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How To Make a Cool Cinemagraph Image in Photoshop No doubt you’ll have heard of the term Cinemagraph since it exploded onto the Internets. Originally coined by Photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, a cinemagraph is a clever revival of the classic animated GIF. It combines features of video and photography to create a the illusion of a still image but with cool motion effects. Let’s take a look at how to create your own animated GIF cinemagraph by playing around with Photoshop’s animation tools. Some of the best cinemagraph examples can be found on the creators’ own website. As the popularity of the cinemagraph grew we began to see mobile apps such as Cinemagram emerge, which allows the easy creation of amateur cinemagraphs using the device’s built in camera. Cinemagraphs require some kind of motion, so while the final image looks much more similar to a photograph than a video, we need to begin with actual video footage. Use a tripod. Alternatively you could always play around with existing stock video footage. Download this file

Getting The Best Out Of Your Raw Files Getting The Best Out Of Your Raw Files I have been teaching retouching and photography for a couple of years, and I found that even my advanced students often didn’t know some basic tools or techniques. Those gaps in knowledge are to be expected among self-taught photographers and retouchers, of course. However, I have just returned from my trip to Italy where the amazing Italian Photoshop guru and Wacom evangelist Marianna Santoni organized a series of educational events, in which I taught Beauty photography and retouching. Let’s patch it up and fill in those gaps! I seem to always have at least two solid ways to tackle any retouching task. I’m Sure You Shoot In Raw At this point in time, there’s no need to even go into the raw vs. I am a huge believer in getting things right in camera, but there are always circumstances that get in the way. So, before we take our photo into Photoshop for detailed editing, our goal is to export the image with all parts well-exposed. Method Number One

50 Photoshop Actions For Every Photographer | Freebie Photoshop 50 Photoshop Actions For Every Photographer by Alex on Apr 1, 2011 • 12:17 pm 9 Comments Using Photoshop actions can make your life easier and help you edit your photos more quickly. Basically, actions are nothing more than a series of normal Photoshop operations recorded so you can run them in sequence quickly, without having to remember just what steps to do, and in what order. Photoshop Actions For Every Photographer Here i have collected over 50 Time Saving Photoshop Actions for your photosthat will help you achieve some of these looks and save you a ton of time in the process. PROActions Landscape action by EliseEnchanted Magical effect 4.0 by sa-cool Ghost Stories Photoshop Action by elestrial HDR Tools by forfie PW Action Set action 10 by night-fate 3D Actions by myonlyloverob Cinematic Effect by orangeycow Retro Vintage actions by Freaky-Stock Caffeshop Actions – 1st Set by FairyAngelPrincess Blue Eyes Action by mysweetobssession Free Useful Photoshop Actions by MosheSeldin 9 comments

#14 How to Enhance Eyes + Make Beards using Noise + Blur Astuces et Conseils pour la photomanipulation avec Photoshop Smashing Magazine nous a dernièrement gâté d’un article sur les techniques de photomanipulation avec Photoshop. Suite à la demande exprimée sur la page Facebook de Design Spartan je me suis chargé de traduire le principal en donnant mes impressions. Voici ces conseils et astuces repris dans notre belle langue afin de parfaire votre technique et maîtriser diverses situations. Chaque professionnel et même chaque amateur possède ses propres techniques et ses habitudes sur Photoshop. Voici donc les astuces et conseils sur la retouche photo abordées ici : Augmenter la lumière de façon naturelle Voici une technique très efficace pour contrôler l’intensité lumineuse d’une photographie et l’augmenter à volonté sur un calque séparé. Ensuite récupérer la couleur d’une zone à éclaircir avec la pipette (I) puis avec l’outil pinceau (B) et une forme aux bords flous, peignez au même endroit avec cette couleur sur notre nouveau calque. Les niveaux Cela fonctionne aussi pour trouver un gris neutre.

