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Time Games

Time Games

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Addition and Subtraction, Maths, Key Stage 2 - Interactive Whiteboard Resources Spinners A versatile way of generating random numbers which is excellent for use right through the primary school. Spin the numbers and choose the required calculation. Tell time 1 minute ago: Someone had problem at level 4. A quarter to which took 10 seconds. 3 minutes ago: Someone had problem at level 3. Hours and half-hours which took 4 minutes.

Four In A Line Go to Games, Games 2 or Games 3 To win: connect 4 pieces in a row, column or diagonally (We have gone Connect Crazy! see all the new versions) Four In A Line Rules Point the cursor over the row you wish to drop your piece in. Left click to drop your piece When you can connect four pieces vertically, horizontally or diagonally you win Ordering and Sequencing, Maths, Key Stage 2 - Interactive Whiteboard Resources Caterpillar OrderingTablet friendly A flexible game for ordering numbers and for number sequences. Fantastic on an interactive whiteboard and tablet friendly. - Love Learning - Great Britain's Number 1 Maths Website

3D Objects (Prisms, Cylinders, Cones, Spheres) Three‐dimensional objects are the solid shapes you see every day, like boxes, balls, coffee cups, and cans. Here are some helpful vocabulary terms for solids: Base: the bottom surface of a solid object.Edge: the intersection of two faces on a solid object. This is a line.Face: a flat side of a 3‐dimensional object.Prism: a solid object with two congruent and parallel faces.Pyramid: a solid object with a polygon for a base and triangles for sides. - Free Typing Test & Typing Games Online NAPLAN 2010 Teaching Strategies Strategies Students can: use a ruler and other measuring devices to measure lengths in metres, centimetres and millimetres record lengths in decimal notation Activities to support the strategies Students are given a worksheet with a variety of drawings of squares, rectangles and triangles.

Data Handling, Maths, Key Stage 2 - Interactive Whiteboard Resources Bar Charts A truly incredible and flexible resource for teaching both vertical and horizontal bar charts. It even has questions about each graph and different levels of difficulty. Carroll Diagrams An amazing site which can really help your understanding of Carroll Diagrams and concepts like multiples, more or less and odd or even.