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Permaculture. Permaculture. Permaculture. Échanges sur la permaculture. Sources d'info Perma... Eco-lieux et blogs de permaculture. 7 Things You Should Know About Permaculture. What is permaculture?

7 Things You Should Know About Permaculture

For those of you who’ve only heard of the term in passing, and even for you seasoned “permies” who struggle to explain this exciting (and sometimes life-changing) idea to others, here’s the gist in 7 points: 1. Permaculture is a Design System That Uses Ecosystem Principles to Meet Human Needs “If we throw mother nature out the window, she comes back in the door with a pitchfork.” - Masanobu Fukuoka, author of The One Straw Revolution. Image from La permaculture un mode de vie « Ecoterre TV. Bernard Alonso est formateur et enseignant dans l’âme, dans son amour de la nature ainsi que dans son besoin de partager ses expériences, en 2007-2008, Bernard Alonso est invité en Inde du Sud pour découvrir et pratiquer la Permaculture tropicale.

La permaculture un mode de vie « Ecoterre TV

Parrainé par la Foundation International Sri Vast de Suède, il enseigne sur l’Ashram de Sri Vast la «Permaculture appliquée» aux fermiers locaux, aux enfants et aux femmes indigènes. Pour ce faire, il utilise des actions simples, durables qui permettront dans un futur proche l’autonomie d’une production de nourriture saine, cultivée sans impact environnemental. Index of /Permaculture/ Permaculture Design Principles. The Permaculture Design Principles are a set of universal design principles that can be applied to any location, climate and culture, and they allow us to design the most efficient and sustainable human habitation and and food production systems.

Permaculture Design Principles

Permaculture is a design system that encompasses a wide variety of disciplines, such as ecology, landscape design, environmental science and energy conservation, and the Permaculture design principles are drawn from these various disciplines. Each individual design principle itself embodies a complete conceptual framework based on sound scientific principles. When we bring all these separate principles together, we can create a design system that both looks at whole systems, the parts that these systems consist of, and how those parts interact with each other to create a complex, dynamic, living system.

Tropical Permaculture Gardens: Growing Fruits And Vegetables The Easy Way. Tropical Lowlands. Tropical Lowlands: Hawaii and South Florida Lowland Hawaii and south Florida are proper tropical climates, completely free of frost all year.

Tropical Lowlands

This region corresponds with USDA Zones 10–12 and Sunset Zone 25. Note: There are many more fine perennial vegetables for the tropical lowlands, which unfortunately were excluded from this book due to its North American focus. See the Recommended Reading and Organizations section for ideas. Perennial in all of the Tropical Lowlands: Abelmoschus manihot edible hibiscus Allium cepa aggregatum shallot Allium tuberosum garlic chives Alternanthera sissoo sissoo spinach Artocarpus altilis breadfruit Bambusa spp. clumping bamboos Basella alba Malabar spinach Brassica oleracea acephala tropical tree kale Brassica oleracea alboglabra gai lon Canna edulis achira Capsicum annum ‘Perennial Capsicum’ sweet pepper Carica papaya papaya Cedrella sinensis fragrant spring tree Cnidoscolus chayamansa ‘Stingless’ chaya Cnidoscolus palmeri & bull nettles Cyperus esculentus sativa chufa.

Comment démarrer un potager en permaculture. Temperate Climate Permaculture: Permaculture Guilds. A Blacksmith Guild A guild, according to Webster's Dictionary, is an association of people with similar interests or pursuits, also, or more particularly, a guild is a medieval association of merchants or craftsmen.

Temperate Climate Permaculture: Permaculture Guilds

The word guild comes from the Old English and means Payment or Tribute. Historically, for example, a carpenter could pay tribute to join a carpenter's guild. He would then be protected by the society of fellow carpenters... protected from price gouging, unfair trade, etc. and protected from others stealing their "secrets", i.e. skills or "tradesecrets". This is where a lot of the secret societies were initially formed (like the Masons... initially, stonemasons). This term has been applied to Permaculture to describe a collection of plants (a polyculture) that individually could survive on their own, but perform much better when grouped together. One of the first, and most well known, Permaculture Guilds... the Three Sisters. A Permaculture Design Course Handbook. The humid tropics offers unique design challenges and the subsequent opportunities for forging new paradigms in areas that have suffered quite dramatically from imported cultural stamps.

A Permaculture Design Course Handbook

Whether this is northern european growing techniques or the infusion of a new religion due to slavery, tropical latitude countries have long been exploited and are overdue for a new model of development. The UN has acknowledged the failed role of chemical agriculture and has now said we must move forward with sustainable agriculture and cites permaculture as one of the methodologies to approach the gargantuan task of repairing social, environmental, and financial systems.

In this Chapter we will approach the topics of the challenges that people are faced at Pau d’arco processing- Making medicine in the jungle of Costa Rica, 2006 latitudes 0-25. We will not be covering the arid tropics, just as Bill delineated in his book as that is looked at in the context of drylands only. Terra Genesis International - Permaculture Consulting & Regenerative Design. Permaculture. See also Category:Agriculture for more pages relevant to permaculture and sustainable agriculture - most of the articles on Appropedia are written with a concern for holistic, sustainable practices.' See Permaculture wiki for an explanation of how Appropedia works for permaculture.


Permaculture is an type of gardening that uses a specific vegetation pattern, and uses specific combinations of flora/fauna. It is often centered around a house. Depending on the local bioregion however, and as a result, varying conditions, different specific choices and practices can be made. A Permaculture Design Course Handbook. Written by Doug Crouch One of the most potent and exemplary designs of tropical permaculture is the banana circle.

A Permaculture Design Course Handbook

It has multiple functions that include the following but are not limited to them just as Bill Mollison once said: (the yield is theoretically unlimited, it is only our imagination and information that does) Compost pile (anti-burning of organic material)Food productionBiomass productionGreywater- from a sink or an outdoor shower right on topHabitat for wildlifeIntegration into mandala gardensCommunity interaction (as we experienced in Malaysia with harvesting material from one neighbours burn pile)