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Institute of Mathematics

Institute of Mathematics
The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) is the UK's learned and professional society for mathematics and its applications. The IMA exists to support the advancement of mathematical knowledge and its applications and to promote and enhance mathematical culture in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, for the public good. Join The IMA Be part of an active network of mathematicians in academia, business, government, industry and schools, promoting mathematics- applications, education and research.

Online texts Professor Jim Herod and I have written Multivariable Calculus ,a book which we and a few others have used here at Georgia Tech for two years. We have also proposed that this be the first calculus course in the curriculum here, but that is another story.... Although it is still in print, Calculus,by Gilbert Strang is made available through MIT's OpenCourseWare electronic publishing initiative. Here is one that has also been used here at Georgia Tech. Linear Methods of Applied Mathematics, by Evans Harrell and James Herod. Economics Careers Economists provide specialist advice to organisations in the public, finance, manufacturing political and other sectors. They apply economic theory and knowledge to analyse data, forecast future trends and recommend ways to improve efficiency or plan future activities. For a detailed profile of an economist, see How do I become an economist? You will need: A Bachelors degree in Economics (single-honours or joint honours containing at least 50% of economics modules), ideally with a strong quantitative element.

Accountancy, banking and finance sector Accountancy, banking and finance sector Could you be one of the two million people employed in the finance sector? Discover what it's like to work in the industry Math Alive Course Instructors Ingrid DaubechiesShannon Hughes 218 (ID)/217 (SH) Fine Hall, Washington Road Princeton, NJ 08540-1000 You can find other contact information on a Contact us page. How is life different from 25 or even 10 years ago? Health Economics and Outcomes Research Manager - ABPI Careers So, what do you do? I use clinical and economic evidence to demonstrate the value of medicines and increase patient access to new medicines. What does your typical day involve? There are several aspects to the work I do; these involve working with different groups of people on different projects.

About the Prudential Regulation Authority The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) is a part of the Bank of England and responsible for the prudential regulation and supervision of banks, building societies, credit unions, insurers and major investment firms. It sets standards and supervises financial institutions at the level of the individual firm. The PRA has two statutory objectives: to promote the safety and soundness of these firms and, specifically for insurers, to contribute to the securing of an appropriate degree of protection for policyholders. It makes an important contribution to the Bank’s core purpose of protecting and enhancing the stability of the UK financial system.

Basic Library List This page describes the MAA's list of Recommendations for Undergraduate Libraries. To see what books are in the list, go to the Browse page and select either "Have BLL" (for all recommended books) or a particular rating. About the Basic Library List The MAA's Basic Library List is a list of books recommended by the Association for purchase by college and university libraries. Books that are part of the BLL have that fact indicated in search results and on their "book details" page. The Advanced Search engine allows you to restrict your search to books that are in the BLL, and that is the primary way to access the list.

Working in Health Economics Author: Ian Murnaghan BSc (hons), MSc - Updated: 28 December 2012| Comment Health economics is one of those rapidly growing fields that links up business with health care. A health economist has a unique passion for using their knowledge of economics by applying it to a variety of challenges in health and medicine. As the population continues to grow, the demand for quality and cost-effective health care similarly grows, leaving careers in health economics vital to sustaining our health care system. What is a Health Economist?