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SUPER-STRONG......up to 225 mph Hurricane Winds & Category 4 Tornado Guarantee The dome's geodesic shape combined with the steel reinforced concrete exterior allows for such a guarantee. Ai's standard design will accommodate up to 225 mph hurricane winds, category 4 tornadoes and 75 lb. snow loads. In over 35 years, Ai domes have survived all major USA hurricanes (Andrew & Katrina), tornados, a Hawaiian earthquake, and a 30" in diameter hickory tree impact with no structural damage. To read a recap of the Ai dome and acts of nature, click Nature.

Mike's Spacetime For 2009, with the cube project in full swing Alissa and I decided we wanted more comfort on the playa. We had been donated a bare steel dome and so we needed to build a cover for it. Here are the construction & assembly plans, including, for sake of completeness, the design for the actual geodesic structure itself, even though we didn’t actually build it. UPDATE: I just gave a little presentation on geodesic domes and these insulated playa domes: Here’s the presentation: MikeTyka_PlayaDomes_Icosahedra.pptx The geodesic steel frame

2v Dome calculation tools Enter the radius or height of the dome, then click the calculate button. Hub and strutt constructionTo build a 2v geodesic dome framework you will need: 30 lengths of 'A' size struts 35 lengths of 'B' size struts 6 five way hubs 10 six way hubs 10 four way hubs - around the base of the dome. Use the diagram below to assist with assembly Panelised construction To build a 2v geodesic dome using panels you will need:

Rick Bono's Geodesic Dome Program - DOME 4.80 DOME 4.80ar.02 DOME is a program, by Rick Bono, for creating models of geodesic domes, spheres and related models. I have modified DOME 4.80 slightly to add support for OFF output, which can then be processed and displayed by Antiprism and other packages (but see also, the Antiprism geodesic program, which will make Class I, II, and III models based on general polyhedra). While I was looking at this I fixed some small problems I had getting DOME to build. I converted the build to use the Autotools, which will hopefully help with portability. I also made minor changes to the POV-Ray output to make it compatible with the latest version of POV-Ray.

geodesic - geodesic spheres Usage Usage: geodesic [options] [input_file] Read a file in OFF format and make a higher frequency, plane-faced polyhedron or geodesic sphere. If input_file is not given the program reads from standard input Options -h,--help this help message (run 'off_util -H help' for general help) --version version information -f <freq> pattern frequency, a positive integer (default: 1) giving the number of repeats of the specified pattern along an edge -F <freq> final step frequency, minimum number of edges to move between base vertices in the geodesic model. How To Build A Geodesic Dome: 268 Square Feet for $300 DIY Ready How To Build A Geodesic Dome: 268 Square Feet for $300 4.90/5 (98.00%) 10 votes How To Build A Geodesic Dome : Step by step instructions How To Build a 19′ 268 Square Foot Geodome What is a Geodesic Dome? Geodesic domes are one of the strongest, lightest structures you can build.

Timberline Geodesics The only tools you will need are: Socket Wrenches Hammers Ladders Scaffolding (desirable) Nail Gun (desirable) A 35' 5/8 sphere dome assembled by a group of friends and neighbors with no dome building experience. Thanks to our patented color coded SteelStar connectors and pre-cut struts this dome was assembled in about three hours. The structural framework of a Timberline Dome consists of 2" x 6" wooden struts and our unique heavy duty SteelStar Connector system.

Frameless Geodesic Dome What is it? It’s a frameless geodesic dome designed to be easy to fabricate and build. It is 18 feet wide at the widest point and about 13 feet tall. It feels very spacious for it’s 209 square foot floor. Truncated icosahedron It has 12 regular pentagonal faces, 20 regular hexagonal faces, 60 vertices and 90 edges. It is the Goldberg polyhedron GV(1,1), containing pentagonal and hexagonal faces. It is used in the cell-transitive hyperbolic space-filling tessellation, the bitruncated order-5 dodecahedral honeycomb. Construction[edit]

Conduit Dome Tips Conduit, or EMT seems to be the material of choice for domes at Burning Man. Conduit is easy to work with, relatively inexpensive, and plated so painting isn't necessary. This page will provide tips for making conduit framed domes. STEP 1: Deciding on a frequency The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of dome you want to build. If this is your first dome, the 2 or 3 frequency domes are recommended.