start Using Tech to Empower People Even though Red Burns was one of the most influential figures in the tech industry over the past 30 years — most famous for co-founding the groundbreaking Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU, and in a sense, the beginnings of interaction design — it’s not uncommon for technophiles to have never heard her name. Two weeks ago, she passed away. But much more needs to be said about one of the smartest, gutsiest women I ever knew, and about what she thought about education, technology, design … and life. Red wasn’t particularly interested in IPOs or the latest tech fetish, even though she was always exceptionally proud of her students and their accomplishments.