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Maths resources

Maths resources

MathsPad Nayland Mathematics MathedUp! » KS5 Hotmaths Maths Centre - The NZ Centre of Mathematics Free Math Worksheets Mathematicians in Schools Resources Use these resources for inspiration in your partnership. If you would like us to add other resources, please contact us. Getting started Partnership support materials - You and your partner may like to use these support materials in their entirety as a planning document or as a guide to what works well in partnerships. Activities International year of Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 was the International year of Mathematics of Planet Earth. There are plenty of great, maths activities that are ready to use in the classroom. Maths and Stats by Email (free email newsletter with hands-on activities) and activity archive "A Day in the Life of a Mathematician" video featured in EMPHASiS Issue 6. Curriculum information The Australian Curriculum is being developed progressively by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). Useful organisations and programs The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) website has a careers component.

Information for Teachers Maths Buddy is New Zealand's leading computer-based training program, designed to complement what you teach your kids in class. It helps guide your students lesson by lesson, allowing them to pause, rewind and repeat all or part of any lesson until they fully understand it. The program has tremendous potential as a support to your in-class instruction by providing the following; Video/Audio lesson demonstrations of an enormous amount of concepts, with several examples of each. Maths Buddy's school price is just $30 per student for one full year - only $7.50 per term. This special school price is an 89% discount on the regular full purchase price parents pay for their children's membership directly through the website. The special school discounted rate becomes available when full class groups are registered. One of the major benefits of Maths Buddy is the ability for you as the teacher to be able to set tasks and homework and have them automatically marked and recorded.

Lesson Plans Home › Classroom Resources › Lesson Plans We have hundreds of standards-based lesson plans written and reviewed by educators using current research and the best instructional practices. Find the perfect one for your classroom. Standard Lessons See All Standard Lessons These lessons are designed to offer three to five classroom sessions with step-by-step instructions. Grades 5 – 12 | Lesson Plan Thoughtful Threads: Sparking Rich Online Discussions Today's students love chatting online with friends. Standards Every lesson plan on ReadWriteThink has been aligned not only to the IRA/NCTE Standards for the English Language Arts but to individual state standards as well.

Nrich Teachers Primary Pupils Secondary Students Events and PD "It gave me some good ideas to use in the classroom and ... a link that I can get all of the activities from." Book NRICH Bespoke PDBook Forthcoming EventsBook our Hands-on Roadshow Your Solutions Fast maths trick - multiply two numbers near 100 faster than a calculator using vedic math

A Primer on Curriculum-Sharing Sites When I was teaching, the single greatest way for me to prepare was to have conversations with my colleagues who had taught the concepts before. For one, this helped all of us develop a common discourse, which was inevitably clearer once we were working through our thoughts in trying to explain ideas to each other. Second, chatting informally helped me to develop a conversational tone, and to speak extemporaneously with the class, which ultimately helped to convey my passion for the subject matter, which is what brought my colleagues and I together in the first place. In addition, the most effective assignments that I used were based on ideas or resources that other teachers had shared with me. Teacher collaboration not only saves time, and makes work easier, it improves the quality of curriculum. The second domain consists of sites that produce and share free curriculum materials, in a more traditional broadcast model. Curriculum Sharing Networks Curriculum Sharing Broadcast Sites

Maths Videos Smart Tools for Your Android Device Smart Tools Co. is a developer of handy Android apps for measuring things. Some of the free apps that they offer include Smart Measure, Sound Meter, Vibration Meter, Speed  Gun, and Smart Protractor. Smart Tools also offers pro versions of those apps. I’m not a mathematics teacher and admittedly my geometry skills are rusty, but when I watched the videos of Smart Measure and Smart Protractor in action (videos below) I couldn’t help but think that there has to be a math lesson lying in wait with these apps. Tags: geometry, math, mathematics