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Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol. BTRichHTML2 Description The Bluetooth logical link control and adaptation protocol (L2CAP) supports higher-level protocol multiplexing, packet segmentation and reassembly, and the conveying of quality of service information.

Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol

L2CAP permits higher level protocols and applications to transmit and receive upper layer data packets(L2CAP Service Data Units, SDU) up to 64 kilobytes in length. L2CAP also permits per-channel flow control and retransmission via the Flow Control and Retransmission Modes. The L2CAP layer provides logical channels, named L2CAP channels, which map to L2CAP logical links supported by an ACL logical transport General Operation L2CAP is based around the concept of 'channels'.

Channel Identifiers A channel identifier (CID) is the local name representing a logical channel endpoint on the device. Operation Between Devices Modes of Operation L2CAP may operate in one of three different modes as selected for each L2CAP channel by an upper layer. The modes are: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocols other than GATT. Marko Bundalo. The Logical Link Control and Adaptation Layer Protocol (L2CAP) is layered over the Baseband Protocol and resides in the data link layer.

Marko Bundalo

L2CAP provides connection-oriented and connectionless data services to upper layer protocols with protocol multiplexing capability, segmentation and reassembly operation, and group abstractions. L2CAP permits higher level protocols and applications to transmit and receive L2CAP data packets up to 64 kilobytes in length.

Two link types are supported for the Baseband layer: Synchronous Connection-Oriented (SCO) links and Asynchronous Connection-Less (ACL) links. SCO links support real-time voice traffic using reserved bandwidth. ACL links support best effort traffic. Table Of Contents 5.1 L2CAP Functional Requirements. IPv6-Brewed Coffee Over Bluetooth Smart - Team ARIN. Glenn Ruben Bakke explains how Nordic Semiconductor is connecting to the Internet of Things using IPv6 over Bluetooth Smart in everything from keyboards to coffee makers.

IPv6-Brewed Coffee Over Bluetooth Smart - Team ARIN

Guest blog post by Glenn Ruben Bakke Believe it or not, the day has come when your coffee machine could know what exactly what kind of coffee you like to drink depending on the cup you’re using, the time of day, and a multitude of other factors. Earlier this year, the Nordic Semiconductor team demonstrated a smart coffee machine at CES that brewed coffee over IPv6. Blogs - Nordic Developer Zone.

OpenWRT is one of the most popular open source Linux-based router firmware alternatives for commodity routers.

Blogs - Nordic Developer Zone

From kernel 3.17, Linux has supported 6LoWPAN for Bluetooth low energy (BLE) through the new kernel module bluetooth_6lowpan. The trunk version of OpenWRT has added kernel 3.18 support for most of its target platforms already, which indirectly adds the bluetooth_6lowpan kernel module that is required to enable IPv6 over BLE. This makes OpenWRT a perfect choice to explore IPv6 over Bluetooth low energy in a router environment. In this blog, I’m going to explain how to compile a custom version of OpenWRT with the bluetooth_6lowpan kernel module for the ASUS RT-N16 router. As OpenWRT is supported on a wide range of routers, you can probably use this blog as a starting point for other routers too. Installation of required software I chose to compile the OpenWRT firmware on an Ubuntu system.

Fetch the source code of OpenWRT Now it is time to fetch the trunk version of OpenWRT. Energy Storage - IDTechEx Reports and Subscriptions. Coruña Smart City - ¿Qué es una Smart City? Coruña Smart City - Captación de datos: gateway Coruña Smart City. Los gateways de Coruña Smart City son un producto altamente innovador; hoy en día no existe otro igual en el mercado El gateway de Coruña Smart City es un producto con un potencial de comercialización muy alto en cualquier ámbito Smart.

Coruña Smart City - Captación de datos: gateway Coruña Smart City

Los gateways normalmente se asocian a un tipo de tecnología y específicos de comunicación (Zigbee, PLC, etc.); sin embargo, el Gateway de Coruña Smart City SC permite la conexión con dispositivos de cualquier fabricante, incluso con varios diferentes a la vez. Además, el Gateway CSC se ha diseñado bajo un concepto de modularidad, por lo que no es un producto cerrado y bastaría con añadir un módulo específico para incorporar nuevas tecnologías que aparezcan en el mercado.

Así, la instalación del Gateway CSC (p.e. en un parque) garantiza cobertura Smart en la zona, permitiendo que los diferentes tipos de dispositivos instalados y los que se instalen en un futuro puedan usar una sola línea de comunicación con la plataforma urbana. CSRmesh%20Product%20Brief%20CS-314951-DC. DASH7 - WikID, the Industrial Design Engineering wiki.

DASH7 wireless sensor networking technology Introduction DASH7 is the name given to the ISO 18000-7 standard for active RFID and wireless sensor networking by the DASH7 Alliance, a non-profit industry consortium dedicated to promoting the ISO 18000-7 standard worldwide.

