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PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative ShowMe - The Online Learning Community Doceri - The Interactive Whiteboard for iPad. iPad What Types of E-Books Are Best for Young Readers? Could e-books actually get in the way of reading? In a study looking at students’ use of e-books created with Apple’s iBooks Author software, the Schugars discovered that the young readers often skipped over the text altogether, engaging instead with the books’ interactive visual features. Continue Reading What Will It Take for iPads to Upend Teaching and Learning? One principal in an affluent Bay Area School is striving to do more than just “enhance” classroom learning with iPads. Continue Reading What Students Think About Using iPads in School Students weigh in on how devices change what happens in class, how they think about learning and how they organize their school work. Continue Reading Checklist: Are You Ready for iPads In Your School? The rush to purchase iPads often precedes the careful planning and preparation that’s so crucial to their success as educational tools. Continue Reading Continue Reading Continue Reading Continue Reading

Make Business Videos | Animated Video Production | 5 Apps For 21st Century Wellness Fall is a very busy time of year for everyone: school is in full swing and late night study sessions are frequent; parents are shuttling children back and forth from extra-curricular activities; busy professionals are trying to stay on track to meet end-of-year deadlines. With all of these daily activities and endless to-do lists, how can we find time to concentrate on wellness? There’s an app for that! Mobile apps are one of today’s most widely used sources of information, and several popular and reputable apps focus on wellness, healthy eating, exercise, and work/life balance. These apps allow users to quickly and easily stay informed, track progress on health and wellness goals, and improve overall well-being through new information, recipes, community dialogues, and inspiring stories. Fooducate: This popular app provides helpful and concise nutrition information for more than 200,000 food items. Cost: Free. Cost: Free. May you live long, live strong, and live happy! —Dr.

Online Teaching: Kubbu Vocabulary & Spelling City for iPad Vocabulary and Spelling City has been available on the web for years. It’s a great place for students to go to learn and practice spelling new vocabulary words. This year they launched an iPad and iPhone app. The Spelling and Vocabulary City app offers eight free practice activities. Students and teachers who register for accounts on Spelling City can create custom word lists (Note, new lists have to be made online. The Spelling and Vocabulary City app is free to download and is appropriate for elementary and middle school students. Tags: free app, free apps, language arts, spelling, Vocabulary

Testmoz - The Test Generator 50 Great Learning Apps for Kids Your children will probably learn sooner rather than later about all the entertainment options technology can bring to their lives. But why not teach them from an early age that gadgets can be useful learning tools as well? Here are 50 educational apps that you can try using with your baby, toddler or elementary school-aged child in order to teach them more about language, math, science, music and more. Click through to hitch a ride on this virtual school bus. Words Read Me Stories This app is free, but it’s a library containing dozens of sample books that you can try with your child before you buy the full stories. First Letters and Phonics Featuring sleek graphics as well as two original renditions of the alphabet song by popular children’s musician Debi Derryberry, First Letters and Phonics will have kids singing about letters and their shapes, the sounds of letters, and words that begin with each letter. Alpha Writer iWriteWords Signing Time ASL Bumblebee Touchbook Interactive Alphabet Zoola