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The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup
“Startup success can be engineered by following the process, which means it can be learned, which means it can be taught.”- Eric Ries The Lean Startup provides a scientific approach to creating and managing startups and get a desired product to customers' hands faster. The Lean Startup method teaches you how to drive a startup-how to steer, when to turn, and when to persevere-and grow a business with maximum acceleration. It is a principled approach to new product development. Too many startups begin with an idea for a product that they think people want. They then spend months, sometimes years, perfecting that product without ever showing the product, even in a very rudimentary form, to the prospective customer. “The Lean Startup method teaches you how to drive a startup-how to steer, when to turn, and when to persevere-and grow a business with maximum acceleration.” + The Lean Startup Process - Diagram + Continuous Innovation Eliminate Uncertainty Work Smarter not Harder Develop An MVP

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Your Start-Up Life: Design Your Thinking Thursdays at the Huffington Post, Rana Florida, CEO of The Creative Class Group, will answer readers' questions about how they can optimize their lives. She will also feature conversations with successful entrepreneurs and creative thinkers about how they manage their businesses, relationships, careers, and more. Send your questions about work, life, and play to From the newest app your kids play with to the mouse at your fingertips and the chair you're sitting in, it is quite possible that the consultancy firm IDEO was involved in the design or redesign process. Employing more than 500 experts, the firm has thousands of clients across industries spanning pharmaceuticals, tech, retail and everything in between.

PTCVoice: The Risks And Rewards Of Smart Connected Products Software-intensive products are growing so rapidly that many manufacturers now employ more software engineers in product development than in their IT departments. Many have more software engineers than mechanical engineers. Smart products, driven by software, are everywhere, from automobiles and aircraft to household appliances and children’s toys. Software offers limitless opportunity for innovation. It is, in the words of Jim Brown, founder and president of research firm Tech-Clarity, “the new frontier of competition.” Smart products, he asserts, give manufacturers big market advantages:

Blog - - NextScriptsNextScripts New Release: SNAP for WordPress Version 3.3 SNAP for WordPress Version 3.3.0 has been released. This version adds support for Flipboard Magazines (Pro Only) and a lot of improvements. One important improvement is rewritten Facebook API access. uk.businessinsider Hollis Johnson Bucket lists are usually dumb. They vacillate between the obvious and the pretentious. The mile high club is gross. Burning Man is stupid. Mardi Gras is overrated. atlasobscura The small town of Chechersk is isolated on all sides because it sits within the area contaminated by fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Nevertheless, right in the middle of town there is one peculiar attraction: a midcentury Soviet airplane. Permanently parked just off the main road down the street from the town hall, even some locals ask themselves how the aircraft ʻʻlanded” here. During Belarus’ Soviet days it was common to put large machinery on literal pedestals after they were retired, as a testament to Communist industry. You can find trucks, cars, tanks, concrete mixers and littered across Belarusian cities, but few are as striking as the Chechersk airplane.

The Concierge Minimum Viable Product Maximizes Customer Learning The concierge mvp is an interesting concept because the lean startup method is all about eliminating waste and the concierge mvp seems wasteful from a distance. To a software developer, it doesn’t make sense to manually perform a task when you can get a software program to do it for you. Small Batches concierge minimum viable product In one of Eric Ries’ posts, he shows how small batches can actually help you become more efficient.

Technology-Driven Innovation - Not Just for the High-Tech By Langdon Morris There are six distinct innovation views that typically need to be integrated into one clear perspective in order to come out with the best possible results: three outsider viewpoints and three insider perspectives: Outsider Perspectives – Knowledge Channel Innovation, Peer-to-Peer Innovation, Outside-in Innovation; Insider Perspectives – Technology-Driven Innovation, Bottom-Up Innovation, Top-Down Innovation. This is Part 6 of a six-part series examining each of these perspectives.

Why Social Media ROI Can’t Be Measured – And Why That’s OK “There are things we know that we know. There are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don’t know.” Thinking about the little things and trusting your gut Photo Mathieu Jaton is the chief executive of the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Q. Do you remember the first time you were a manager?

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