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Charts Gallery - Google Charts

Charts Gallery - Google Charts

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Free Visualization Software Thumbnails: ON off Sort by: name DATE To create a new visualization, choose a base dataset. Loading datasets and visualizations... Online Charts Builder Hohli Online Charts Builder New version: Try new version of Charts Builder, it based on new Google Charts API Download Office Timeline - Office Timeline Erica B. Business Lead For years, I’ve used a tedious cut-and-paste approach to laying out timelines and schedules for important meetings. I was searching for a better way and eventually found Office Timeline.

web vtt texte timer comme sous titre ou com developer.mozilla WebVTT is a format for displaying timed text tracks (e.g. subtitles) with the <track> element. The primary purpose of WebVTT files is to add subtitles to a <video>. WebVTT is a text based format. A WebVTT file must be encoded in UTF-8 format. Where you can use spaces you can also use tabs. Planning and management charts Share RGraph: Planning and management charts Funnel charts Shows decreasing (or increasing) quantities progressing through a process Tooltips, custom events, resizable, zoom, context menu, annotatable Key Visual effects Funnel charts documentation <script> var funnel = new RGraph.Funnel('cvs', [100,45,45,26,24]) .set('gutter.right', 150) .set('gutter.left', 150) .set('text.boxed', false) .set('shadow', true) .set('shadow.color', '#ccc') .set('shadow.blur', 5) .set('shadow.offsetx', 5) .set('shadow.offsety', 5) .set('labels', ['Initial contact', 'Established lead', 'Telephone contact', 'Site visit', 'Sale finalised']) .set('labels.x', 10) .set('text.boxed', false) .set('strokestyle', 'rgba(0,0,0,0)') .set('labels.sticks', true) .draw(); </script>

The Daily Graph - AppTrac "The Daily Graph" re-creates charts from The Economist's Graphic Detail blog using standard run-of-the-mill Excel techniques without macros. We do try to milk Excel for all it's worth and apply techniques that may not have been intended in the way we use them. In the end, it's the result that counts.

Free Vector Infographic Kit This week’s freebie is a huge vector set for creating infographics. Included in the package are over 50 elements, ranging from graphs and charts to maps and symbols. Let your infographic stand out with these bold and beautiful infographic resources. In the download the filetypes are AI, EPS and SVG so you can use this kit at any scale, easily edit the color scheme, and the data points. Gantt Chart Excel - Test Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Gantt Chart in Excel I like Excel. I use it daily. Playing With HTML5 Video & getUserMedia Support You may have seen the impressive HTML5 experiment created by Sean Christmann involving a video that explodes at the click of a mouse. If not, we'd recommend that you have a look: HTML5 exploding video demo At the time, the boundaries of non-plugin video within a desktop browser were being explored and it caused a stir as an example of how video within the browser can be manipulated.

How does Practical Data Science with R stand out? There are a lot of good books on statistics, machine learning, analytics, and R. So it is valid to ask: how does Practical Data Science with R stand out? Why should a data scientist or an aspiring data scientist buy it? We admit, it isn’t the only book we own. Some relevant books from the Win-Vector LLC company library include: And a few more from our digital bookshelf: In Climbing Income Ladder, Location Matters ATLANTA – Stacey Calvin spends almost as much time commuting to her job — on a bus, two trains and another bus — as she does working part-time at a day care center. She knows exactly where to board the train and which stairwells to use at the stations so that she has the best chance of getting to work on time in the morning and making it home to greet her three children after school. “It’s a science you just have to perfect over time,” said Ms.

960px grid templates — Robbie Manson I’ve created a selection of 960 pixel-wide uniform grid templates ranging from 3-columns to 16-columns, for both Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks: View the repository on GitHub → Although the margin widths of these uniform grid templates do vary, each one adheres to an overall width of 960px. All of the templates are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license, meaning you can distribute derivative works but only under a license identical to the Attribution-Share Alike license.

HTML5 Presentation Combine both technologies to allow direct image access + manipulation Putting it together for local image reading + manipulation. Collaborative lesson development with GitHub If you're doing any kind of scientific computing and not using version control, you're doing it wrong. The git version control system and GitHub, a web-based service for hosting and collaborating on git-controlled projects, have both become wildly popular over the last few years. Late last year GitHub announced that the 10-millionth repository had been created, and Wired recently ran an article reporting on how git and GitHub were being used to version control everything from wedding invitations to Gregorian chants to legal documents.