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QR Codes in the Classroom

QR Codes in the Classroom

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Your Smarticles: QR Code Ideas and Resources QR Code Activities for YOUR Classroom! Below are some QR Code Scavenger Hunts that I have designed to be fully printable and ready to use. As long as you have a wi-fi enabled smart device that can scan, you can use these ‘hunts’ to support student literacy skills.

Mobile ESL: QR Codes in the ESL Classroom Over the last few weeks I've been training a group of Korean teachers here in the UK as part of a development programme organised by their Ministry of Education. As it's been recently announced that Korean schools will be completely digital by the year 2015 and all textbooks will be replaced by tablets or laptops, I've been exposing them to a variety of different technologies and web 2.0 tools to help them see how they might apply them in their own classroom context. Among the tools we've used are Posterous Groups as a way for them to share pictures and experiences; Google Docs as a way of sharing materials and handouts; we've also discussed the value of digital storytelling via various web 2.0 tools and they all created a Voicethread in one of the sessions.

The Best Free Task Management Tools for Teachers While reading The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption , a great book which I will review in the Book Review section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning as soon as I finish it, I got the idea of compiling a list of some of the best task management tools that can help you effectively manage your tasks online and stay organized. Check out the list below and share with us your suggestions : The Teacher Tools Collection by sherry lee edshelf Teacher Tools Curated by sherry lee Maths Maps – A New Collaborative Project I am excited to introduce you to my new project idea that I hope will result in some engaging content for our classes. It is collaborative in the same way the Interesting Ways resources are and I will need your help to make it a success. Elevator Pitch Using Google Maps.Maths activities in different places around the world.One location, one maths topic, one map.Activities explained in placemarks in Google Maps.Placemarks geotagged to the maths it refers to.

Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 [THEMATIC_CONSISTENCY] Ensure that content provided by accessing a URI yields a thematically coherent experience when accessed from different devices. [CAPABILITIES] Exploit device capabilities to provide an enhanced user experience. [DEFICIENCIES] Take reasonable steps to work around deficient implementations. [TESTING] Carry out testing on actual devices as well as emulators. [URIS] Keep the URIs of site entry points short. [NAVBAR] Provide only minimal navigation at the top of the page.

8 Great Free Templates to Make your Presentations more Engaging Creating PowerPoint presentations is not only about assembling data and sharing it into slides, the secret of presentations lies in the way this data is constructed and presented to the reader. The feel and look of a slideshow can either make it engaging and motivation-arousing or turn it into a dull and attention deterring piece of media. As teachers, our biggest challenge is to get students engaged and hold their attention as long as possible and the inclusion of presentations in our lessons could help us achieve this goal provided these presentations are well constructed with clourful and eye catching templates. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already shared with you 6 awesome free templates and today we are adding another 9 great free office themed templates that you can dowload and use on your PowerPoints. All thanks and gratitude go back to Rapid E-learning for his efforts in coming up with the list. 1- Multi-layout Overhead Office Template Download it Here

Transforming schools with blended learning Blended learning—which combines face-to-face classes with online courses—is quickly gaining ground in education. In fact, some studies suggest that blended learning, also called hybrid learning, offers a better academic experience than pure brick-and-mortar classes or online-only courses. Whether students are out of school on extended absences, want to enroll in a higher-level course not offered in their local district, or need to recover academic credits, blended learning offers flexible solutions and different scenarios for students and teachers alike. With the generous support of Connections Learning, we’ve put together this list of stories from our archives, along with other relevant materials, to help you best determine how blended learning might meet the needs of your school or district. —The Editors

An iPad Toolkit - apps that have transformed my practice iPad Published on January 30th, 2015 | by Mark Anderson In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m quite a fan of the iPad (the Lollipop Nexus 9’s not too bad either). Student-Community Collaboration to Construct Mobile Learning Games (EDUCAUSE Quarterly Key Takeaways Integrating mobile learning games into a graduate-level course at Appalachian State University built on the concepts behind constructionist pedagogy and service-learning. Students constructed mobile learning games related to aspects of local wetlands education by partnering with the community and faculty experts.

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