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Free Math Worksheets

Free Math Worksheets

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Math Resources for Teachers (Lessons, Activities, Printables: K-12) Highlights Classroom Organization Tips Did you resolve to get organized this year? Our Top 10 Classroom Organization Tips will help you get your classroom in shape for the months ahead, whether your existing system needs a tune-up or you're ready for a total overhaul. February Calendar of Events February is full of events that you can incorporate into your standard curriculum. Our Educators' Calendar outlines activities for each event, including: Eating Disorders Awareness Week (2/21-27) and Leap Day (2/29). Plus, celebrate Black History Month, Library Lovers' Month, National Heart Month all February long!

SuperTeacher Math Worksheets Addition Worksheets (Basic) Worksheets with basic addition facts (sums up to 18). Addition Worksheets (Advanced) Addition with and without carrying. KS1 Numeracy A visual open ended activity to help with basic calculation and number bonds. Create number piles, Drag and drop the number bars to help explain a variety of concepts. A visual excersice to help with basic subtraction. Drag and drop the number bars to help with the calculation.

Walking in Mathland Yes. The answer is yes you can study mathematics. There is apparently a rumor going around telling students that math cannot be studied. Tangram Puzzles for Kids ABCya is the leader in free educational computer games and mobile apps for kids. The innovation of a grade school teacher, ABCya is an award-winning destination for elementary students that offers hundreds of fun, engaging learning activities. Millions of kids, parents, and teachers visit each month, playing over 1 billion games last year.

Kitchen Floor Tiles Fred has some colored kitchen floor tiles and wants to choose a pattern using them to make a border around white tiles. He generates patterns by starting with a row of four white tiles. He surrounds these four tiles with a border of colored tiles (Border 1). Triangle Theorems Calculator Triangle Shape (ASA) A = angle A B = angle B C = angle C a = side a b = side b c = side c P = perimeter s = semi-perimeter K = area r = radius of inscribed circle R = radius of circumscribed circle Triangle Theorems: Each calculation option, shown below, has sub bullets that list the sequence of methods used in this calculator to solve for unknown angle and side values including Sum of Angles in a Triangle, Law of Sines and Law of Cosines. These are NOT the ONLY sequences you could use to solve these.

Snake on a Plane In a video game called Snake, a player moves a snake through a square region in the plane, trying to eat the white pellets that appear. If we imagine the playing field as a 32-by-32 grid of pixels, then the snake starts as a 4-by-1 rectangle of pixels, and grows in length as it eats the pellets: After the first pellet, it grows in length by one pixel. After the second pellet, it further grows in length by two pixels. After the third pellet, it further grows in length by three pixels. etc. Let $L(n)$ denote the length of the snake after eating $n$ pellets.

Soft Start to Khan Academy in your Classroom Khan Academy has grown so much and it has so many entry points and options that a teacher starting to use it may feel overwhelmed. Because Khan Academy is an online application with feedback to the student and teacher, it is a perfect blended learning option. However, blended learning also offers many different models. Velocity Lesson Plan Description What is velocity and how is it determined? In this lesson plan, students are actively involved in experiments to measure and calculate the magnitude of speed, known as velocity using algebraic terms. Materials Preparations 1. Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems 1A 10 m long ladder is leaning against a wall. The bottom of the ladder is 6 m from the base of where the wall meets the ground. At what height from the ground does the top of the ladder lean against the wall? 2Determine the side of an equilateral triangle whose perimeter is equal to a square of side 12 cm. Are their areas equal?

untitled An axiom is an established or accepted principle. For this section, the following are accepted as axioms. A theorem is a hypothesis (proposition) that can be shown to be true by accepted mathematical operations and arguments. A proof is the process of showing a theorem to be correct. The converse of a theorem is the reverse of the hypothesis and the conclusion. SAT Suite of Assessments Choice A is correct. Multiplying the number of cups of milk by the amount of calcium each cup contains and multiplying the number of cups of juice by the amount of calcium each cup contains gives the total amount of calcium from each source. The student must then find the sum of these two numbers to find the total amount of calcium.