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40 interesting ways to use QR Codes in the classroom

40 interesting ways to use QR Codes in the classroom

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QR Codes – Lesson and Resources In response to recent interest in Quick Response codes I have created some lesson resources to introduce students to QR codes and provide them with some practical experience. The lesson also introduces students to blogging (Digital Learning World) and URL shortening (Bit.Ly and Students are also encouraged to collaborate by recording their findings in a shared Google document. These resources are intended for Secondary students from Year 7 upwards. Students will need a PC/Laptop with a web cam and access to the Internet. Ideally, students will also use their smart phones.

Exploring QR Codes in Education Keen to continuing researching the use of new technologies in supporting students learning, I am particularly keen to look at the technologies which they are already familiar with including smart phones. Having entered the world of the iphone a couple of years ago I have since seen a huge growth in the number of students with some kind of smart phone. Although I have been aware of QR codes for a while I have never stopped to consider their potential uses in education until stumbling across some articles whilst doing some research for my AST role. So what are QR codes? A QR code is a barcode like logo which can be scanned by smart phones, tablets etc. These codes can contain a variety of information which they direct the user to once scanned, including weblinks and text.

Make your own QR Code Scavenger Hunt! Today was the first day of school. Ever. It was pretty epic. Since the students didn’t know where things were located in the building yet, I thought we would have some fun locating them with a QR code scavenger hunt. It was SO easy to do, I thought I would share the process here. QR Codes – What are they and how can I use them in my classroom? A QR Code is a type of barcode that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera telephones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded may be text, URL, or other data*. Like me, you may have seen these codes in newspapers and magazines, on promotional material, in the corner of posters and wondered what they were all about. A square that consists of black and white squares that looks like an out of focus pixilated image? What’s all that about?

Twelve Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes Updated 01/2014 As mobile learning becomes more and more prevalent, we must find effective ways to leverage mobile tools in the classroom. As always, the tool must fit the need. 5 Real Ways To Use QR Codes In Education QR codes… Disposable fad? Or useful technology? Opinions on whether QR codes are of real value is a hotly debated topic. But regardless of polarized views on the technology, there are some teachers using QR codes in education in some very inventive and exciting ways. QR Codes I am going to share some fun ideas for how I have used QR codes in the classroom. If you haven't heard of them before, please Google for the actual definition. That's not nearly as much fun as just getting to the good stuff. I use QR STUFF to make all my QR codes.Step 1: Select PLAIN TEXT Step 2: Type your text in the CONTENT box (this is what will be revealed when you scan the code)Step 3: Download the code (under the picture of the QR code)Step 4: Copy and paste the code into a Word document for printing(you may want to write out your questions and answers first because you can't print them from this site) Good?

Using QR codes to create educational posters I have been pondering how to use QR codes in the classroom. My favorite use being to tape QR codes into old textbooks to make them relevant. The code pictured below goes to a YouTube video with directions on how to do those math problems. Note: I used a super sticky post it label so I wouldn’t damage my book and then taped the QR code on top of that. While brainstorming ways QR codes can be used in the classroom I started making posters.