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Math Worksheets Land - For All Grade Levels Yummy Math- Real World Math Tasks Starfall Math Tests and Quizzes That Are Aligned Core Math Curriculum Math Tests and Topic/Skill Based Quizzes We now have a full line of tests for each section of the common core curriculum. Test are fully available to members for immediate download. There is a test sampler in each section for those who haven't signed up yet and want to see what it is all about. We will continue to add new tests on a monthly basis. Tests By Grade Level Kindergarten Level - You'll find a multiple choice version, short response, and all 5 individual content areas in their own quiz.Grade 1- The level of the material seems very difficult for first graders, but it is perfectly aligned.Grade 2- The extended response test form is difficult for most students at this level.Grade 3- Geometry comes to life, at least a little more.

Maths Games La découverte d'une "tuile" historique secoue le monde des mathématiques SCIENCES - Une équipe de mathématiciens a bouleversé le monde des maths en découvrant un nouveau type de pentagone capable de "paver un plan", c'est-à-dire que les tuiles peuvent s'assembler sur une surface plane sans qu'elles ne se chevauchent ni ne laissent de trous. Seuls quinze pentagones de ce type ont été découverts jusqu'ici. On n'en avait pas découvert depuis trente ans. C'est presque aussi impressionnant que de découvrir un nouvel atome, a déclaré Dr. Casey Mann, maître de conférences en mathématiques à l'université de Washington Bothell et membre de l'équipe. L'équipe a fait cette découverte grâce à un programme informatique conçu pour l'occasion. "Nous avons découvert la tuile en faisant une recherche exhaustive sur un ordinateur grâce à un ensemble de possibilités très large mais fini", a expliqué Casey Mann au journal Le Guardian, en ajoutant que l'équipe avait été "un peu surprise" de découvrir un nouveau type de pentagone. Le nouveau pentagone.

Problems of the Month Problem solving is the cornerstone of doing mathematics. A problem that you can’t solve in less than a day is usually a problem that is similar to one that you have solved before. But in real life, a problem is a situation that confronts you and you don’t have an idea of where to even start. If we want our students to be problem solvers and mathematically powerful, we must model perseverance and challenge students with non-routine problems. Administrators, teachers and parents should facilitate and support students in the process of attacking and reasoning about the problems. The solution is not as important as the process of problem solving. The educator or parent should not be impatient with the student’s struggle. The principal should embrace the concept of problem solving and model problem-solving leadership, being a facilitator of non-routine problems. Once the problem is presented to the students, the principal should be visible in facilitating the tasks alongside the teachers.

Maths Videos Here is a collection of hand-picked mathematical videos freely available on YouTube. If you are looking for a particular topic you may like to begin on out topics page where you can also find starters, visual aids and interactive resources.Please let us know if you find any interesting videos we should include in this list. A History of the Calendar A fast paced animation explaining the development of the modern calendar. [Time: 3:55] A Mathematical Fable It's not just the squares on the sides of right angles triangles that add up!