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Surprise the Ones You Love (14 pics)

Surprise the Ones You Love (14 pics)
Dec 24/11 Surprise the Ones You Love (14 pics) Here are instructions for a very special gift for the people you love. Buy a Kinder Surprise. Carefully unwrap it, but be careful to not damage the package. Use a knife to cut the Kinder chocolate egg in half. Take the toy out. Write your special message or use other surprise gift. Roll up your message. Close the container. Pour boiling hot water over a sharp kitchen knife. Use the hot knife to melt the edge of the chocolate egg’s halves. Quickly place the container inside the two halves. Quickly seal the two halves while the edges are still soft and melted. Here comes the most difficult part. Lastly give the gift to your second half and say something like, “I bought bread and some sweets for you.” Related:  tips and tricks

10 Uses For Egg Cartons Eggs are a versatile and readily available food, and if you’re a fan of them fried, poached, boiled or scrambled, you likely have a ton of old egg cartons lying around. But rather than toss them into the trash, why not put these household helpers to work? Here are some of the best uses for egg cartons. Start a Garden From Seed: Fill the cups of a paper egg carton with soil and place a seed in each one. Packing Material: Egg cartons are specifically designed to cradle fragile eggs, but you can also repurpose them to cradle fragile items that you ship. Sorting Small Items: Egg cartons are the perfect way to sort and store pocket change, nuts and bolts, buttons or any other tiny items. Golf Ball Storage: Before you hit the links, use an egg carton to sort out your golf balls. Christmas Ornaments: Once the holidays are over and it is time to pack away all the decorations, you can use an egg carton to keep fragile Christmas tree ornaments safe and sorted.

Contingo thermos 25 clever ideas to make life easier - StumbleUpon Via: Why didn’t I think of that?! We guarantee you’ll be uttering those words more than once at these ingenious little tips, tricks and ideas that solve everyday problems … some you never knew you had! (Above: hull strawberries easily using a straw). Via: Rubbing a walnut over scratches in your furniture will disguise dings and scrapes. Via: Remove crayon masterpieces from your TV or computer screen with WD40 (also works on walls). Via: Stop cut apples browning in your child’s lunch box by securing with a rubber band. Via: Overhaul your linen cupboard – store bedlinen sets inside one of their own pillowcases and there will be no more hunting through piles for a match. Via: Pump up the volume by placing your iPhone / iPod in a bowl – the concave shape amplifies the music. Via: Re-use a wet-wipes container to store plastic bags. Via:

Down blanket How to Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off When your alarm wakes you up in the morning, is it hard for you to get up right away? Do you find yourself hitting the snooze button and going right back to sleep? That used to be part of my daily awakening ritual too. It’s nice and warm under the covers. Oh, I really should get up now. I should go to the gym. Maybe I’m trying to get myself up too early. I don’t have to get up right this minute, do I? I’ll bet my wife is toasty warm right now. [ Scootch… scootch… Zzzzzzzz ] Two hours later… Me: What time is it? Wife: Why do you keep setting your alarm if you aren’t going to get up when it goes off? Me: Oh, did you think that was my wake-up alarm? OK, so I wasn’t really intending for it to be a snuggle alarm. Fast forward to present day… My alarm goes off sometime between 4:00 and 5:00am… never later than 5:00am, even on weekends and holidays. But this time there’s no voice inside my head debating what I should do. So how do you go from scenario one to scenario two? Now how do you do this?

headphones? handwriting tips You’ve decided you want to improve your handwriting and you’re probably hoping a fountain pen will do the trick -- maybe a friend told you it would. Maybe you’re just adventurous and you want to try your hand at calligraphy (or you might, once your handwriting improves). Good for you! A fountain pen may make your writing look a bit better, but if your writing looks as if frenzied chickens got loose on the page, chances are this won’t be enough. After coaching handwriting and teaching calligraphy over the years, I’ve learned to see the characteristics of those who’ll be able to pick up the necessary motions quickly from those who’ll have to work a bit harder. Crampy, uneven letters are often the result of drawing the letters with the fingers rather than using the whole arm to write. People who inevitably have trouble with handwriting and calligraphy write with their fingers. If you use the right muscle groups, your writing will have a smooth, easy flow and not look tortured. Fig. 1. Top

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