Adding Rain To A Photo With Photoshop Written by Steve Patterson. Most of us would prefer to avoid being caught in the rain if possible, especially if we have our cameras with us. But what if you’re one of a large number of people who enjoy taking photos of weather? Easy! Here’s the photo I’ll be working with for this effect: The original image. And here’s the same image after adding the rain in Photoshop. The final result. Let’s get started! Step 1: Duplicate The Background Layer The first thing we need to do for this effect is duplicate our Background layer. The Layers palette in Photoshop showing us the original image on the Background layer. We need to create a copy of this layer, so let’s use the quick keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+J (Win) / Command+J (Mac). Duplicate the Background layer by pressing “Ctrl+J” (Win) / “Command+J” (Mac). Step 2: Add Some Extra Canvas Space Around The Image The next thing we’re going to do is add some extra canvas space around the image. Reset the Foreground and Background colors. Select the Crop Tool.

Astuces et Conseils pour la photomanipulation avec Photoshop – la suite ! Voici une deuxième fournée de techniques pour maîtriser la retouche photo qu’on ne vous apprendra pas tous les jours ! Cet article est la suite de l’article Astuces et conseils pour la photomanipulation avec Photoshop. Smashing Magazine a publié il y a peu deux articles sur les techniques de photomanipulation avec Photoshop. Suite à la demande exprimée sur la page Facebook de Design Spartan je me suis chargé de traduire le principal en donnant mes impressions. Cet article achève donc ces conseils de professionnels de la retouche photo parus sur Smashing Magazine. Chaque professionnel et même chaque amateur possède ses propres techniques et ses habitudes sur Photoshop. Voici donc les astuces et conseils sur la retouche photo abordées ici : L’effet « split-toning » N’ayant osé faire une traduction bancale de ce terme, j’ai préféré le laisser en anglais. Comment obtenir cet effet ? Modifier les sources de lumière Baissez leur opacité à environ 30% (cela varie selon le contenu de votre image).

How To Size Your Images So They Show Their Best on Facebook Just about every day I read a comment from a photographer complaining about Facebook making their images look terrible. There are hundreds of websites that have done tests and posted results to show what they feel is the best resolution to post your images to Facebook. Rather than run a bunch of tests I am going to keep things simple and tell you exactly what has worked well for me. I promised to keep it simple. 1. There are a number of ways to prep your photos for Facebook. In the Lightroom Export box. In Photoshop after you have finished editing your image, go to File > Automate > Fit Image. The third option is using a program called BlogStomp. I know some people will say that the quality is better when you save and upload your images to Facebook as PNG files. I promised to keep it simple. UPDATE: Pratik Naik shared a link in the comments directly from Facebook. Related The Must Have Tool For Blogging Photographers Blogging is essential for photography. In "Business"

Remove Backgrounds Automatically with a Free Photoshop Action There are hundreds of ways to isolate an object or remove a background in Photoshop, and this is one of the absolute easiest. See how a quick download and some simple techniques can help you cut out images with ease. Photoshop actions, as we’ve covered before, are recordable programs users can create and save without even any knowledge of programming. The bottom line is they can do some incredible things in seconds, and automatically removing backgrounds is now one of them. Keep reading to see how to remove a background by pressing one button. Download the Photoshop Action “Transparent Channels” Visit the author’s website, and grab the action from the “Downloads” page. Note: Keep in mind, the downloads page is SFW, but other pages may be NSFW. Transparent Channels Photoshop Action | Mirror Install the Transparent Channels Action in Photoshop If you missed it, HTG has covered how any action can be installed in Photoshop with a simple How-To. Before… After.

Make your Subject Stand Out In Photoshop With Curves Adjustment Layers How To Create Great Typographic Wallpaper In Photoshop This tutorial will teach you how to create a really interesting and unique typographic wallpaper in few easy steps. Even a beginner will be able to recreate this effect, and add their own style and thought in it; I am sure you will enjoy and learn a lot from this tutorial! You will learn how to create good looking background, add lightning effects and work with fonts, sizes, colors to make the necessary places stand out! Let’s get started! Step 1 – Creating background First, open a blank document with size 1920×1200 pixels. Set layer opacity to 50%. Step 2 – Lightning Create a new layer and name it Lighting. Draw the gradient as shown below. Set layer to Overlay and opacity to 55%. Step 3 – Adding Brushes Download Adys grunge brushes, create new layer and brush around a little bit. Step 4 – Creating Main Text Download BEBAS font, create a new layer and type your text. Step 5 – Add Background Text – Important Step Lower your text opacity to around 15%. Step 6 – Creating effect