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Using VB to control Arduino. Partageons notre créativité. Bricolage : deux Raspberry Pi permettent de créer un réseau GSM sommaire. Ce week-end, vous auriez envie de bricoler un petit peu et de simuler un réseau GSM chez vous ?

Bricolage : deux Raspberry Pi permettent de créer un réseau GSM sommaire

Rien de plus simple, il vous faut deux Raspberry Pi, un peu de patience et le tour est joué ! Bon, d'accord, il vous faudra peut-être un plus de compétence, de recherche et de patience que ce qu'évoque notre chapeau. Cela dit, si vos capacités de bricolage doivent être revues à la hausse, l'exploit relaté est, lui, bien réel. How to Make a Ridiculously Cheap Analog Pressure Sensor. The Pirate Bay documentaire (français) par Simon Klose. Best Voice Recognition Software for Raspberry Pi - DIY Hacking. Best Voice Recognition Software for Raspberry Pi This tutorial is about the best voice recognition software for Raspberry Pi and how to use it.

Best Voice Recognition Software for Raspberry Pi - DIY Hacking

I was able to install and test three different voice recognition systems for Raspberry Pi. Two of these softwares were dependent on the internet and were online , however the third one was offline.The three softwares which were tested were : Out of these three, I rate the Voice Control software created by Steven Hickson to be the most precise and potent. The Jasper system, even though it works offline , it compromises on accuracy and speed. The softwares presented by Oscar and Steven use google voice APIs, they are very accurate and precise.

Bill of Materials Hardware: Raspberry Pi model B with memory card preloaded with an OS.WiFi dongle (Optional) : Edimax EW 7811UN / LAN network cable.A USB webcam with microphone / USB microphone. Using a PS3 EyeToy with the Raspberry Pi. Having heard about the new camera driver built into the kernel of the new Raspbian OS image, I decided to have a play, using my PS3 EyeToy camera.

Using a PS3 EyeToy with the Raspberry Pi

The steps below are based on this forum thread, with some changes to reflect my own experience. The Raspberry Pi supports a number of cameras, not just the EyeToy, so if you have a spare one lying around, give it a go. And there you have it – a simple baby monitor, security camera or basis for time-lapse photography! The files can build up quickly though, particularly if you enable regular snapshots, so make sure you have plenty of space on the SD card you are using.

Unfortunately, like the original poster, I noticed that occasional frames had a strange form of corruption (example), which unfortunately the camera detects as motion (although you can tweak the config file to only trigger after a number of consecutive frames of motion). If you enjoyed this post, please share it! 3D Scanner: FabScan Pi. There are several way to build an affordable 3D scanner for your home.

3D Scanner: FabScan Pi

One way is to make photos (maybe even automatisied) from all sides of an object and let Autodesk 123D Catch do its magic. Médiations numériques en médiathèque. Ce second article sur le dispositif Spot est donc destiné aux personnes souhaitant le réaliser.

Médiations numériques en médiathèque

Si vous n’avez pas d’expérience avec Arduino, et que vous ne souhaitez pas investir du temps à vous initier à cette plateforme, mais que la réalisation d’un Spot vous tente, je vais tenter de vous guider pas à pas. Cela dit, chaque minute passée sur la plateforme Arduino (matériel et logiciel) constituant un investissement « rentable » en terme d’apprentissage, je ne peux que vous encourager à vous y intéresser de manière plus approfondie.

Homebrew Arduino Pulse Monitor (Visualize Your Heartbeat) Movies look cool with those EKG (electrocardiogram), the one that beeps and detects heart activities.

Homebrew Arduino Pulse Monitor (Visualize Your Heartbeat)

A few months ago, we had to shoot a hospital scene for our school project. We needed an EKG instrument. To keep the movie authentic, we didn't want to fake the readings so we made the next best thing, a pulse monitor. Since my dad is a doctor he gave me some advice to design the pulse monitor. Let me clarify this to you. Étagère extèrieure en récup. 15 aout... super beau temps On se lance !

étagère extèrieure en récup

Comme nous envisageons de déménager dans les mois qui viennent, nous n'avons pas envie d'investir dans un meuble qui n'aurait peut être pas trouvé sa place dans un nouveau logement.Le balcon devenant trop petit pour nos arbres. Book Creator for Windows is here. Create ebooks on your desktop PC, laptop and tablet. We are proud to introduce Book Creator for Windows, released on the Windows Store on 23 June. What’s more, we’re giving it away for free (limited period only!). Book Creator comes to desktop Book Creator for Windows brings our simple ebook creator interface to a desktop and laptop for the first time. With over 15 million ebooks made with the iPad and Android app, we’re really pleased to welcome Windows into the Book Creator family. Heart Beat Sensor - TY-TEK. The Idea I think sensors are the coolest thing about electronics.

Heart Beat Sensor - TY-TEK

I love learning about new devices that sense their surroundings and how it's done. My android phone for instance is amazing.

Impression 3D

Meubles. How To Make The "Styro-Slicer" Plotter made of two old CD drives, a servo and a Raspberry Pi. Lkb-kinect-bundle - Ludique's Kinect Bundle. Use your Kinect camera to turn different surfaces to multitouch surfaces, send users skeleton joint positions as TUIO messages to other applications, use our new hand method to send position of hands and a simple "press" gesture as TUIO messages to your apps and calibrate 2 cameras to view the calibration in 3D or use a bigger setup for multitouch interfaces.

lkb-kinect-bundle - Ludique's Kinect Bundle

We also included a TUIO multiplexer, screen calibrator and simple gesture gateway. Update : Version 0.1.1 now works with OpenGL lower than 2.0. Now you can save your settings and set to autostart See BasicSetup for install info. Musical tiles.