DASH7 - WikID, the Industrial Design Engineering wiki

This alliance also aims to promote device conformance and interoperability through a third party test and certification program as well as to improve, over time, the functionality and performance of the ISO 18000-7 standard. DASH7 was originally created for military purposes, designed to provide long battery life, long range, and very low latency in comparison to ZigBee, and has been adopted by the U.S. Department of Defense in January 2009. At 433.92 MHz, DASH7 is available all over the world and uses license-free spectrum. Technology capabilities according to DASH7 Alliance. Vehicle Traffic Monitoring Platform with Bluetooth Sensors over ZigBee. Vehicle Traffic Monitoring Platform with Bluetooth Sensors over ZigBee October 14th, 2011 - Libelium UPDATE: Libelium has launched a new platform to detect any Smartphone (iPhone / Android) in a certain area by detecting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth frames without the need of being connected to an AP.

Vehicle Traffic Monitoring Platform with Bluetooth Sensors over ZigBee

Read more in this article: Detecting iPhone and Android Smartphones by Wifi and Bluetooth. The Vehicle Traffic Monitoring Platform from Libelium allows system integrators to create real time systems for monitoring vehicular and pedestrian traffic in cities by using the new Bluetooth – ZigBee double radio feature available in the Waspmote sensor board. The new Vehicle Traffic Monitoring Platform, part of the Libelium Smart Cities solution. Understanding the flow and congestion of vehicular traffic is essential for efficient road systems in cities.

Libelium’s Vehicle Traffic Monitoring Platform enables system integrators to create intelligent monitoring systems for the urban environment. SimpleLink CC2x. SimpleLink™ CC2650 Evaluation Module Kit - CC2650EMK. Internet de les coses : Arquitectures, protocols i aplicacions. Draft-ietf-6lowpan-btle-11 - Transmission of IPv6 Packets over BLUETOOTH Low Energy. [Docs] [txt|pdf|xml] [Tracker] [WG] [Email] [Diff1] [Diff2] [Nits] Versions: (draft-patil-6lowpan-v6over-btle) 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 draft-ietf-6lo-btle 6LoWPAN Working Group J.

draft-ietf-6lowpan-btle-11 - Transmission of IPv6 Packets over BLUETOOTH Low Energy

Nieminen, Ed. Internet-Draft T. Savolainen, Ed. Intended status: Standards Track M. Thesis. RFC 4944. CSRMesh Development Kits for Bluetooth Smart Networking. CSR µEnergy® Bluetooth Smart Remote Control Development Kit. nRF51 DK - Nordic Semiconductor. License Agreement for the Nordic Semiconductor ASA (“Nordic”) S210 ANT Softdevice software package (“S210”) and the Nordic Semiconductor ASA S310 ANT and BLE Softdevice software package (“S310”).You (“You” or “Licensee”) must carefully and thoroughly read this License Agreement (“Agreement”), and accept to adhere to this Agreement before downloading, installing and/or using any software or content in the S210 or S310 provided herewith. 1.

nRF51 DK - Nordic Semiconductor

Grant of License Subject to the terms in this Agreement Nordic grants Licensee a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub licensable, revocable license (“License”): (a) to use the S210 and S310 solely in connection with the nRF51422 Nordic Integrated Circuit (“nRF51422 IC”), and (b) to distribute the S210 or S310 solely as implemented in Licensee products. Licensee shall not use the S210 or S310 for any purpose other than specifically authorized herein. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 9. 10. nRF51 SDK for Internet of Things applications using Bluetooth Smart - Nordic Semiconductor. Conectividad Wsn Implementacion Middleware Wsn Ip Www. Conectividad WSN: Implementación de un Middleware WSN-IP-WWW. WSN hacia el exterior.

Conectividad WSN: Implementación de un Middleware WSN-IP-WWW

Si bien Existen variadasaplicaciones que brindan la posibilidad de publicar y manejar los datos de una WSN,requieren en todos los casos una infraestructura para el envío de datos .La arquitectura propuesta se puede ver en laIlustración 2. Ilustración 2. Aspectos profesionales: Protección de Datos, Cloud Computing y Sistemas de Gestión. Use cases: Internet of Things (IoT) and big data. Regardless of who you talk to, everybody agrees that the IoT will be the next big “thing” (no pun intended). The excitement for IoT is supported by: ever shrinking hardwareubiquitous connectivityrich IoT application platformsan increasing number of IoT use cases and industry applicationsthe economic value that big data hold Several of these IoT scenarios are very end-user oriented, e.g. driven by crowd funding and the Maker Movement.

Examples include the Pebble smart watch, the innovative Tile product (a “Thing” locator) or the smart Hue light bulbs. However, many IoT examples are more focused on industrial applications, including fleet management, telematics, smart metering and smart grids, telehealth, and so on. IoT use case 1: Retail & logistics Retail & logistics is a key area where IoT is expected to have a huge impact as an enabling technology. Search MONGODB books. Saber UCV: DISEÑO DE UN SISTEMA DE ADQUISICIÓN DE DATOS DEL CPU DE CAMIONES DE CARGA BASADOS EN LOS PROTOCOLOS J1708/J1587 UTILIZANDO LA RED GSM/GPRS.