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Aprendiendo matemáticas

Aprendiendo matemáticas

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Control Alt Achieve: 20 Chrome Extensions, Web Apps, and Add-ons for Math As awesome as Google tools are for students, teachers, and schools, sometimes they can lack a feature or tool you need for your specific subject area. A common area for this concern is in mathematics. Math teachers may sometimes feel that their content and specialized symbols aren’t always so easy to transfer over from the convenience of paper and pencil to the uniqueness of a digital environment. While no solution is even going to be perfect, the good news is that there are many digital tools that can be used in the Google Apps world on Chromebooks, PCs, and Macs, that help address the needs of math students and teachers.

Math = Love: Piles of Paper It's been a weird school day so far. It's the last Friday of the year. Monday will be our last full day of school, and Tuesday will be a half day with half of the morning taken up by an awards assembly. More students than I can count have decided it's not even worth coming to school anymore. Or, they came to school, realized hardly anyone was here, and decided to go back home. For Teachers Do you want to use Gapminder tools in your classroom? Check out our resources on this page and the downloads page to get started. You are free to use them today in your classroom!

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