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Kerbal SpacePort

Kerbal SpacePort

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[v0.17] Damned Aerospace Version 1.5.3 + Crewtank Together with R4m0n I\'ve made things that not only rotate but also spin!Plugin/general help by r4m0n Models/textures by DamnyoujapanPack includes:Turboprop engine Prop-fan engine Counter-rotating coaxial helicopter unit Simple propeller engine in 1m and 0.5m, pushing and pulling. Old-school rotary engine loosely based on the Clerget 9B. VJ-101 inspired dualturbine unit Basic wingswing mechanism Basic tiltrotor mechanism Avataresq ducted coaxial rotors F-35/Yak-141 inspired engine hinge thingNot only does these engines have rotating parts they are also air-breathing, flying the helicopter to the mun is therefor impossible.Please note that the all non pushing engines use origin hacks to get past the engine deathray issue, this causes them to spawn offset from where you drop them in the VAB (should be either 12 or 15m below, so dropping them quite high up in the VAB is a good idea). The crewtank!

Evelend Games: Pixelry Welcome to the world of pixelated chivalry, where your courage, reflexes and fame propel you to reach the dream of every self-respecting knight. Our protagonist travels to Pixelville to fulfill his greatest dream and to marry the beautiful young princess Arianna Annabelle di Grandigund Hyacinthe. To do this he must prove himself a horsemen winning the championship of "The Big 5", recognized as the unbeatable knights of the realm. According to the king, "who managed to defeat in combat will be a good suitor for his daughter!"

Skybox Imaging - Products Fastest Access to the Skybox Constellation Your fastest access point to the Skybox constellation is a SkyNode – a compact system consisting of a 2.4 meter satellite communications antenna and two racks of electronics. We package this small-footprint system with our premier platform applications, which allow you to create orders, schedule collections, monitor the constellation, and produce and archive imagery. You'll go from downlink to accurate, relevant imagery and video in as little as 20 minutes. [0.17][Parts Pack]Deep Space Mission Pack - 0.152 released This also just occurred to me. Fuel tanks should be big, round spheres with lots of volume to hold hydrogen (Well, I assume hydrogen, it\'s a hell of a propellant). For those of you who live under a rock, this is the ISV Venture Star from James Cameron\'s Avatar. Coincidentally I cannot stand this film, but I love this ship because it is realistically designed (Cameron assembled a team of scientists to conceptualize it for the film).So that\'s pretty neat, and though this is a non-superlumnial starship design, it\'s still a great resource for building interplanetary type vessels. If you\'re going for realism, then I would definitely draw from a design like this.

Plasma Jet Driven Magneto-Inertial Fusion is an Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF)-Magnetic Confinement Fusion (MCF) hybrid approach TweetHuman hopes of reaching stars other than the Sun are currently limited by the maturity of advanced propulsion technologies. One of the few candidate propulsion systems for providing interstellar flight capabilities is nuclear fusion. In the past many fusion propulsion concepts have been proposed and some of them even explored in high detail (Project Daedalus), however, as scientific progress in this field has advanced, new fusion concepts have emerged that merit evaluation as potential drivers for interstellar missions. Plasma jet driven Magneto-Inertial Fusion (PJMIF) is one of those concepts. PJMIF involves a salvo of converging plasma jets that form a uniform liner, which compresses a magnetized target to fusion conditions. It is an Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF)-Magnetic Confinement Fusion (MCF) hybrid approach that has the potential for many benefits over both ICF and MCF, such as lower system mass and significantly lower cost.

Kerbal Space Program Jebruary Edition well this looks sort of weird lol. Hey guys I think you're missing something important on the top there.Edited:I propose the idea that with the Dragons future ability to propulsive land, that they get a full Falcon 9 ready for launch as seen above, then they can land the Dragon on top, swap crews and repeat. In theory the Dragon never has to touch the ground! Likewise, with Grasshopper, they can land the bottom stage on to the launch pad, and then land the upper stage onto the bottom stage, and refuel as the Dragon finishes the mission!

Daedalus The world's first engineering study of an unmanned spaceship to explore one of the nearer stars was made by a technical group of the British Interplanetary Society between 1973-77. The target selected for the exercise was Barnard's Star, nearly 6 light years distant from Earth. The contributors recognised that the work, based on the technology extrapolated to the beginning of the 21st Century, could represent only a first approximation to the solution of starflight. One small step for a Kerbal, a giant leap for Kerbal Kind. (Lots of pics). - SimHQ Forums Some of you will be aware of the indie game Kerbal Space Program produced by 'The Squad'. Kerbal Space Program in it's present state is essentially a sandbox physics game where you build your own rockets and launch them into space. The action takes place on the fictional world of Kerbin, a planet smaller than Earth with one Moon (called the Mun). The planet Kerbin is populated by the Kerbals (little green men who want to explore space and visit the Mun.

Inspiration Mars Foundation Inspiration Mars Foundation is an American non-profit organization founded by Dennis Tito which aims to launch a manned mission to flyby Mars in January 2018. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] The foundation claims that space exploration provides a catalyst for growth, national prosperity, knowledge and global leadership. By taking advantage of this window of opportunity, the Inspire Mars Foundation intends to revitalize interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics ( STEM ) education.

showthread Completed the 4th mission in my Mercury program, which I have now rechristianed as Kercury. It will be the final mission on the Kercury program. The Kerbollo program is up next. Mission: Mercury-Atlas II/Kercury-Atlas II Rocket: Modified variant of my Mercury-Atlas rocket.

Alan Eustace and the Paragon StratEx Team Make Stratospheric Exploration History StratEx is short for Stratospheric Explorer. The StratEx program goal was to develop a self-contained spacesuit and recovery system that would allow manned exploration of the stratosphere above 100,000 feet. Such a system has wide-ranging applications for; the study of the science of the stratosphere, development of means for spaceship crew egress, the study of dynamics of bodies at Mach 1, new high altitude aircraft suits, and setting of records for space diving, sailplaning and ballooning. StratEx flew using a scientific balloon, and is capable of being used with different kinds of vehicles other than balloons, such as stratospheric aircraft. Alan Eustace, Google's Senior Vice President, took a not-so-typical sabbatical from his daily life as an executive by contacting Paragon to achieve his goals.