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101 Photoshop tips, tricks and fixes to try today

101 Photoshop tips, tricks and fixes to try today
Photoshop is an easy tool to use and a difficult one to master, but help is at hand with our comprehensive list of tips, tricks and fixes for Adobe's showpiece software. Whether you're looking for tips on using layers, advice on mastering the pen tool, a guide to using RAW, or ways to improve your brush work, it's all here! Most of these tips were originally published in Practical Photoshop magazine – now part of Digital Camera World. Here are the best Photoshop tips, whether you are using an older CS version or the very latest Creative Cloud software. Let's get started… Quick Photoshop tips 01. Hold down Alt to start a selection at the centre point with any Marquee tool, and then hold Space to temporarily move the selection around. 02. You probably know that Cmd/Ctrl+Z is Undo, but you may not know Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+Z lets you undo more than one history state. 03. 1000 history states Go to Edit>Preferences>Performance to change the number of History states up to a maximum of 1000. 04. 05. 06.

The 30 best Photoshop plugins | Photoshop In this article we've lined up some of the best Photoshop plugins available for Adobe Creative Cloud's photo editing giant. Photoshop is an amazing tool – capable of producing sublime images, high-quality video and very passable renders for 3D art. All this power offers a world of possibilities – but occasionally it's worth adding a few optional extras to get the most out of your investment. There's a plethora of plugins available for PS users, but we've selected the best of those that you can download and use straight away. Publisher: Filter ForgePrice: $149-$399 (now with 80% discount $29 - $79)Good for: Photographers, photo editors, graphic designers, 3D artists Currently in version 6.0, Filter Forge offers 11 thousands of filter effects and textures, covering almost every application you can imagine. 63 Photoshop shortcuts to speed up your workflow Publisher: Alien SkinPrice: $129 (free trial available)Best for: Designers 01. Publisher: FontselfPrice: £43Good for: Designers 02. 03. 04.

10 tips for better Photoshop textures While 3D painting applications such as The Foundry’s Mari are gradually replacing 2D software for texture painting, Photoshop nevertheless remains a stalwart for many, with its flexibility and advanced blending, painting and masking tools still offering a robust package for texture painters who have either not invested in a 3D painting package yet, or continue to use it alongside a 3D package. Photoshop still has a few tricks up its sleeve that the 3D options don’t yet offer, especially when it comes to blending and adjusting layers in a texture. Additionally, the user-friendliness and familiarity of the application make it a good solution for things that need to be done quickly and with minimal fuss. This is a collection of essential techniques and tips for texture painters using Photoshop. These represent some of its greatest strengths with regards to our particular discipline, and will help to improve your efficiency and texturing approach if you incorporate them into your workflow.

Icônes dans Photoshop : 2 plugins à tester pour vos webdesign Avoir accès à des icônes vectorielles en deux clics sans quitter Photoshop. Voilà la promesse de ces deux plugins gratuits à tester de toute urgence. Certains d’entre vous se demandent sûrement pourquoi je m’entête encore à présenter des plugins Photoshop. Le monde du webdesign évolue, les outils changent, oui mais voilà, nombreux sont encore les webdesigners qui utilise le tradionnel logiciel d’Adobe pour le webdesign. En partant de ce constat, je vous propose un petit test comparatif entre BlendMeIn et FlatIcon, deux extensions qui vous permettent de rechercher directement des icônes depuis Photosohop. FlatIcon Créer par l’équipe de Freepik, le site de recherche de ressources graphiques, FlatIcon propose un plug-in Photoshop gratuit vous donnant instantanément accès à plus de 25 000 icônes « faites maison ». Comment ça marche ? Téléchargez le plug-in sur le site FlatIcon et suivez les instructions d’installation. Mon avis sur le plug-in : Blend Me In Bonus

45 amazing After Effects tutorials | After Effects Want to know how to do something in After Effects? The web is brimming with tutorials for people wanting to learn about Adobe Creative Cloud's 3D, motion graphics and animation software. But sometimes it can be an uphill struggle finding the tutorial that's right for you. 40 After Effects tutorials Get Adobe Creative Cloud That's why we've collected together the best After Effects tutorials on the web for you, divided into handy sections for you to scroll through. You'll be able to find what you're looking for here, whether you're using an older version of AE or are signed up to the Creative Cloud. Getting started with After Effects 01. Even if you're only just getting started with After Effects, it's only natural to want to create some impressive effects straight away, and so this tutorial from Adobe is just the ticket. 02. These After Effects tutorials from Digital Tutors take an introductory look into the software and compositing in general. 03. 04. 05. 06. Next page: Compositing

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HTML EMAIL BOILERPLATE v 0.5 updated 11/5 Make a Particle Explosion Effect - Visual Arts - Articles - Articles What is a particle explosion effect? When most people see a particle explosion effect in a video game, often times they believe that what they’re seeing is a simulation - some sort of next-generation fluid mechanics, calculated in real-time by a high-powered video card. However, what they’re actually seeing in an explosion effect could be compared to throwing a bunch of photos of flames, sparks and clouds at a movie camera. Whether you’re an experienced video game developer or an avid player interested in game mechanics, we've broken down the process of developing an in-game particle effect into the following bite sized steps. NOTE: Many images link to videos. The beginning of the design for any in-game effect starts with sprites. How to Create Sprites Step 1: Create an image of mist in Adobe Photoshop or other photo editing software program. Step 2: Using your game engine software, create a sprite emitter, which will generate sprites, or particles. Putting the Sprites in Motion