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ABOUT THE SONGS Dear music lovers who wish to know more about the songs performed in the film No Land’s Song (thanks for your numerous requests!), here is the list (following the order of appearance in the film): Download & Streaming : Audio Archive : Internet Archive Listen to free audio books and poetry recordings! This library of audio books and poetry features digital recordings and MP3's from the Naropa Poetics Audio Archive, LibriVox, Project Gutenberg, Maria Lectrix, and Internet Archive users. LibriVox - founded in 2005 - is a community of volunteers from all over the world who record public domain texts: poetry, short stories, whole books, even dramatic works, in many different languages.

9 ways to enhance your Grooveshark experience We’ve already given you a great breakdown on the best online music streaming services available today, making it easy for you to choose which is best for you. Out of the four services however, Grooveshark is the only one available to a worldwide audience, with Rdio, Spotify and Pandora restricting use to certain countries. For those of you who have been left out of the cold, there’s no denying Grooveshark’s strengths, and with a few add-ons and apps, you can make your Grooveshark an even better experience, making the site the ideal alternative to Spotify, Pandora and Rdio. Access Grooveshark from your desktop with GrooveWalrus

The Weather Report Annotated Discography It is with sadness that I report that Victor Bailey passed away today. I first had the opportunity to speak with Victor in February 2014. I had been trying to connect with him in order to do an interview for some time. 500 Reasons I Love Germany Reason #10 why I love Germany are the Swabian Alps which offer gentle hiking trails with views of the German countryside. There are no mountains in the Swabian Alps, but hills - some of them quite big, so the Swabian Alps has hiking for all fitness levels. This past weekend we choose a small hike in the Swabian Alps since my fiance's mom was with us and she has heart problems. The hike started in the small town of Bad Urach.Our destination was Guetersteiner Wasserfall (German for waterfall) which could be reached by a flat well maintained loop that was 3km round trip. There were plenty of extensions including a trail that led to a fortress with more distance and elevation gain for those with more stamina than we had on this particular day.

The Telegraph - Calcutta : Metro There is now a pretty solid body of evidence that for The Beatles, India was their most creative period. When they were in Rishikesh for several weeks in February, March and April of 1968, they wrote between 23 and 48 songs, 17 of which were included in their White Album, one of their best known. We know this from the account given by Paul Saltzman, now a distinguished Canadian filmmaker, who went up to Rishikesh in February, 1968, and was included for a week by The Beatles as part of their inner circle. Perhaps The Beatles felt sorry for him, for Saltzman, then 24, had received a letter from his girlfriend who had dumped him. Seeking solace for his painful heartbreak, he wandered up to the mountains and found the ashram in Rishikesh. It has been said that 1968 was the year that rocked the world.

When to help a patient die Legal analysts at a Harvard Medical School (HMS) forum differed during a discussion Thursday evening on whether a law allowing death with dignity or assisted suicide for terminally ill patients is right for Massachusetts. But they agreed that similar laws in Oregon and Washington have not proven to be a “slippery slope” that endangered vulnerable patients. Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has certified a ballot initiative for next November that, if passed, would enable a physician to write a prescription for a lethal dose of medicine if a terminally ill adult who is mentally competent asks for it. Proponents had until Dec. 7 to gather the needed 68,911 signatures in support of the measure to have it qualify for the state ballot. Speaking at an HMS medical ethics forum, Boston College Law School Professor Emeritus Charles H.

13 Tips for Dealing With a Really Lousy Day We've all had terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. A bad work evaluation, a disappointing grade, a potential crush who turns out to be interested in someone else, a fight with your mother, a worrisome report from a doctor, a broken resolution…lousy days take many forms. Here are some strategies I use for coping with a lousy day: Top 10 Things That Determine Happiness photo: meddygarnet Happiness is, by nature, a subjective quality with a definition like a moving target. There is scant evidence — qualitative or quantitative — to lend convincing support to those life variables most critical in determining individual happiness, which is likely why past researchers committed to the scientific method rarely tried to tackle the subject. This is changing.

How to Choose from a Variety of Deodorants and Antiperspirants - Vital By Nature Now-a-days, chosing a best deodorants and antiperspirants is a tough job for people. There are a lot of options to choose from like deodrants, antiperspitants, sprays, roll-ons,etc. A simple an extract from lime juice is enough to fight against perspiration in some parts of the world. Some Asian tribes rub their armpits with alum crystals to prevent sweating while some Russians use vinegar.

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