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Getting Started in Food Photography Steve Buchanan is a commercial photographer in Maryland and a contributor on Photocrati. His work can be seen at Food photography is one of those subsets of general photography that makes people stand up and take notice. Tell someone at a cocktail party you’re a food photographer and the response you’re likely to get is “wow!” The next question after that is generally, “How do you get into food photography.” I was lucky enough to have a formal education in commercial photography and then apprentice with some wonderful photographers. It’s important to understand that all specialties of photography require a particular skill set and attitude that are individual to that specialty. 1. It helps to be a foodie. 2. This of course applies to all photography, but more so in still life/food work. 3. You don’t need to be a food stylist, but you do need to understand the processes and methods that go into food styling. 4. 5.