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Maths Charts by Jenny Eather

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Jim Reed's Home Page (Interactive Activities) Web Resources Design: The high school mathematics resources created over the last two years have a different design. The dynamic interactive activities typically have a visual and symbolic output with a means to change length/parameters. For the units completed, I have tried to develop a comprehensive, concise set of math notes with applets that the reader to understand/remember the concepts and enhance their math intuition for real life applications. For most of these resources I want the user to start exploring the applet to discover as much of the pattern themselves, then use the notes on the left to fill in the rest of the pattern. I am using my own invention, CET (Closed Eyes Test) to check the effectiveness of the resources. If the resource passes CET, I can still see/interact with the applet with my eyes closed.

rkboard Connections: 5 Math Games Every Classroom Needs to Play Guest post by Leigh Langton Hey guys! It's Leigh from The Applicious Teacher! I am super excited to be blogging at Corkboard Connections today. I'm sharing a practice that I use to help increase my students' engagement and number sense during my math block. Mathematical Images: Symmetry I love finding ‘maths pictures’, and thought it would be nice to start collecting and sharing them. Symmetry is the easiest to begin with, unsurprisingly. Images with simple line symmetry can be great for young (i.e. Y7) pupils to engage with, allowing for discussions about strategies to ‘test’ to how symmetrical an image is and how it could be improved to be ‘more’ symmetrical (this is a good ‘way in’ to using squared paper to complete reflections). Rotational symmetry is fun to explore with an interactive whiteboard, and more practical activities abound (e.g. for homework pupils can draw their own Rangoli patterns, or make patterned wedges that can be repeated to build up a whole shape). Some of my most able Y7 pupils wrote excellent pieces discussing symmetry in buildings and gave their opinions on how symmetry affected the attractiveness of a building or shop display.

Math Notebooks Last school year I used math notebooks with my students. The notebooks are full of charts, examples, pictures, vocabulary, notes (of course), etc. I kept my own notebook, one for each class (in order to model). We filled them in together each time we wrote in it. I LOVE how they turned out. I actually kept them over the summer instead of sending them home with the kids (not because I loved them that much but because I wanted to make sure the notebooks actually made it to the 5th grade with the kids!)

Free fraction videos online Enjoy free online math videos on these fraction topics: (Fraction videos, part 2, are on this page.) The videos are recorded in high-density (HD) and are viewable both here as well as at my Youtube channel. Mathematics The Common Core State Standards call for students to engage in rigorous content work, developing both conceptual and procedural understandings of mathematics and applying their understanding to solve authentic problems. In order for all students to develop this in-depth knowledge of mathematics, teachers must teach ambitiously. Our vision of ambitious mathematics instruction is guided by a set of principles about children and the work of teaching. These include viewing children as sense-makers and knowing students as individuals and learners. Teachers must provide all students with equitable access to rigorous academic work and be responsive to the requirements of the school environment while at the same time working to improve schools as institutions in a democracy. Developing a vision of ambitious teaching and putting it into practice is complex work.

Three Acts Of A Mathematical Story 2016 Aug 6. Here is video of this task structure implemented with elementary students. 2013 May 14. Here’s a brief series on how to teach with three-act math tasks. Contents, Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles Since May 6, 1997You are visitor number E66B7E in base 20 Raymond Smullyan, a Mathematician, Philosopher and author of several outstanding books of logical puzzles, tells, in one of his books, a revealing story. A friend invited him for dinner. He told Smullyan that his teenage son was crazy about Smullyan's books and could not wait to meet him.

Guided Math: Part 4 Okay, so it took long enough! My life is just all sorts of crazy right now.... let's see... I'm a wife who actually enjoys cooking, a mom to a 2 year old boy and soon to be (Feb. 1) a new baby boy, a full-time teacher of 4th grade students, an active church member, and a full-time graduate student pursuing my Ed.S. Starter Of The Day Start your Mathematics Lesson with our Starter Of The Day. Boost your mind power with these brain exercises. Give your mental ability a work out with a range of mathematical puzzles, speed tests and creative ideas.

you clever monkey: One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab I've used the picture book One Is a Snail, Ten is a Crab: A Counting by Feet Book (affiliate link) a few different ways now. It's such a great book with beautifully bright illustrations, many different number uses and a sense of humour making it a great read aloud book for all ages. I love using books in lots of different areas other than English and this one is perfect for Maths. This term I used it to help support number sense in the classroom.

Math Teaching Videos Math Teaching VideosEach math problem comes with a step by step video solution, follow up problems, an online calculator and sketch pad. advertisement Jenn's Fish Tank Weighing Oranges Word Problems This page contains links to free math worksheets for Word Problems problems. Click one of the buttons below to view a worksheet and its answer key. You can also use the 'Worksheets' menu on the side of this page to find worksheets on other math topics. Addition Word Problems Introductory word problems for addition Subtraction Word Problems

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