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Living Math!

Living Math!

Marilyn Burns: 10 Big Math Ideas Everyone's favorite math guru shares the top 10 ways you can enhance your students' math learning, test scores, and skills Several years ago, Michael, one of my third graders, wrote this in his journal: "I never used to look forward to math. All we did was add and subtract. Now I like it more. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. How to Recognize a Successful Homeschool Math Program photo by Dan McCarthy (cc-by) After teaching co-op math classes for several years, I’ve become known as the local math maven. Upon meeting one of my children, fellow homeschoolers often say, “Oh, you’re Denise’s son/daughter? You must be really good at math.” The kids do their best to smile politely — and not to roll their eyes until the other person has turned away. I hear similar comments after teaching a math workshop: “Wow, your kids must love math!” In fact, one daughter expressed the depth of her youthful perfectionist angst by scribbling all over the cover of her Miquon math workbook: “I hate math! Translation: “If I can’t do it flawlessly the first time, then I don’t want to do it at all.” photo by Jason Bolonski (cc-by) Measuring Math Success I don’t judge my success as a math teacher by whether my students enjoy the subject. How, then, can I tell whether my kids are learning math? I talk to them. I ask questions like “How did you figure that out?” Thinking like a Mathematician

Home page 10 Unusual Ways to Explore Math I confess. I never really liked math. I played the school game well so I received pretty good grades, but after I passed the test (even after receiving an A in most cases), those rules, theorems and facts didn’t stick around for very long. The problem was everything was drilled into me, or as I like to think now, drilled out of me. I’m so excited that now, as an adult, I have the time and opportunity to get to know math all over again with my kids. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to take subjects traditionally taught in schools, one subject each week, and show you how they can be looked at in unusual ways. Here’s a list of ten unusual ways to look at math. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Do you have any ideas about how math is connected in unusual ways to your world? Did you like this post? Photo Credit: fdecomite

Welcome to the Mathematics Assessment Project “And I’m calling on our nation’s governors and state education chiefs to develop standards and assessments that don’t simply measure whether students can fill in a bubble on a test, but whether they possess 21st Century skills like problem solving and critical thinking and entrepreneurship and creativity.” President Obama, 1 March 2009. New lessons: We've been steadily adding new 'Classroom Challenge' lessons for grades 6-8 over the last few months, and in a few weeks all of the planned 20 lessons for each grade from 6 to 10 will be available. New – TRU Math: Teaching for Robust Understanding of Mathematics is a suite of tools for professional develompent and research - the alpha versions of these documents are available here. The project is working to design and develop well-engineered assessment tools to support US schools in implementing the Products Classroom Challenges: lessons for formative assessment, some focused on developing math concepts, others on non-routine problem solving.

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