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Chainmaille charts & converters

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Jumpring Gauge Converter : Chainmaille jumprings kits lessons tutorials supplies tools and more, Weaving chainmaille one jump ring at a time. How to Price Your Wire Jewelry by Dale Cougar Armstrong. Dale here again– I receive many emails and questions through our Tip of the Day program asking questions about pricing, so I decided to address them in this article.

How to Price Your Wire Jewelry by Dale Cougar Armstrong

Please keep in mind that the following methods are not “set in stone,” as many people have their own formulas that work well for them. Rather, this is how both my personal students and I price our work. Note: none of us sell wholesale, as we are artists, not manufacturers. Pricing is always the most difficult part of any art form, and jewelry is the hardest to determine, as there are so many ways to price. When you are making and selling jewelry in today’s economy, you may not be able to receive the compensation you fully deserve, but you should be able to survive if you price correctly for your area. Most hobbyists (those who make pieces as a way to relax and to obtain a little extra cash) will take the price of their materials and multiply by 3. For example, try having: Wire Charts: Jewelry Making Supplies. Wire Measurement Conversion Tables Quick Jump: Precious Metal | Copper & Brass | Convert Wire Gauge to Inches and MM If you're looking for help with how cabochon, bead, and jump ring measurements work, click here!

Wire Charts: Jewelry Making Supplies

Footage on Precious Metal Wire Feet Per Ounce (Approximate) Precious Metal wire (gold filled, sterling silver, and Argentium silver) is measured by length in feet, but can also be measured in weight, using the troy ounce (ozt). Here is a table to help you see how many feet are in a troy ounce of that metal by gauge and shape. Footage Copper and Brass Jewelry Wire Feet Per Pound (Approximate) Copper and Brass jewelry wire can be measured in length or weight (using the standard pound). Chainmail rings per foot of wire. M.A.I.L. - Maille Artisans International League - Article. This article is intended to demonstrate how to collect rings per coverage data for weaves in different ring sizes.

M.A.I.L. - Maille Artisans International League - Article

In the examples provided, I use inches, as that is the system I have been using for ring sizes since I started mailling. Centimeters can be used for those who prefer the metric system, and it's simple enough to convert rings per inch (RPI) to rings per centimeter. It's important to note that the equations differ based on chain, sheet, or dimensional measurements. Latest Changes. Quick way to estimate wire gauge.

Jump Rings per Foot Round Wire pdf free ebook download from www.bijoux-de-terre. Jumpring Size chart : Chainmaille jumprings kits lessons tutorials supplies tools and more, Weaving chainmaille one jump ring at a time. Wire Gauge Conversion Table-MATERIALS. Sizes of Beading and Jewelry Wire Below is a helpful conversion table for Wire Gauge (also sometimes spelt as gage).

Wire Gauge Conversion Table-MATERIALS

The conversion is best approximation only as there seems to be no general and consistent agreement to the exact conversion. Wire gauges can be confusing for beginners and is perversely counter-intuitive. There is no universal exact conversion. However the one rule that holds is that: The larger the gauge, the thinner the wire. Wire Gauge Conversion - An explanation Please take a moment to read this as it is important. There are a number of gauge rating systems. AWG (American Wire Gauge) aka BS (Brown & Sharpe) - for precious metals - copper, gold, silver, etc.SWG ((Imperial or British) Standard Wire Gauge) - used mainly for industrial metals like steel, aluminum, brass, etc. Of these the AWG and the SWG are the 2 most used and well known gauge systems.

For instance, you are buying wire from a seller who tells you that the gauge is 20ga. What is Aspect Ratio? The Jump Ring Lady's Conversion Charts for Jump Rings for Chain Maille. Ring size recommended use. Weaves - Ring Counts. Back to weave links at top Byzantine, 2 connectors (Aspect Ratio 3.3 - 3.7)also known as Birdcage, Idiot's Delight, Fool's Dilemna Byzantine, 3 connectors (Aspect Ratio 4.0 - 4.5)also known as Birdcage, Idiot's Delight, Fools Dilemna Double Spiral (Aspect Ratio 4.6 - 5.3)also known as Rope European 4-in-1, 3-rows (Aspect Ratio 3.7 - 4.7 for traditional weave; AR 3.2 - 3.6 for tight version)also known as Mesh.

Weaves - Ring Counts

Silver Wire Specifications. All wires are supplied Soft temper unless you specify otherwise.

Silver Wire Specifications

Other tempers are available as indicated by asterisk foot notes. Our Gold Filled, Nickel & Brass wires share the same physical dimensions as our silver wires below. (weights of these will vary from silver forms given)